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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Today's visit was for an in-service look at the CTC controlled locations at SNS GLENROY and SNS ST TELESPHORE. Their commissioning marks the end of this year's single-tracking program between MP38.91 and MP119.97 on the Winchester Sub. We begin at SNS GLENROY with a look at Train 142, powered by a pair of SD70ACU locos led by
7019 just happens to be showing up on every second or third trackside outing that I make along the Winchester. Amongst all of CP's units in heritage livery, it's the one that I have seen the most as it cycles back and forth between Montreal and Chicago.

So, with the exception of salvage activity which will likely continue along much of the Winchester Sub well into the autumn season, last week saw track forces put the finishing touches to the Winchester Sub. CTC project at its two easternmost controlled locations, Station Name Sign GLENROY - to the west of the community of Green Valley, and
SNS ST TELESPHORE - a few miles inside the Province of Quebec.

My last view of 142's train sees it proceeding eastward on the South Track towards SNS DE BEAUJEU. It's a long stretch
of r-o-w that will remain tangent until near mileage 22 to the west of Chemin Harwood, near the top of the hill coming out of Dorion-Vaudreuil.

Shortly after 142 departs in the eastward direction I hear the engine crew being told that they will need to wait for Train 143
to crossover to the North Track at SNS ST LAZARE. I think that a ballast program in the Vaudreuil area has 143's train
over on the South Track.


September 6, 2020

It's late afternoon on Sunday the 6th when I arrive at the future SNS GLENROY to have a look at the turnout prior to its installation at MP51.95. This will be the east switch for the first segment of North Track retained for passing purposes west
of continuous double main track that ends at MP38.91. In the distance is a Hot Box Detector that will soon be relocated eastward to MP49.25 next to the existing GREEN VALLEY station name sign.

With hot box set-off track locations remaining at Mountain and Chesterville, I'm unsure if they will retain SNS status. In the case of GREEN VALLEY, with the current HBD set-off track for eastbound trains relocated from Green Valley to MP43.4 - a point north of the hamlet of Glen Nevis, the name may be retired.



August 30, 2020

From Moose Creek it's a short hop over to Avonmore. There I find that the station name sign has taken up residence about two miles west of town at MP70.04. It identifies the east switch for a retained portion of North Main track that ends at MP74.53, Controlled Location FINCH.

From Avonmore I motor east to Apple Hill, where I find another controlled location up and running just east of the village's main street crossing-at-grade. To the west of the grade crossing, occupying space that once accommodated the village's passenger station, is a new storage track that on this day is home to track maintenance equipment laying over between work assignments. A look in the eastward direction from near the grade crossing provides one with a good view of the west switch for the first CTC passing location beyond of the end of the Subdivision's OCS-ABS managed double main track that terminates at MP38.91 inside the Province of Quebec. The east switch for this section of CTC controlled North Track that ends at SNS APPLE HILL, will be down at MP51.95, about three miles west of the village of Green Valley. I understand that turnout along with the one at MP38.91 will be installed very soon, maybe even this week. When this happens, the CTC single-tracking project on the Winchester Sub, with the exception of tie and CWR salvage operations, will essentially be completed. In total, between B/E CTC at MP38.91 and B/E CTC at SNS ROSEDALE, MP119.97, four fully serviceable North/South Track CTC managed passing locations will be made available to RTCs when dispatching an average six daily train movements between Montreal and Smiths Falls. Will the new CTC territory ever be joined to to the Subdivision's existing east end CTC that extends from Dorion to St. Lazare? Suppose that we'll just have to wait and see.

Raymond Farand





August 11, 2020 new switch installed at SNS Winchester MP 86.65 the east end of passing track need east of the recently installed turnout at CTC Controlled Location INKERMAN, received its link to the south track.

With the installation of the abovementioned turnout, the Winchester Sub CTC project reached the halfway mark, with five of ten controlled locations, namely ROSEDALE, BURRITTS, BEDELL, INKERMAN and WINCHESTER now seeing service. The work to date has also seen the creation of the first two of four planned passing tracks, the approximately 7-mile-long segment of CTC managed north track between Bedell and Burritts, and the approximately 5-mile-long segment of CTC managed north track between Winchester and Inkerman.

A few images at the new controlled location from the nearby Belanger Road grade crossing. Train 651 was the first westbound movement to slowly travers across the freshly ballasted turnout. The first eastbound movement, Train 142 passed through the work site a short time earlier. With respect to 651's train, it was nice to have recently manufactured model SD70ACU, engine 7055 (rebuilt SD90MAC 9156) on the point. It made for a very modern motive power look at a very modern CTC installation. August 12th the ballast regulator and switch tamping machines were busy putting the finishing touches to the trackwork at the location.

August 12th at Finch, a track gang was busy installing the west switch for a near four-and-a-half mile segment of CTC managed north track which will begin at MP70.04 to the west of the community of Avonmore.

Raymond Farand


De Beaujeu MP 35.4

Crossing gates not yet activated as 119-06 approaches. See Finch (scroll down) for night scene for this train.

St Telesphore

Begin/End CTC MP38.91

It is official! This is now a CTC controlled point.

Train 118 (Edmonton IMS - Hochelaga) is now in non-CTC territory.

Beginning of CTC territory behind camera.
Note signal number 389N signifies Mile 38.9 North track.
Separate sign post reads End CTC. Opposite side reads Begin CTC.

8055 train 143 (Hochelaga - Schiller East IMS Chicago via Fort Erie) enters CTC territory.

Turn around (below) and look in the other direction!

Intermodal well cars with various types of containers including many doublestacked.
Only one track in the Detroit River tunnel can clear some high loads. Note last containers!
Higher containers must be handled routed via Fort Erie/Buffalo and CSXT via Cleveland.


As 651 disappears in the distance workers return near signal 390.

Same location as earlier photograph below.

At Chemin St-Georges near MP38.91 I encounter a situation similar to that seen at future SNS GLENROY.
The switch panel is ready to be cut into the South Track, and once installed will reduce former continuous
double-main track west of MP38.91, to a single-main track operation containing four double-main track passing locations, each averaging between 4.5 and 7 miles in length. A soon to be installed station name panel identifies the future controlled location as SNS ST TELESPHORE. In the westward direction, moving up the Subdivision, station name signs at CTC controlled locations are as follows: ST TELESPHORE, GLENROY, APPLE HILL, AVONMORE, FINCH, WINCHESTER, INKERMAN, BEDELL, BURRITTS AND ROSEDALE.

As was the case with Signal 516, by Friday of last week, Signal 401 and companion Signal 402 were nowhere to be found.

Mile Post 38.91 expected end of double track.

Dalhousie Mills MP 41.6

Dalhousie Mills steam era water tank is still in use for local residents.

Glenroy MP 51.95

Glen Roy Road level crossing still OCS-ABS approaching future SNS Glenroy.

Note prefabricated track panels ready for installation.

Hundreds of tons of new ballast ready for spreading. New signs await installation creating a new CTC controlled point.

New track being laid. Ballast awaits its turn.

Clear signal!

Later in the week on Friday, with the switch panel now installed, and technicians busy fine-tuning the
CTC signals in the area, the old trackside sentinel was nowhere to be seen.

Heritage paint scheme 7019 leads Chicago-Montreal intermodal train 142 at the now-controlled location of GLENROY.

Apple Hill MP 57.91

Station Name Sign Apple Hill.

Work equipment in new Hot Box Detector set-off/storage track Apple Hill.

New Hot Box Detector set-off track.

Interim "Begin and End" CTC controlled location.

Avonmore MP 70.4

While the signal is numbered 699 the actual SNS (Station Name Sign) is 70.04 the distant signals are
700N and 700S for Mile 70.0 North and Mile 70.0 South Track as is standard practice.

Nortrak manufactured compromise rail joining track with 115 lbs rail to track of 136 lbs.
thus eliminating the need for compromise joints and flash butt welding in-field.

Finch MP 74.53

Switch intallation gallery created 8/15 added photos 8/23.

Enlarge caption

Finch MP74.53 looking west.

SNS (Station Name Sign) FINCH relocated. HARSCO track machine and other equipment awaits relocation.

Finch Interim Begin/End termporarily marks boundary between CTC and ABS control.

Closeup look at track and how rail is secured.

Winchester MP 86.65

Here she comes! 7055 West first westbound train to use new turnout.

Two track workers stand ready to give a rolling inspection as per rules.
Read next caption to learn what they reported to train crew!

See below for finished view.

Same spot, slightly closer view. SNS Winchester MP86.65. August 14, 2020

View including signal box. Winchester SNS

Track work continues.


New signals waiting activation near Mile 89.2.

Rainbow has come out after a sustained downpour. East of Inkerman.

Inkerman MP 91.1

Formerly Inkerman MP 91.1. Old signal 912. New signals turned away account not yet in service. Two views/dates..

Siding #3 extends from here to east of Winchester.

Note: Double track removed between Inkerman and Bedell

Note: CTC expected to end at Rosedale MP 119.97 which point will have to be reinstituted as will Inkerman and Burritts.

Ballasting and tamping turnout panel. Two views. Inkerman MP 91.24 July 29. 2020

Number 20 turnout allows for 45 mph speed when diverging compared to a more common 25 mph.

ABS signal about to be retired.

Three more views of ballasting work.



Hot Box Detector MP 99.8

Recovering ties salvaged for reuse elsewhere. Hy-Rail truck pulling 5 gons has a hy-rail pilot. MP 99.8

Track removal underway. Bedell near Mile 103. Two views.


Burritts MP 110.2

SNS Burritts Mile 110.2 at Donaghue Rd. Two views. July 20/2020 Bob Moore

Mile 113.2 looking east. Note: Siding #4 extends between here and Bedell Mile 103.4.

Rosedale Mile 119.9 looking west. July 20/2020 Bob Moore

Rosedale looking east towards MP 119. August 11, 2020

CMQ 9017 in BAR heritage paint scheme leads another CMQ SD40-2F both ex CP units to pick up CWR.

Rail train picking up north track CWR for reuse. August 12, 2020

Rail train at Rosedale SNS MP119.



Note: It will remain double track from 119.5 to Smiths Falls 123.8.



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