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Canadian Pacific Railway

Toronto Division

Parkdale Top Yard

Freight office and shed.
(Built 1900-1910)

Three photos 1959 R.L.Kennedy

Team tracks and shed. Station far right in background.

Station (built 1910) and Express Building (built 1913).
Former Express building


Pool car operator Interline Forwarders worked out of the Top Yard at first using a coach, box car and two flat cars for their facilities. Later, they took over the shed from CPR and later still moved to North Queen Street where a small shed was built when Queensway Piggyback was closed. TNT Railfast also started up at Parkdale and likewise moved to North Queen Street.

FastFrate a new pool car operator started up in the top yard with a minimal operation for some years and then suddenly grew into a "BTO" (Big Time Operator) requiring a big new shed being built in 1971 in the south area removing most top yard tracks. A new entrance was created off King Street West. It was thought the CPR backed their bank loans when they suddenly acquired a fleet of new tractor trailers. They later moved again, in 1983 to Lambton Shed when Tormon (from North Toronto) exchanged places. Later still Tormon moved to the new Conship shed in Scarborough at the east end of Toronto Yard. The "new" shed at Parkdale remained vacant (under 24 hour guard) for some years in the late 1980's before finally being demolished. The site remains undeveloped. Lambton was expanded and improved providing covered loading. Finally, after having taken over a number of other companies, as Consolidated Fastfrate, in September 2000 they moved again to a vast new terminal next toVaughan Intermodal Facility.





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