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CPR K1 class 4-8-4

Engineering design and specifications

3100 being serviced at John Street likely after arriving on #21 from Montreal. c.1930 Bud Laws Collection

3100 at the other end of the run. Note the D&H engine in background. Glen October 22, 1932 Bud Laws Collection

John Street. c.1952

3101 with smoke deflectors cut at an angle to better show the number on smokebox. Normal style below.
Toronto June 1936 Hilliard N. Proctor/Bud Laws Collection

Mix up with No.22

Smoke deflectors ("elephant ears") changed appearance of K1's however, they were ineffective in use and all passenger engines had them removed. The running board restyling was an improvement in their appearance. 1943
Jim Adams/Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Sister engine 3101 likely just in off Number 21 from Montreal. Royal York in the background.
September 22, 1952 James A. Brown Collection

3101 after removal of smoke deflectors. John Street August 10, 1953 W.I.Miller/Old Time Trains Archives

3101 assignments


More views of the K1's

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