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CPR London Division Gallery 3

"London and Assist" Extra 2228 West (P2 53xx road engine) on grade west of Galt on the way to Orrs Lake and London.

Extra 953 West "Stone Train" at Galt bound for Guelph Junction.

2203 assisting 2332 on an Extra West. The assist engine will come off at Orrs Lake and return "light" to Lambton.
At 54 and a half miles, this is the longest helper grade anywhere on the CPR.

2232 assists a P2 on an Extra West. a.k.a. London & Assist

Doubleheaded diesel and steam while not common did happen occasionally
as seen here with an MLW RS and MLW A unit with P1 class 5147.

This great slide of G1 class 2200 with what is believed to be eastbound third class train 80 or 82 and apparently taken as it heads into the passing track at Ringold (Mile 70.9) on the Windsor Subdivision just west of Chatham around 1958-59. Excessive black smoke is a good indication of a stoker-fired engine. One of only three G1's (+ 2202, 2219) so equipped around 1950 following the early end of the G5 production. Robert H. Lorenz/Bruce Chapman Collection

Two views of 2233 at Galt. Bruce Chapman Collection

This is an assist engine for a westbound Extra. Note the markers on the pilot.
When switching in Galt the assist would cut off and let the road crew do their work.
That is what may be taking place here.

Now the markers are in place. This would happen for the light engine move back from Orrs Lake to Galt where the
engine would be turned on the wye. Markers would be moved to rear of tender for the move from Galt back to Lambton.

Darkness is approaching in this scene. Note the headlight reflection on the rail.
Below is a Photoshopped version of this slide scan that reveals a little more detail.

Extra 5410 West at Galt. Bill Thomson

Assigned to John Street for passenger service out of Toronto in 1956, 2409 was transferred to London
to finish up its years in freight service. Windsor August 11, 1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

P2 class engines such as 5406 were the heaviest power on the London Division. Al Howlett

D10 891 rests at London roundhouse. August 12, 1958 Larry Kostka/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Normally assigned to Windsor Sub. freight service, it was unusual to see 2817 here at Woodstock.
The crew is "on the spot" (taking a break). July 1957. John Kelley

2233 assisting an Extra West at Galt and CPEL’s GRR 624 interurban car meeting #630.
Saturday Morning February 27, 1954 Gordon E. Lloyd/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Also at Galt that morning was this unusual consist below.

One of the strangest consists you'll ever see! CPR 3002 a streamlined 4-4-4 taking water, ancient steel underframe (S.U.F.) headend car is only an empty buffer (required by BTC Order) between engine and passenger cars, a single near-new RDC and a single lightweight coach make up this light traffic Saturday run stopping only at Woodstock, and shown here taking water at Galt, just one hour after leaving London, it will be only another hour and five minutes to Toronto Union.
Saturday February 27,1954 Gordon E. Lloyd.



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