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CPR Algoma District

Sudbury Division

Bascule bridge Sault Ste. Marie. Part 1 and part 2.

When completed in 1913 it was the longest (336 feet) Bascule bridge in the world.

Owned by: Sault Ste Marie Bridge Co. (100% CPR)

S.S. Altadoc unloading coal at CPR coal dock. Little Current 1927 Keith Horkin Collection



Steam Gallery

Diesel Gallery

Gallery 4200's MLW C-424

Car Department.

BFPX 1004 Besse Forest Products bulkhead flat.

344330 covered gondola. Undoubtably all these cars are for Algoma Steel traffic.

344701 covered gondola for coil steel service.

436953 old wooden van typically used for local trains.

Three photographs above Webbwood 8/1980.

4563_4501 backing down onto their train. Sudbury May 1981

Work train with typical downgraded rolling stock used On Company Service. (OCS)

Number 27 engine 8471 westbound at Bruce.

Trains 27/28 between Sudbury and the Soo provided through service connecting with The Dominion 7/8
to and from Montreal as well as 3/4 The Dominion to and from Toronto including sleeping and parlor cars.
All trains ran Daily. Also, connecting with SOO Line 7/8 to and from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

No. 28 eng 1267 in USA

1574_8209 in two different paint schemes. Sudbury 4/2004


1540 (ex 8494) Sudbury 9/04/1999

Chalk River enginehouse and turntable with yard engine 6506. April 30, 1973.

Westbound 481 with 4730_4503_4706_8820. Note intermoda containers on headend. May 21, 1983.

5747 with lots of pigs at the Levack mileboard ten miles from Cartier. Onaping Falls.

High bridge 115 feet high and 1,695 feet long over the Seguin River at Parry Sound Mile 22.6 Parry Sound Subdivision.
August 1986 Wolf Kirchmeir

Construction bridge (above) and others.

Aerial view Parry Sound yard and station 1908.
Collection of Douglas Welsh


5538_5513 crossing bridge Pointe au Baril on the Parry Sound Sub. 5/12/1990 Wolf Kirchmeir

8245_824x eastbound Nairn Centre on the Webbwood Sub. 4/07/1994 Wolf Kirchmeir
This later became shortlined as Huron Central.

6703 long a London Division yard engine is shown in Sudbury. September 24, 1989 Marty Bernard

8104 SW1200RS Rebuilt 1213 Weston 11/1982 GMD A1484 6/1958

Subsequent owner RRV&W 1213

8125 sitting by the small 3 stall enginehouse in Webbwood. 5/09/1977

8126 in early Multimark paint scheme with number on carbody. Sudbury 2/12/1979

8126 with new Multimark paint scheme with number in traditional location on cab.
Espanola 4/25/1980

8138 GMD A1738 4/1959 Sudbury 9/06/2000

Subsequent owner; RTEX 8138

8147 Note small stack for Watchman heater. Sudbury 12/1977

. Extra 8153 with 8467 in Sudbury August 1977.

Extra 8155 in Espanola. Note Watchman heater stack. Tank cars carry chlorine for the mill. 7/26/1976

Extra 8158 may well be a work train as car on nose of unit appears to be a spreader for ballast work.
Blind River 7/26/1976

7091 equipped for road service with class lights, front illuminated number boards, combination pilot and chime air horn.
Sudbury 4/1977 Wolf Kirchmeir

7092 S-2 MLW 75867 3/1949
Sudbury 12/1977 Wolf Kirchmeir

7107 and 7108 in a line of stored MLW yard units about to be retired.
Two photos Sudbury 12/21/1985 Wolf Kirchmeir

7107_7108 S-4 MLW 76477-78 7/1949

SOO Gallery

8142 GMD A1742 5/1959 Soo, February 2. 1994

8159_8171 Soo 5/25/1985

1276 (ex 8108) SW1200RSu Rebuilt Weston 3/1985 GMD A1488 7/1958 Soo 9/24/1989
Subsequent owner RRV&W 1276

8159_1271 before and after (rebuilt) versions of SW1200RS. 1271 was one of only nine upgraded units to retain transition and therefore still able to operate at normal top road speed of 65 mph compared to 35 mph for yard version. Soo 7/1986.

8165 switching in the Soo. Note Yard Foreman (or, Conductor) checking some paperwork.
Digital restoration courtesy of Walter Pfefferle.

8171 in original version of Multimark paint scheme with number on carbody. Soo 7/1979

8171 last SW1200RS GMD A1917 9/1960 Sault Ste Marie 5/15/1974 Bruce Chapman

8437 first order for 21 units (8426-8446) RS-3 MLW 81002 5/1954
Sault Ste. Marie 8/17/1971 Paul Mc.Grane

6576_6594 m.u. MLW S-3's have 29 cars as they depart the CPR yard heading to the ACR yard with a transfer.
The pair of Alcos on the switch job was not a normal situation. Normal power for this job was either CP 7099 or 8171.
Sault Ste. Marie June 19, 1982 Chuck Schwesinger

Station and adjoining building. 7/1979

7094 second to last MLW S-2 ordered #75869 3/1949 sitting at Sault Ste Marie station. June 1978
Paul H. Oliver Jr.

7099 still with original equipment. Sault Ste Marie, 1974 Tom Farence

Note: This was the first CPR MLW S-4 a 20 unit order (7099-7118) and the last for CPR. #76469 6/1949

7099 has just been started up for the afternoon shift yard job and the still-cold engine is smoking on this cool day.
Sault Ste. Marie October 30, 1982 Chuck Schwesinger


Roundhouse February 20, 1980

Two views of 8109 switching in Espanola. SW1200RS GMD A1489 7/1958 August 1979. Wolf Kirchimeir

When the engine gets out of the way it reveals what it is switching. None other than the "famous" E.B.Eddy pulp mill.

Another view of 8109 switching in Espanola. Note the strap over man's shirt. This is for radio pouch harness. 9/1979

NCTX 27435 tank car of C-I-L chlorine, essential in pulp and paper production. Espanola 7/1975

Sudbury shop tracks.

8716 a CLC-FM unit a stranger on Eastern Lines it is an indication that the Speno train in around with 8715 and 8716 is a spare due to requirement for slow speed control. Two photos Sudbury 1974 Tom Farence

8764-8716 on the shop track.

Passenger service

RDC-2 9112 still has red marker lights lit from inbound train.
Two views. Sault Ste Marie, 1974 Tom Farence

Ready to depart for Sudbury.

Blind River looking east. Closeup view below. October 1977 Wolf Kirchmeir


9021 westbound at Blind River. October 1976. Wolf Kirchmeir

Blind River station is mostly hidden behind large tree at right. The buildings in the background to the left are across Highway
17 most gone now. Old Mill Motel, still there, renovated circa 2004, and a good clean place to stay. October 1976.

9021 westbound over Blind River itself. October 1976

9021 westbound at Blind River in March 1976. Wolf Kirchmeir
A single RDC-3 was all that was needed for these daily runs.

No.428 9024 at Blind River eastbound from Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury shortly before discontinuance. Wolf Kirchmeir
Originally shown in public time table as last run May 23, 1977 it was ordered by CTC continued until June 14th.

Steam Gallery

1267 with number 28 across the border.

Extra 1266 backing into a siding in Sturgeon Falls. August 1955 Dr. Richard Leonard

G2 Class 2601 sits on the shop track at Chalk River, Ontario eastern limit of Algoma District.
Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

H1 class 2809 on the shop track Chalk River August 1955. Dr. Richard Leonard

Although a little dirty for a passenger engine 2809 may well have been
a protect engine for The Canadian and The Dominion.

M4c 3412 with slope back tender for yard service. CLC 630 9/1904 North Bay c.1947 Al Paterson

Yard engine 3440 switching consist off No. 555 from Ottawa. Road engine is at the shop. It and combine will be wyed for outbound 558 back to Ottawa. Note markers already on coach. (M4d 3421-3440 Schenectady 30292 10/1904)
4014 (MLW FA1 77309 8/1950) leads No. 951 The Coast Freight, Saint John, NB-Vancouver second class
freight train has now been dieselized. Chalk River circa 1950. Bruce Chapman Collection LBC 517

When #556 arrived at Carleton Place from Chalk River about 1000 am, he would meet #563, the morning pool train from Ottawa to Brockville, and then meet the CN to Toronto. So anybody up the valley could get to Toronto that day.
Then the afternoon guy from Chalk, #558, would meet the afternoon pool train #559 at Carleton Place, so the same thing took place. In reverse, #562 would arrive at Carleton Place about 1600, and people would get off and take #557 back to Chalk,
up the valley, they had an hour wait. L.B.Chapman

3491 North Bay 6/01/1935

M4 Class 3528 hides 2813 and 2805 on the shop track at Chalk River. 8/31/1957
Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

N2b 3696 Cyl. 223" x 32" Drv. 57" Press. 190 lbs t.e. 43% MLW 51543 10/1912
Sudbury October 12, 1958 C.T.Feltstead/Bud Laws Collection

P1 5168 on the shop track. North Bay 8/28/1959 A.B.Crompton

P2 class 5361 on the shop track Chalk River August 1955 when it was just another P2. Dr. Richard Leonard

Note the steam supply pipe along the running board towards the front of the engine. This was used in work train service to power a Lidgerwood machine. This engine was a tourist. It finished up on the Algoma Division after having been on the New Brunswick District and in the mountains of BC. Seems it had a problem with breaking staybolts and even after coming out of Angus this problem remained unsolved. Whenever instructions were issued to transfer power to another point the Locomotive Foreman (or, Master Mechanic perhaps) would make the actual selection of an engine within the desired class. Get rid of that #%&* engine! It has been privately preserved in the U.S.

5418 CLC 2022 4/1943 McKerrow 1/1954 Mert Lee/Joseph Testagrose Collection

5455 Bruce Chapman Collection

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