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Submissions and Acknowledgements



AUGUST 1, 2019


CNR 7470 has just returned to service on Conway Scenic after a long time under repair. Added photo from 30 years ago!
I have a personal connection to this engine having been the one who got it saved in the first place. .



CPR Algoma District

Sudbury Division


Added old photo of a typical OCS work train.
Also (scroll down) 8126 in two different paint schemes. Also, 8147, 8153, 8155, 8158. Also, 7091 7092 7107 7108
Plus, SOO Gallery added 8142, 8159_8171 (laat SW1200RS) and 8165.

Schreiber Division

Gallery Added VIA 9250 (rare RDC-4) leading the Sudbury-White River Budd Car inc. details of crewing


CPR Ontario District

London Division

Passenger service
Added (scroll way, way down) 659 eng. 9051 stopped at the Junction 1953. Budd Cars are 2 weeks old!

Power gallery Added great scene of 2414 working hard and smoking up the sky! WHERE WAS THIS?

Gallery 4
Added (scroll down) great down-on vertical view of 6700 switching in Quebec Street Yard in Centennial Year.
Also, just above it 8407_8796 on shop track Quebec Street.

Guelph Junction Gallery two
Added photo of EMD C630 demonstrators UP 2904_2903. CP would buy 37 units. The first one, 4500 is about to be retired by WNY&PA along with 4573. This would be a good time to repatriate 4500.


Toronto Division

Toronto Added link NEW to another aerial view of John Street that includes Spadina roundhouse.

West Toronto Diamond
Added photo of GO 618 coming up out of the flyunder where the Diamond used to be days earlier.


Trenton Division
Added 4 photos of former station agent's home and another CPR house. Both more than a century old and looking fine!

Station gallery.
Added photo of Wilkinson station grounds. Including water standpipe between two tracks. Enclosed octagonal tank.
Not much else to see in this tiny place!

Port McNicoll Sub.

Brechin station
on long abandoned secondary mainline survises and thrives! Second owners of Wild Wing restaurant have rearranged things with the two box cars behind the station now and wooden CP caboose (previously private residence
display) now in a different retail use. Also, installed a mini-golf! No B&B caboose (yet).



Lambton Yard

Road engine gallery.
Added photo (scroll down) 2203 in off a push. Two more days to my birthday!
Likely Inbound Hostler (Cook?) is backing onto table to put engine in the house. Posed rods-down for photographer.


Toronto Yard
Added photo (scroll way down) of 415384 OCS water tank car used for fire fighting caused by old MLW diesels etc.
Also, added photo of Upgrading truck used by Car Dept. for minor repairs such as wood interiors etc.


CPR Subsidiaries

Quebec Central Added photo of plow extra 5146.






New addition to roster is leased HLCX 1028 a GP38-3. Note that this not a new Cando paint scheme. It was red as HLCX 1028. Only addition is the Cando logo which suggests a long-term lease or lease to purchase.


Ontario Southland

Port Burwell Sub. Added plow 401005.

St.Thomas Sub.
Added (scroll way down to Putnam) photo of OSR building a new private siding for a transload serving area farms.
More growth for this independent Canadian-owned shortline that has always provided excellent customer service.
OSR looks ahead long term to develope growth of its business as well as to benefit local towns taxation and employment.



Added a spectacular view of a freight crossing a river. Be sure to click on ENLARGE for a better look.
Also, nice view of leased GMTX 2672 on West Local.




Photograph galleries


CPR Dominion steam Added (scroll way down) photo of a 5800 assisting a 5300 near Spiral tunnel.



Cowichan Valley Added CVR 26 with train.


US Roads

B&M Pool
Added great old advertisement from 1903. Also, photo of the Red Wing in steam era. Unknown location and date.




CNR steam

Consolidated type 2-8-0. Added (scroll down) colour 2685 two-of-a-kind sub class.

Santa Fe type 2-10-2 Added (scroll to very bottom) 4715 recently renumbered from 4315.

Pacific type 4-6-2 Added 5056, 5086, 5100 and 5107 the latter having been preserved!


CNR self-propelled cars.
Added (scroll down) 15842 with mail and express car providing a typical branchline service between Stratford and Sarnia.


CNR diesel

SW900 Added 7604 and 7602 (with 312 slug) and subsequent owner notes.

Booster units Added 312 converted from S-3 8454 also 260 first booster built brand new by GM-DD


US subsidiaries
Added CV 8081 old paint scheme. See also existing photos scheme of bright green also preserved at RR museum.

GTW SW1200RS Added 1511 and 1517


CPR steam

Added old photo of passenger train exiting Connaught Tunnel about 1920.

2400 Added five B&W photos. (scroll down) 2414, 2449, 2457, 2459 (too much black smoke!) and 2461 making time! .


CPR diesel

SW8 SW900 New thumbnail added with 6710 first SW900



CP Rail

SD40 Added 5527 and subsequent owners. Also, 5847 now Cando CCGX 5305.

SD40 used Added (scroll to bottom) 5495 one of 5 ex D&RGW SD45's r/b by MK along with 5 others.

SW9 Added 6720 last unit.

S-2 and S-4 gallery Added 7099 and 7104


Green Goat battery-electric (scroll to very bottom)
1700 added three photos ex 1600 nee 8690 and subsequent AMTK 599.

Added 1703 ex SOO 4200, CR 7355 three photos. One of the few short-lived unique units part of a cancelled order for a whopping 35 units! Explanation for their failure is given.


Subsequent owners

Leasers etc. Added new entry ALSTOM GCFX 3080 ex 5544 (became CITX 3080)

US Roads Amtrak 599 Green Goat ex 1700 ex 1600 nee 8690.

Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern.
Started with Two photos of ex CP 5597 taken five years apart under two ownerships. First as a Rail American shortline then under Gennesee and Wyoming. Sadly, still not repainted!

Indiana Northeastern (scroll down to I) new entry started with 5527 ex GCFX 3084.

Indiana and Ohio New gallery ex CP 5694, 5820, 5858, 6070.

US Industrial Added PRLX 8105 at Gerdau Ameristeel.


South America Added (scroll to very bottom) Peru FCCA 1023 ex CITX/GCFX 3081 nee CP 5506.



CPR Self-propelled

RDC Added photo of typical RDC engine compartment exterior with link to view of it opened up.





Added new gallery for Asbestos & Danville


Shortlines diesel

Ontario Genesee & Wyoming's Ottawa Valley

Added link to new page with RLK 2112 and 3410 one of 2 SD40-2's that are actually presently assigned to Huron Central.


Lease units/demonstrators etc. Added HELM Leasing HLCX 6000 testing Woodward CLC System on CP and CN.




Alberta Added NEW at top ADFX 0177 and GMTX 707 including prior owners.

Ontario See What's New for links to all July additions including prior owners etc.


Added (scroll down to G) G3 Brewer EFCX 1005 added detailed history prior owners inc. photo DMVW 3132.
Scroll down further for Unity added EFCX 1006 with history and four photos plus DMVW 6354 switching oil transload.


Rolling Stock

Reused for Businesses etc.

Tourist Information

Quebec Started with GTW 79169 Rivere-du-Loup.


Nova Scotia Started with Devco 21 Udder Delight Ice Cream Caboose in Little Bras d'Or, Cape Breton.

Other Scroll down to Museums Alberta Added CN 78884 Mirror & District Museum.



Reused Tourist Information, Museums etc.
Added CNR Glencoe, GTR stn.. Also used for VIA trains. Display includes CN 75896 with photos at two prior locations.
Also, CNR Kinmount original 1901 GTR station.

CPR Ontario District, Trenton Division, Port Mc.Nicoll Sub.
Brechin, ON
Added Wild Wing, Sweet Tooth Caboose.



Interurban Railways and Electric Lines.

Radial Railways

Chatham, Wallaceburg and Lake Erie Added (scroll to bottom) steeplecab locomotive 10.



CNR Yards Added article massive fire Bonaventure Yard, Montreal 1948.

CNR Roundhouses Added colour view Turcot 1952.

Added (scroll way down to end of Vancouver waterfront for link to second aerial view to left of previous linked view.




















Thanks to Dan Schueth for correcting past history of GMTX 386 in Cando Gallery.

We always welcome corrections/addition etc. CONTACT US


If you have not been there before (or. for a while) it is well worth a look.



Added link to CBC story about life on remote Senneterre line. Quite interesting.
You can get English translation easily with your computer.




CPR London Division

Guelph Junction Gallery Two.
Added photo of 2236 and 2235 doubleheading in the Cockney Pool. Detailed explanation of this proceedure.


CPR Toronto Yard

Yard engine gallery 2 Added (scroll down) 6713 after rebuild to a "daughter" (slug) but before renumbering to 1015.





Photograph Galleries



CNR Steam Northern type 4-8-4 Added (scroll way down) 6401 leaving Toronto Union with a short train.


CPR diesel

Royal Canadian Pacific in the mountains.
Not only is the paint scheme classic from the past so too is the wave from the engineer!

Added Extra 8781 blasting past a station. See what else.

The Canadian Added 7117 switching deadhead consist in Vancouver.


CP Rail Added photo of 8828 in a unique RS-B unit-RS consist this train was once noted for.


Tourist Trains

Battle River Added photo of 5251 with tourist train.

BCR excursions. Added (scroll down) Okanagan Express crossing Trout Creek.


US Roads in Canada

C&O Added WM 6417

Detroit River Tunnel

Added electric MCRR 7505 with passenger train in downtown Detroit with now-famed and long-abandoned MC station.

New York Central/Michigan Central/Canada Southern

Added MCRR 8412 and NYCL 8590



diesels Subsequent owners Added (scroll down)FNM 724 in Mexico.


CNR steam

Consolidated Added (scroll down) 2601 and its preservation is noted.

Mikado Added (scroll down) 3265, 3292, 3551 and 3566.

CNR steam US subsidiaries Added (scroll down) CV 703 (coaled up), 704 and 706 all 2-10-4's.


CNR self-propelled Added colour photo (scroll down to D-1 motor train) of Hamilton-Meaford 3 car passenger train.



CPR Steam

G1 class Added (scroll down) 2237 see the what engineer is doing.

G3 class Added (scroll down) 2326, 2343, 2346, 2350.

G3 class 2400's Added (scroll down) 2394. Sadly, none of these finest steam locomotives got preserved. A real tragedy.


CPR Diesel

See What is New in these galleries



PGE Added (scroll down) PGE 612 RS-18 and 645 M-420 later sold GVT.



Added photo of SD40's 203 and 204 being loaded onboard a ship for delivery which had been delayed due to a strike.
Added 4 photos (310, 315 plus 312 and 314).of upgraded SD40-3 returning home from Metro Industries in E. St.Louis, IL


Shortline Steam

Added new gallery for Midland Ry. of Manitoba


Shortlines Diesel


Contract switching locations.

Imperial Oil, Edmonton Added CCGX 1007 inc. 3 prior identities.

Added Domtar in Dryden with CCGX 1008 and CITX 3809 inc. prior owners.

Added Resolute Forest Products in Thunder Bay CCGX 4009, 4011, 4012, 4014.


CEMR Added 4011_1009 also 1010 which is its original CN number. Note too 1011 is also on roster.

Also, Shortlines OBRY added 4009 and 4014.


DEVCO Subsequent owners. New section (scroll to bottom) LIRC 220, 221 and 223




Long Creek Started new gallery with LCRI 6347 and leased JLCX 2886 and 3000.

Stewart Southern Added photo GTMX 2212 and 2222 inc. prior RR's.




Ontario See What's New in This Gallery.

Saskatchewan Gallery 2
Added (scroll down to S) new entry for Source Energy Services GMTX 2201, PRLX 3818 and 3865 and former owners.



Rolling stock

Businesses reused Tourist Information Added NAR 13505



Business cars.

Added Mount Royal, Mount Stephen and two Strathcona's including floor plans. Part of Royal Canadian Pacific consist.

Note: There is an interesting story about when L.R.Smith Vice-President Eastern Region arrived in London on board the Mount Royal he was greeted by London Division officials one of whom inquired "How are things in Montreal?" I don't know his answer although it likely included something that he was from Toronto! Upon his return to Toronto he promptly informed Montreal (CPR System Head Quarters was always referred to thusly), "Business Car Mount Royal is now the BC Ontario."

caboose gallery Added detailed history of this one-of-a-kind van

Plows etc. Added (scroll down) 400692 at Toronto Yard.



Interurban Railways and Electric Lines

BCER Added interurban car 1310.



















JUNE 1, 2019





CPR Algoma District

Sudbury gallery Added 8104 and 1276_8171


CPR Ontario District

London Division

Gallery of yard diesels. Added (scroll way down) two photos 8150 and 8163 in two early paint schemes.


Toronto Division

Parkdale Added (scroll to very bottom) 1213 with info on maintenance location.


Lambton Yard

Locomotive Dept.

Yard engines diesel gallery Added link to West Toronto roundhouse re-established to maintain yard diesels. Added 8108.



CANDO Rail Services Added GMTX 309 and 386 enroute to a new switching contract at a huge mill in Arkansas.
It is their first one in USA using locomotives. Car movers are used at Domtar mills in Nekoosa and Rothschild, WI.
These were effective June 2017.





Photograph Galleries



CNR steam Added this great old photo from before I was born! That is quite a train for 2-8-0.





CNR steam

Consolidated type Added (scroll down) 2148, 2179, 2341, 2344.


CPR steam

G1 class Added (scroll way down) 2229 it would last until end of steam era.


CPR diesel

NOTE: New additions are TEMPORARILY at start of main gallery now with complete captions.

For look at other units of same model use links in gallery thumbnails for CPR or (farther down) CP Rail and Rebuilt units.


ETR diesel Added (scroll down) 105 with odd cyclops light. Compare to two other photos of 105 with different features.



Canadian Industrial


Canadian Railserve

Added CRLX 1533 in a fancy new paint scheme! Also, 1561 in basic black plus prior photos both units.


Viterra (scroll down to V) Added 6315 (4 photos inc. ex DMVW nee SP).



New entry for Viterra (scroll way down) DLCX 1319 ex ILSX 1319, CP 1579/8634 four photos. Note: 8634 was early chop nose for Calgary hump service.


Manitoba HudBay Added RTEX 8153 ex CP



Paris CS&G 25-tonner switching in Paris. This loco would later become PST L-1 (see also PSTR L-2).

Port Robinson

Oxy Vinyls Added newly arrived LTEX 1014 replacing LTEX 1001.




Added better photo of Can-Car 1 65-tonner Whitcomb ex Fore River, ex Conemaugh & Black Lick, ex South Buffalo.

Dominion Bridge
Begun with old loco rarer than a Whitcomb. N14 Atlas side-rod 50-tonner. Never before seen or listed!














May 1, 2019


Marking 59 years!
The Tripleheader
May 1st. 1960





CPR Algoma District

Sudbury Division
Gallery Added (scroll way down) 1977 B&W view of Blind River plus closeup of station.


CPR Ontario District

Toronto Yard

Leased engine gallery
Added 5 more ATSF units 3605, 3657, 3659, 3673 and 3669. Latter unit is in a short-lived paint scheme that only included initials SF (Santa Fe) which is what everyone called it, only seldom referred to by its full name Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe although a famous song by that name was a popular one sung by Bing Crosby and also by Judy Garland in 1946 movie
The Harvey Girls

Yard engine gallery 3
Added (scroll down) two photos of 6702 in old and new paint schemes. Link to subsequent owners inc. D&H.
NOTE: Returned to LTEX present location unknown. Can you help? CONTACT US


CPR Smiths Falls Division

Brockville Sub. gallery added colour photo of 1267 with Pool 263 showing entire consist.



Algoma Central

Rolling stock Added (scroll down to passenger section) train consist 205, 211, 442, 443 and 511.


Ontario Southland

Port Burwell Line History updated with photo (scroll down to Tillsonburg) of Tillsonburg North yard full of cars and nearby abandoned CNR Burford Sub. right-of-way parallel to CPR. Abandoned CASO overhead.

Roberval & Saguenay Added (link) great aerial view of roundhouse and plant area.







AMT Added 1330 at new De La Concorde station on extended Metro Orange Line extended to Laval.


Tourist and Park Trains. Added Big Sky Garden Ry. (see Rolling Stock: Businesses reused).

Aspen Crossing Added map showing its location and of all rail lines in area.
Update re: CNR 5080 steam engine has been moved onsite! Plan is to restore it to operation!

BCR Royal Hudson and other special steam and diesel. (Inc. NRHS trains) Scroll down to Tourist Train section.
Added CP 8836_8839 with NRHS Okanagan Express

The Canadian
Added photo of Riding Mountain Park on tail end of a spotless Number 2. Note: One of four Park cars off roster.


US roads in Canada

D&H Added NJ 4050 about to leave St.Luc. for USA.



CNR predecessor roads.

GTR Standard 4-4-0 Added 340 in St.Thomas.


CNR steam

Ten-Wheeler Added (scroll down) 1119, 1140 and 1434 the last one before I was born! .


CNR Diesel US Subsidiaries Diesel Added (scroll down) CV 8027 and (farther down) 1510



CPR Steam

Added photo of 1201 following Last Spike 100th Anniversary.

Added 1081 assisting or doubleheading a regular (passenger?) train (not displaying signals). 1946 possibly on the rugged Eastern Townships, New Brunswick or International of Maine "Short Line". CONTACT US .

G5 class Added (scroll down) 1235, 1257, 1262 and 1265. Does 1265 look like a familiar place? CONTACT US .


CPR Diesel
Added photo of 5902 in the controversial Dual Flags paint scheme with Smokey Bear 50 Years emblem.


HS switchers Added HS-12 and photo of it after sold to Great Lakes Paper.

SW1200RS Added 8140, 8143, 8150 and 8163 with links to rebuilt as 1200's plus lnks to subsequent owners.


CP Rail
F7 Added (scroll down to B unit section) 4427, 4434 two photos comparing direction of B unit. Also, 4441 and F9B 4477.

M636 Added 4743 last M636. Sold GVT re# 3643.

New gallery started. 8118, 8126, 8143, 8163, 8150 and 8161 including links to r/b 1200's and links subsequent owners.


Rebuilt units

1200 Added 1240, 1242, 1243, 1270, 1271, 1274. and links to ex units as well as links to subsequent owners.


Subsequent owners (scroll down to US Roads)

Added D&H ex 6702 further subsequent owner Larrys Truck (D) upgraded 900 hp LTEX 900 then leased WCI 831.

Added new Ogeechee Ry. 101, 102 and 6707 ex 6705, 6707 under different ownership and numbering. Current photo of 6707 still earning its keep after nearly SEVENTY years! GMD built 6707 was for many of those years assigned by CPR to switch the GM Oshawa auto plant itself about to close down just like the locomotive plant in London. Amazing!

Added new Oregon Pacific 1202 ex 1202 nee 7403. all 3 photos.

Added new Potomac Eagle Scenic four photos PESX 8250 ex 8250, ex 1572 nee 8516.

Added (relocated gallery) St.. Marys 506 ex 1270 nee 8150.




G&W SOR and RLHH Added RLHH 2111 in full G&W paint. Also RLHH 2081, 3404 and 2111 with 94 cars!
Also, RLK 4001 still in old paint on Brantford spur.


Ottawa Central

A look back at this short-lived shortline with its all-MLW roster in a sharp black paint scheme.
Added 8124_1865_18xx on the main line (above) also, 1834_1846 and 1842 from new contributor Doug Rickaby.



Added new entry for Klondike Mines Ry. a long-abandoned narrow gauge road in Yukon Territory.
Its last steam engine (now over a century old) recently returned to operation!




G3 Added (scroll down) EFCX 1005 Brewer, also (scroll way down) new entry for Plains Midstream Canada, Kerrobert
tank terminal for oil trains. RTEX 4996, NPR 2854, MRI 2846 as well as prior owners photos DTI, GTW, SP, SSW, UP.

Louis Dreyfus Canada Added GMTX 422 GP15-1. Ex LLPX 1513, ex UP 1544, nee C&NW 4413. All 4 photos.


Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Added GMTX 509 (ex 1271 nee8125), 1274 and RTEX 8161.

Louis Dreyfus Added LDCX 2003 ex CP 1243 nee 8157. Two photos.


New Brunswick
Added (scroll down to Industrial Rail Services) link to aerial map of former CNR Moncton shops.



Rolling Stock

Businesses reused equipment.
Added Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre in Nanton, AB (inc. CP 278504 stock car) and
Big Sky Garden Ry. and enormous outdoor model train layout that includes a small train big enough to ride on!



CNR Coal towers. Added abandoned towers at Washago and Cayuga (still exists)!



Interuban Radial Railwasy

L&PS Added old colour photo of Car 6 displaying signals (green flags) for section following. Three old wooden truss rod coaches and another car handling heavy War Time traffic.


Street railways

Ottawa Electric Added photo of streetcars on Sparks Street in 1950's pre-Sparks Street Mall.





Toronto Area Industries
CCM Russell railway track inspection car. Added three more advertisements from 1906.
















April 1, 2019

Thanks to Jon Hill for drawing attention to an inaccurate caption of a GO train on CN in London. This was not substituting
for a VIA train, rather a special for Anglican church. . Thanks to Don Mc.Queen who was there at the same time as the photographer for indentifying the train.



Memories of the old K&P.

Thanks to new contributor Eugene Kirkham a member of Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society (Sharbot Lake)
who discovered an old newspaper article with the same much older photograph of many unidentified CPR employees that identifies them all!




CPR Ships

Lake & Rail Added (scroll to bottom) 8700 loading barge with tug Iris G for Slocan City.


CPR Ontario District

Bruce Division
Branch passenger service
Added (scroll down) great old colour photo of three mixed (passenger/freight trains) sitting in Orangeville.
Plus, black & white photo of rear of northbound Mixed. See what is connected and what it is for.

London Division
Station gallery Tillsonburg.
Added a recent look at former CN Tillsonburg North station to compare to same view decades earlier.
Part of restored area including former CPR Tillsonburg station on a new street.

Smiths Falls Division
Prescott Sub. Added (scroll down) 3546 sitting in Prescott. This old girl lasted until the end of steam!

Toronto Division
John Street Locomotive Department
Steam engine gallery. Added (click on thumbnail) 2839 when it was just another 2800!

Trenton Division
Station Gallery
Added nice old 1903 photo of Sharbot Lake station staff posing for the picture. See what else is in the photo.

Passenger service.
Added (scroll down below Alco PA1 2000) No. 35 one of the earliest diesel passenger trains through Sharbot Lake.


Lambton Yard

Road diesel gallery
Added (scroll down) a second view of UP 1616 with "engineer still looking back" now with second employee walking.




ACR Steam locomotives
Added 30 with someone extra in the cab! See also something very unusual on the ground. Also, 66 plus 81, 82 and 83.


Added CCGX 4015 at Aditya Birta pulp mill in Terrace Bay just transferred from Orangeville.
Also, (scroll down) West Fraser pulp mill, CCGX 5305 x CP SD40-2, CCGX 5202 nee B&LE SD38AC.





General Motors Gallery
Added (scroll down to bottom) GMD 1001 (diesel-hydraulic) testing with CPR 62 Dynamometer Car.






Photograph Galleries


AMT Added 103 cab control car trailing at end of train.


CNR steam. Added link to special gallery for Canadian Railway Centenary July 1936.

CNR diesel Added the strangest passenger train! Have a look. Recent CN Family Days in Winnipeg.

CPR Dominion
Added (scroll down to Discontinuances paragraphs) cancelled dates for 5 & 6 Toronto-Vancouver and
9 & 10 Montreal-Sudbury. These were un-named mail and express trains running behind The Dominion.
Abrupt end dates for The Dominion were already noted in next paragraph as well as the reason. Russian wheat shipments!

CPR diesel Added (scroll down to name trains) date of dieselization of 42 and 41 Montreal Saint John and introduction of a new name train The Atlantic Limited. Also, link to last steam engine run.

US Roads in Canada
New gallery for BN in BC. Starts with BN 193 loading CP Rail car ferry.



Alberta Prairie

This historical preservation with steam and diesel operation later this year will celebrate 30 years! Congratulations!

A big additon of 10 photos taken by Raymond Farand just last year as part of his extensive cross-Canada trip.


Fort Edmonton Park.
Added photo of station and train also closeup of 2-6-2 steam engine 107 as well as old photo of it decades ago when
it was a genuine wood burner at a paper mill in Louisiana. Typical logging engine. Soon to be one hundred years old!


Prairie Dog Central
Added three recent photos. CNoR Inkster Jct. station and two views inside their modern shop building.




CNR steam
Pacific Added (scroll down) 5132 and 5548 with psgr train both at Stratford near the end of steam.

Mountain Added (scroll down) 6034 likewise at Stratford near the end of steam.


CNR Early diesels Added box cab 77 in colour and see what is coupled to it!


CNR diesel

GP9RM Added (scroll down) 4118 and subsequent owner CANDO CCGX 4015.

US Subsidiaries Added CV 4550


CPR steam

2800 Hudson
Added (scroll to very bottom) 2819 the last standard 4-6-4 Hudson. (2820 began semi-streamlined emgines).
Van next to engine indicates possible transfer or other local job.


CPR diesels

SW1200RS Added 8164.

RS-3 Added 8441 shown with its hood doors open for maintainance.

Added 8511 Script one of only 2 GP's with 89 mph gearing to protect RDC's Calgary-Edmonton. Part of 20 with SG's.


CP Rail

SW1200RSu 1241 and 1251 rebuilt as yard units. Also, (link 1205 caption) 1020 daughter. (link 1244 caption) OSR 1244.

RS-23 Added 8034 one of 12 sold to W&H.

GP9 Added 8511.

Subsequent owners US Industrial (scroll to bottom) HDCX 1251 Hallett Dock. Also, 1251 and 8164.

Subsequent owners GP9u Demonstrator EMDX 7102 Added (link in caption) 8511 in CP Rail paint scheme.


DAR diesel Added (scroll down) nice B&W photo of RDC 9059 making a brief stop at Kentville, NS DAR HQ.



NAR steam
Added Pacific 161 (ex CP 2563) days away from the end of steam.

ONR diesel
Added 1306 in an old (1966) photo. Note: Recent added photos moved (scroll down) down to numerical gallery.
Also added 1730 in its heritage paint scheme applied a few months ago.


PGE steam
Added (scroll down) 54 one of 4 heavier 2-8-0's.

PGE self-propelled
Added rare photos of early cars 102 Hall-Scott gas-mechanical and 105 GE gas-electric.

PGE diesel
Added colour photo of 553 and 554 a pair of 70-tonners with a mixed train. The only one still existing became Waterloo Central 1556 although it was re-engined with a Cummins diesel by LASCO. Currently leased to a plant in Galt.





AGT (formerly Mobil Grain) Added great photo of West Central Road and Rail 601 (nee M&ET 601) 70-tonner
assigned to grain elevator at Beechy (end of line). Still in perfect M&ET paint scheme as is another of 602 at Eston,
below two photos. First, CN 79226 van used for tourist info at Lucky Lake. Plus, 3147 (ex CN SD40) and two photos of
good-size grain train with 3 units inc. 6934 and 3143 nee CN with interesting ownerships in between!


GWWD Added 202 switching some tank cars with a little Alco smoke last month.



Added new thumbnail for Universal Resources in Welland. Another of the many companies that have come and gone there.
Also, at same site is Martech Rail Services, a rail car repair, painting facility. MRS 615 nee Stelco 53 80-tonner, two vans HEPX 79640 and TBPX 007.

Added (scroll down) Richardson Pioneer, Davidson LLPX 1502.

Steam Ontario International Harvester added old undated B&W photo of 7439 their 0-6-0 in winter scene.



Car Ferries
New gallery for BN in BC showing Vancouver Wharves with BN 193 loading CP Rail car ferry including aerial view.



Rolling Stock


Tourist Info
Started Saskatchewan entry with CN 79226 at Lucky Lake.


CNR Added NAUG 5046 ex CNR suburban coach one of several restored for tourist train operation.

CPR Freight cars steam era.
Added (scroll down) photo 240000 and brief article 1920 about a 75-ton self-clearing hopper car built for grain service.

ONR Passenger
Added (scroll to very bottom) 660 first ex GO coach in new rebuild program that accomodates handicapped passengers.





BC Bridges Vancouver area
Fraser River Bridge Added (link in caption) original specs 1902.



Stations Reused

Museums etc. CNR Western Canada added new CNoR gallery starts with Rowley,AB several photos of this ghost town.


Added The Smokin' Buddha restaurant in Port Colborne ex CNR/NS&T station.



Street Railways

TTC Early streetcars Added very old photos of pre-TTC equipment inc. interior Birney cars from Toronto Civic Ry.













March 1, 2019



CPR Bruce Division

Hamilton Sub. Added (scroll down) photo of 953 at TH&B Chatham Street roundhouse.


CPR London Division

Passenger service
Added (scroll way, way down) this great view of 1412_1918 to exisitng coming view of same train as well as other details.


Woodstock Added 949 sitting in Woodstock.


Blyth Added deserted scene of yard etc. in its last days before station was relocated for retail business.



CPR Smiths Falls Division Added (scroll down to Cornwall Sub.) for a photo of 8588. What the Heck is happening here?

Smiths Falls roundhouse Added 1255 near the end of the steam era. Also, STLH 5690.



CPR Toronto Division

John Street Locomotive Dept. diesel gallery. Added (scroll down) TH&B 402_403 pool power.

West Toronto Diamond
Added (scroll down) side-by-side view of tracks with CNR single unit transfer crossing diamond. See what else!


CPR Trenton Division

Passenger service Added public time table pages effective November 1, 1914 Canadian via new Lake Ontario Shore Line

Nephton branch Added NCHX 38769 one of many covered hopper cars assigned to Indusmin mine in Nephton.



Lambton Yard

Road diesels gallery.
Added (scroll to very bottom) UP 1627. See what is in the background and why it was there. Toronto (hump) Yard was just days from opening! Long-referred to as Agincourt yard for its location it was also called less complimentary names! Such as Malfunction Junction and Disney Land! Also, added a second view of the consist of A-B-B UP units.
Note: At start of leased power section added explanation of why these units were leased and the fact a planned return of steam was killed off by finding these units in scrap line.

Yard diesels gallery.

Added 6708 one of only two (plus 6706) GMD yard units assigned to Lambton. Guess why? GM Oshawa plant!


Ontario Southland

St.Thomas Sub. Added photo of 1620_182 switching in Ingersoll three years ago.



Orangeville-Brampton Added (scroll to very bottom) link to aerial view Orangeville 2007.


Roberval Saguenay Added photo of 22 inside shop (with visitors!) and tiny 8 sitting on the table.




Added photo with rare open door closeup look at Detroit Diesel underslung on all RDC's.
Note: A link to image is also on BCR CNR and CPR RDC galleries for your convenience.

Added photo of 4035 and two B units with what appears to be a P2 assist engine cut in behind the diesels to avoid smoke getting into diesel air intakes a regular practice when steam and diesel were mixed in the mountains.

Added photo of an air dump in the dump position a rare sight seen only at work sites. Used only where material (fill etc.) has to be dumped beyond ends of ties. Railways did not own many air dumps and builders were limited. DIFCO (Differential Car Co.) was long the major manufacturer of air dumps.



Photograph galleries


BCR Added BC-31 meeting freight brought up by van 1874.


CPR Diesels Gallery

Added 1801 with The Frontenac and a Skyline bringing up the rear.
Also, "famous" last run of MLW power 4210_1837_1838_4216_4230 westbound at the Falls. This unofficial "last run" was setup by Bruce Chapman of the Operations Centre in Windsor Station HQ. Trouble keeping them all running was encountered in Smiths Falls and the train left with 1838_4216 dead all the way to Windsor! They returned the same way!
St.Luc Diesel Shop men had done a heroic job keeping all the old MLW power running way beyond their best before date. Finally, the end was near. Soon, the order came down. "Effective tonight at 2359." That was July 7, 1998. .

RS-2 Added 8400 first International of Maine RS-2


The Canadian Added photo of 1413 leading Number 11 at Palgrave just two weeks away from VIA.

The Dominion
Added (scroll down to "A Look back...") 1410 1431 No.7. Check out all those trucks on the platform! Lots of head end traffic. Is that dark truck a British vehicle? Army? In the distance possibly a DIVCO delivery truck.


Added View from rear of train in northern Ontario. Also, (scroll to very bottom) an interesting down on view of 2102 leading through Temagami.




Alberta Prairie Added (scroll to bottom) CN 6060B spare tender and CP 404937 cable car.
Some of the large quantity of equipment stored for Rocky Mountain Rail Society.

Rocky Mountaineer. Added (scroll down) after 8011 second unit RMRX 8016.




CNR steam Added photo of 5292 sitting on Spadina shop track during transiton era with diesel 4456.

Northern type Added 6100 on public display in Toronto.
This was the first CNR 4-8-4 and would soon go to Fair of the Iron Horse in Baltimore.
Also, added 6119, 6171, 6201 (3rd section!) 6233, 6251 (Maritime Express), and 6261.

Suburban 4-6-4-F Added (scroll to bottom) 50.


CNR electric

Mount Royal Tunnel Added (scroll to very bottom) box cab 187.


CNR diesel
Added photo of 4456 on Spadina shop track during transition era with steam engine 5292 (same photo as above).

CNR diesels Preserved Added 1762 a rare RSC-14 CNR-only model 1400 HP A1A-A1A.


CPR steam
Added great photo closeup fireman taking water. Could be Dick Jefferson or maybe Frank Bunker? Both long gone.

D10 Added (scroll down) 1017, 1027, 1038 and 1074.

G3 2400
Added (scroll down) 2408 with suburban train. The end of steam is only months away.
Also, 2420 near coal chutes. One of only 20 engines built with very different looking Worthington FWH.


Royal Hudson

Added B&W photo of 2820 putting on a show with suburban train. One of 5 steam engines. See what it is missing.
Note too that this engine was thought to be the very last use of steam in revenue service. Check info.


CPR diesel New gallery created for MLW S-10 and S-11 yard units starting with 6615 in Script lettering.


CP Rail Diesel

M630 Added 4500, 4507 and 4512 complete with detailed notes on other power present that Labour Day weekend.

M636 Added 4741 also part of the above weekend.

SD40 used Added 5492 in the controversial Dual Flag paint scheme.

S2 Added 7097 including headon view.

Rebuilt units

1500 Added 1507 with 1553 also 1540 freshly painted in latest scheme. .


Demonstrators Added second view of C630 UP 2904

Subsequent owners

Canadian National/Ontario Hydro
Added ex CN 5393 one of the Ontario Hydro owned units that hauled units coal trains.
Ownership explained along with subsequent ownership first by CP then others.
Includes unique metre gauge BB40-2 units for Brazil.

Also, US Roads (scroll down) Added 5492 at Bakken Transload in North Dakota including ex CP and C&O photos.
Also, Respondek Added Squaw Creek Southern 5690.


CPR Self-propelled
RDC Added (scroll to bottom) RDC-5 9307 with Montreal suburban train.


QNS&L diesel (scroll down to subsequent owners)
Added 151 part of 5 unit sale to CLP (D) and photos of it later being scrapped.


TH&B Steam
Added link in caption 40 to STELCO 40 at NMS&T and link to TH&B 42 (original number of 40) preserved.
Also, 102, 106, 107 on CNR_CPR Joint Section and 103 displayed in Gage Park.
New link at very bottom to see passenger trains on CPR, THB and NYC etc. steam, diesel and RDC eras.
Same link added THB diesel gallery.




Manitoba Winnipeg Hydro scroll to bottom for Manitoba Hydro section. Added photo of 857 at display location.


Canada & Gulf Terminal. Added 102 and combine 504 on mixed train.

Sartigan Added nice scenic view of 8033.



Alberta Added (scroll way down) Cargill CLCX 5035 C30-7

New Brunswick Added (link)1939 advertisement for Plymouth Flexmotive a truely unique locomotive!

Steam Other (than Ontario) provinces. Added (scroll down to National Harbours Board- Quebec City. CPN 4 0-6-0



Rolling Stock

Businesses re-used

Food cabooses Added (scroll down to New Brunswick) LLL Takeout, Waterborough, CN 79688 and 79229.

Tourist info, New section for New Brunswick. Started with Chipman Museum and Tourist Centre CN 79218 van.

Museums etc. New section for New Brunswick starts with Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick CN 79229 also CN station from Apohaqui (ICR) and crossing watchman's tower.
Also, scroll down to Miscellaneous added LOFX 79532 and 79750 (both ex CN) for private use riverside.



CNR passenger predecessor roads. Added CN 4205 ex ICR first class coach.

CNR passenger modern era. Added Columbia full length Sceneramic dome coach ex MILW.


CNR Preserved
New gallery for Western Development Museum, North Battleford, SK. 504409 grain box car spotted at elevator (also preserved), stock car 810024, flat car 59065 and van 78338. Includes 4-6-0 1158 as well as CNoR station Prince, SK.


CPR work equipment Cranes etc. Added 300791 flat carrying old Burro crane with illegible number.

CPR Passenger Added 63 Track Geometry Car ex Solarium car ANTIGUA.

Passenger Added 3 photos (scroll down to lightweight cars) 1700 one-of-a-kind short coach. Built for 4-4-4 Jubilee train Calgary-Edmonton service. Later (link) assigned to Montreal suburban service after being a Rules Car.

Budd stainless steel Added (scroll down) Elgin Manor sleeping car.





Coal chutes Added Brantford

Water tank Added Caledonia an old wooden tank.



CPR Quebec
Added link to aerial view of Palais 1958 to go with others for 1925 and 1975. Also, map of tracks Quebec Terminal.

CPR New Brunswick Added (scroll down) photo of Division Headquarters office building in Saint John. .


Radial railways

Chatham, Wallaceburg and Lake Erie. Added photo of car with a group of well-dressed men. Also steeplecab loco 107.

NS&T Added B&W of car 80.


Street Railways

Gallery Added (scroll to bottom) 4019 a CLRV only months old.















February 1, 2019




CPR Lake and River history. Caption for S S Aberdeen corrected. Special thanks to Joe Smuin.



CPR Bruce Division
Passenger service
Added great old black and white photo of 1222 racing northbound with the Steam Boat. CPR Great Lakes Steamship.
Bob Sandusky's Gallery added a black and white photo of 526 on an Armstrong turntable. One of the last D6 class.

Hamilton history Added great old colour photo of Extra CP 1051 East heading home.


CPR London Division

Photograph gallery power Added great shot of an Extra West 2228_5405 at Cooksville.

Steam yard engine gallery. Added 6277 (with something newer ans shinier in shot) and 6295 completing list.




Added a weedy view of CN Tillsonburg North station 1977. Nicely restored on original location along with relocated CPR Tillsonburg station plus CN van. Former NYC Tillsonburg station also exists on original site! Can any other place match this?


CPR Smiths Falls Division

Added (link) Map 1930 showing all subdivisions.


CPR Toronto Division


Scroll down to Don Branch. Added 1890 map lower portion showing proposed route as well as existing route for Toronto Belt Line. Click on second (horizontal) version first to read name of each line.

Scroll down to Ashbridges Bay Added (link) map 1914 showing Ashbridges Bay before being filled in for industrial sites.


CPR Trenton Division

Added photo of both main lines at Agincourt before construction began on the new hump yard.
Also, (see link) Map 1930. Shows all subdivisions and every station.

Nephton Branch Added 1977 photo of Nephton Mine. (no train).

Passenger History
Note that photos beyond Trenton Division are included when trains leave Toronto at night. 22 to Montreal, 24 and 34 to Ottawa. Added (scroll way down to Pool Train segment) 3 photos 1950's of 22 nearing end of its run in Montreal. See who that guy in the red cap is.


CPR Lambton Yard. Locomotive Dept Added photo of 2214 near end of steam. See what else is in the photo.


CPR Toronto Yard.

Yard engine gallery Added 3 photos of 1204-1203 working the Pulldown.

Road engine gallery. Added 1860 (ex 8769 and OSR 180 photos inc.) also, 8598 third to last RS-10. Plus, (scroll to very bottom) PC pool power 2625 a GE U25B (ex PRR 2525), 5824, 7439 ex NYC as well as 7021 and HS-17.

Leased engine gallery
Added (scroll down) BO_3729_3710 in old B&O paint and new Chessie System paint scheme. Also, CO 4823.



Canadian National Railways

Canadian Government Railways Added (link) Condensed public time tables for name trains.


CNR Predecessor roads.

Canadian Northern Scroll down to Bay of Quinte. Added two large very old photos of Deseronto roundhouse with 0-4-0T.

Prince Edward Island Scroll down to new entry PEIR begun with 1st 28 last of 28 4-4-0's it went to 1904 World's Fair.

Thousand Islands Added (scroll to bottom) photo of abandoned bridge removal.




Ontario Southland

Guelph Junction Ry Gallery Added photo of 383_181 with van 4900.

St.Thomas Sub Formet Added photo of CCGX 1329 and CN 1329.


CNR Cayuga

Added photo of 8235_503 switching the LA Co-op Federee AGRI business division plant in Courtland recently acquired from Cargill along with most other locations around Ontario. Expansion of traffic here is expected as a result of the new ownership.


Toronto Belt Line

Added (scroll way down to Humber Loop section) another photo former Lambton station (long a residence) see what is parked on the platform next to operator's bay window!


Toronto Terminals Ry.
Added photo of CP 2856 just arrived with New York sleeper train one of several trains to/from USA with through sleepers and coaches from several cities including NYC, Boston etc.




Toronto Streets

Sunnyside Added colour photo of Queen and Roncesvalles intersection with TTC 4740 crossing.






Photograph Galleries



CNR Steam Added 2128 "smoking it up" on V.I. the way oil-burners did normally.

CNR diesel Added photo of CP 7013 with CN 6786, a B unit and passenger equipment in Quebec City being turned.
Also, 1002_1000 a pair of GMD-1's on Vancouver Island. Then, a 3 photo set of Nakina Mixed along with something sectionmen depended upon for decades. See what it is. Easy guess!

CNR Turbotrain Added 129 in early paint scheme entering Central Station 1970.
United Aircraft Note link to feature article 1966 details construction features.


CPR Diesel

CLC A&B units Added 4065 in Yahk, BC. This unit was part of the CPR Heritage Collection which was disposed of with 4065 going to NMS&T in Ottawa where it has sat englected for decades hidden from the public. Sad!

CP Rail

Added 9005 in a great winter scene in BC. Also, 9010 just 72 days old! See what he is hauling.


GO Added great photo of train of original unilevel coaches led by APCU 903 eastbound from Hamilton.



Park trains Added (scroll down) link in caption B & B R R Centre Island 2 foot gauge railway with two trains.
Part of large amusement park reached by ferry boats.


Alberni Pacific
Added CZ 02 water car acquired from Ladysmith Historical Society when their collection in Ladysmith, VI was disbanded.

Alberta Prairie Added photo of tiny Warden station.


Prairie Dog Central Added great colour shot of 4-4-0 number 3 with its train.





Added (scroll down) RCL 682, RCL 684 and 756. Also, scroll down to BC Rail segment for RCL 683, 729 and 763.
All taken on Christmas Eve day 1985.

BCR RDC Added (scroll down) BC-20 one of three ex RDG cars. Same date.


CNR Steam

Added great photo of a shop labourer performing one of the many tasks necessary to service a steam locomotive.
No hard hat required in those days! However, see if you can spot the safety hazard he is confronted with.

Preserved locomotives. Added a great old (1964) second colour photo of 5588 displayed at Windsor.


CNR Diesel

Shop locos. Added a battery sled for use inside shops.

Preserved (Museums and Tourist Rys.) Added (scroll down to USA) CN 6786 6867 in last CN paint scheme.


CPR steam

M class (scroll down) Added great old photo of 3216 snowed in! There were many places across the system where this sort of thing happened. The way out was hand shovelling by many sectionmen. Location and date unknown but the small tender (note round corners) dates it back to early years. See photo above of 3216 near the end of its years for later tender.

V class (scroll way down) 6605 looking fresh out of Ogden.



Added (scroll down) two photos of 972 on George Hart's excursion operation in PA. Also, 999 at Delson early on. Also, added more recent photo (link in caption) 1095.From the looks of those closely spaced concrete ties a Selkirk could sit there!



CPR Diesel

GP9 Added 8521 with steam engine tender! Also, 8528 in Block lettering colour photo an SG equipped unit.
Photo taken on my 21st birthday! I can vote!

CLC A&B units
Added (scroll down) 4104 (and 4053) B&W which has been preserved and nicely restored including that photo in colour.

Preserved Added same colour photo of 4104 after restoration.

Subsequent owners. New gallery for CM&Q started with 9010 one of 10 SD40-2F's acquired.



TH&B Steam Added builders photo of 202 one of only two 2-8-4's in Canada.




Quebec Sartigan Added (second) a great aerial (drone?) view of Scott-Jonction showing lumber industry.


Leasers, demonstrators etc.

Added ABB X2000 demo train Hull, QC.



BC Steam Added (scroll way down) two B&W of Hillcrest Lumber 10 pushing 9, both Climax locos.
Also, scroll farther to Osborne Bay Wharf added old steam crane which still exists!



BC Vancouver Wharves Added (scroll down) colout photo of 26 showing visibilty side markings.

Ontario Note this paper mill closed after more than a century! Even after it went all-recycle.
Resolute Forest Products, (formerly Ontario Paper) Thorold South. Added 1305 nee CN RS1200RS.

Ontario steam. Kirkfield Crushed Stone Added (scroll to very bottom) link for another large closeup photo, this one shows square water tank along with coal and wood suply.



Rolling Stock


Tatamagouche Train Station Inn Added great old photo of early ICR days with a huge crowd on platform as train pulls out.



Cabooses a.k.a vans. Added (scroll to bottom) 78547 with AEI plate a system later abandoned by all railways.

Service Added (scroll way down) 55699 rare double ended snow plow. Used where no wye/turntable at end of sub.

Work equipment. Added 50639 steam driven pile driver along with SGU and tender.



OCS cars. Added 415125 another modern conversion of On Company Service equipment..

Track machines Added (scroll to very bottom) rail laying with Burro crane.


Business Cars Added car 7 in Sudbury and 9 in Saint John in 1976. Also, (scroll to very bottom) car 60.

Added (scroll way down to head end cars) 4904 one of a small number of box cars repainted silver to match stainless steel.

Budd Stainless Steel Added (scroll down) Riding Mountain Park in CP Rail paint scheme.


THB Added (scroll down) X-755 American hoist on work train.


Private ownership freight cars. Added (scroll down) MGLX 397033 Mobil Grain grain hopper ex Sask Grain Car Corp.





Vancouver scroll down to second NEW for another aerial view of waterfront in recent years.



CPR British Columbia Added (scroll down) Princeton. Former VV&E station long taken over by CPR

Reused CPR British Columbia
Added (scroll way down) Princeton. Now Subway and Booster Juice stores alongside Trans Canada Trail (abandoned right-of-way) plus wooden van 436714.



Interurban Railways and Electric lines.

L&PS Added two photos about 60 years apart! Car 14 southbound at Union and PSTR tourist train northbound.

QRL&P Added car 454 which was preserved in US museum.

St.Clair Tunnel Co.
Added two photos (scroll to bottom) 44 a diesel line car later transferred to Mount Royal Tunnel 15707.


Street Railways

Ottawa Electric Added car 650 at Britannia loop in 1951.


Bus and coaches.

Sightseeing Added two views (including interior one) of TTC 1952 unique glass roof bus one of only 5 ever built by Brill.


















JANUARY 1, 2019





Lake BC and River Added (scroll down) recent colour photo of S S Moyie sternwheeler preserved and van 437092.


Travel Camping Out Added link to 2018 advertisement for Shooting Star Camp.


Ontario District

CPR Bruce Division

Bruce Branches Added Fergus (link under caption of Special train) Beatty Bros. Gallery showing many old photos of
special freight trains leaving Fergus with train loads of their appliances going across Canada. Great way to promote their products. This from the era when stuff was MADE IN CANADA!

Also, added (scroll down) old colour slide of 953 on the table in Elora.


CPR London Division
Passenger service. Scroll way down to Jubilees for a great scene of doubleheader Christmas Eve 1954.
And a scroll a little more to see second view of new RDC's at London (Nov. 21/1953) before extended to Windsor/Detroit.

Photo gallery 4 Diesels Added (scroll way down) 8488 a GP9 a long ways from home.


Lambton Yard
Added photo (second from top) of Big Lead and Here Yard in 1963. Note tower to train yardmasters how to work from it rather than on the ground in anticpiation of upcoming Toronto hump yard soon to be opened.

Road engine gallery Added (scroll down) 5102 a London Division engine in off its run from there.



CPR Subsidiaries

CPEL Added LE&N 209 in very old photo plus its much later preservation.




Travel Added GTof C system map and GTR The International, CNR Continental Limited hauled by new 6004.


Predecessor roads.

Canadian Northern Added (scroll down to first photo of Belleville station) then see second photo for links in caption to
Hotel Quinte whose horsedrawn omnibus is waiting at station. Built 1895, rebuilt after 1906 fire, modern photo circa 1978, then sadly destroyed by 2012 fire.




Ontario Southland GJR gallery Added 180 in its new paint scheme.




Newfoundland Railways

CNR years. Subsequent owners (scroll to very bottom) Added two older photos of 914 with nitrate ore train in Chile.


Toronto Streets
Junction. Added (scroll down) photo of Loblaw's first store!




1802 with CP_B&M Pool train passing ancient Ball-type signal in Whitefield, NH.

Also, Rare $25 banknote marking 25th anniversary King George V.



Photograph Galleries


CNR diesel
Added CV 4926 4445 and CV 4550_GT_4445 and CV 4929_DWP_3609 with a clear order board in Bowmanville.
also CV 4928 in Toronto Yard.

US Subsidiaries Added CV 3609_3610



The Dominion and predecessor name trains. Added 575 in down-on view at Banff with early tour buses.
Be sure to check out second view of 575 in a real "action" scene! He sure is "Pickin em up and layin em down".

Also, scroll down a little for 5903 with unidentified train (locationa and date) in a familiar pose and scene that I cannot place!


The Canadian Added view looking down on high bridge in Parry Sound (no train!)


Added (scroll down to RDC's) link to 2018 advertisement for Shooting Star Camp. Metagama ghost town only accessible on the White River Budd Car run!


Park Trains Added (scroll down) Britannia Park Cagney with real-sized G5 1227 in background! Long history, still exists!

Alberni Pacific Added recent photo of train hauled by 45-tonner and converted CN vans (similar to PSTR).

Alberta Central New gallery for railway museum with train ride on private property. CP 8015 RS-23 and ex RDC 9108.

Charlevoix New gallery for this unique tourist train in Quebec that uses DMU's built in Germany!

Orford Express Added another scenic view of train shoving past Lake Argent.

Port Stanley Terminal Rail Added (scroll down) photo of L4 GE 70-tonner nee PGE 556.


US Roads in Canada
B&M_CPR_Pool Added (scroll down to diesel era) 1802 passing a Ball signal.
(scroll way down second to bottom) 9113 in White River Jct. Vermont. (same photo as above).

C&O Added 5244 on turntable in St.Thomas, sister SW9 to 5242, (PSTR L3, OSRX 52).




CNR predecessor roads.

Canada Atlantic Added great old 19th century photo number 3 with logging train for J R Booth, also 4 on turntable.

Great Western Added great old advertisement featuring Suspension Bridge also 55 and Prospero.


CNR steam

4-6-4F Suburban Added 6 photos of 47 in service over the decades including inside roundhouse as well as one taken on my 10th birthday! Also, dead enroute to F. Nelson Blount.
Sitting at Steamtown in Scranton neglected for decades. Needs to be REPATRIATED!


CN diesel US subsidiaries Added (scroll down) second photo of CV 8080 a long ways from home!


CNR Demonstrator. Added second photo of MaK 1000 to more clearly show the hydraulic drive (siderods).



CPR steam

A2 class
Added photo of 136 poses for its photograph while engineer Charlie Waters takes a break in Orangeville May 1, 1960.
Also, photo of 136_815 on short doubleheader within the terminal the day before tripleheader.R.L.Kennedy in gangway.


D class Ten-Wheelers
Added (scroll down) D6 536 (built in Scotland) BTW check out 555 built in Germany! and D9 572 built in Kingston.
D10's 676 a poor quality photo but with a unique water car connected to the tender. Check it out! Also added 837.
Plus, 962 with passenger train leaving Kelowna. Only D10 in passenger colours! It would later haul the last passenger train.
If anyone has a colour photo of 962 please CONTACT US



CPR diesel
S-2 Added (scroll down) 7037 in Block lettering paint scheme. See what is on the back step into the cab from steam era. .
GP30 (Two only) Added photo of 8201_8200 near-new getting a big look over. Soon to be renumbered 5001_5000.


CP Rail diesel.
Created thumbnail for new gallery 1100 series road cab control 1102 ex 4213 and 1100 ex 4236 preserved.
Created thumbnail for new gallery 1150 series yard hump control cabs 1150, 1151, and strangest of all 1152!
Also, includes 1159 used with Beltpack operation.


CPR RDC old paint scheme Added (scroll down) 9113 in White River Junction, Vermont.

CPR diesels Preserved Added (scroll down) 5000 GP30 only one saved! Shown with freight train display.

CPR diesels Subsequent owners Added (scroll way down to WNY&P see link in caption) AM 70 nee CP 4500


E&N Added (scroll way down) interesting photo of 15 a little hydraulic loco hauling a log train! See what else it did on VI.


GO locomotives subsequent owners Added (scroll to bottom) LTEX 18520 shoving METRA train in scenic view.


ONR Added (scroll way down) 2201 in new paint job one of three GP40-2 leasers acquired.


TH&B self-propelled. Added new gallery for gas-electric car 301.






SRY_RL Added (scroll down to 385 for links in caption for prior owners MRL 703 and SCL 1914.



Forty Mile Line New gallery from startup with JLCX 4004 and photos ex RLK 4004 ex SP 3877 GP9 built low nose.



Carlton Trail

Added CTRW 1004 and 1064 a pair of old ICG GP10's in two different paint schemes 10 years ago.
Now, they have been sold. Watch for them from JLCX.



Central Manitoba (CANDO) CEMR Gallery Added (scroll way down) ex CN 7236 GP9RM

GWWD Added 100:2nd a 44-tonner one of two recent acquisitions.


Nova Scotia

DEVCO Added 228 a one unit order and the last order ever. With full lettering for Cape Breton Development Corporation.



Added new gallery for Gaspesie starting with SFG 1819 leading a train load of windmill blades!




Steam (Other than Ontario)

British Columbia
Added Hamilton Bridge Western 2 (2-4-2T) and views of plant and shipbuilder next door etc.

Alberta Midland
Added (scroll down to Northern Plains Rail Services list) link in list of images ex CP 1695 shows roof detail following repairs at CP which resulted in long hood having two different sets of radiator fans. 2 x 36" off QNS&L 165 and orginal single 48" fan. Note too the unique history of 1695 nee 8839 "GP18" last of 200 GP9's.


New Brunswick same link as BC
Added (scroll way down) Bathurst Power & Paper 2.



Kirkfield Crushed Stone Added (scroll to very bottom) click on link for Plant closeup view. Interesting.




National Harbours Board
Added (scroll down to NHB section) D9 MLW S-3 alongside Bonsecours Market a National Historic Site in Old Montreal.



Rolling Stock

CPR Service equipment. Plows, spreaders etc. Added (scroll down) 402867 spreader with wings out being repaired. Also,
spreader 402895. Plus, 420931 scale test car converted from B-100 slug unit. SFS but last known to still exist.


Businesses Reused other non-business purposes, museums, private etc.
Added recent colour photo of S S Moyie sternwheeler preserved and van 437092. (Same photo as Article above)
Also, added (scroll down to very bottom) body of old unknown baggage car once used by North Bay Model Railroad Club.
If you know anything about it, Please CONTACT US.




CNR Predecessors

Canada Atlantic Added great old photo of engine 4 Casselman, closeup of expanded roundhouse, maps of area.
Special thanks to David Jeans, Colin Churcher and Bernie Geiger for all their research.


CPR Roundhouses, shops etc. Added 4 old photos of coaling derrick in Chipman, NB featuring 136 and 144!
Simliar devices were used at branchline locations across the system including Teeswater and Port Burwell, Ont.


US Roads in Canada

MCR Added (link) map of St.Thomas shops 1922. Click second time to further enlarge.

Movie trains
Added AMrail 6506 for the movie Finders Keepers which was based by the novel Next-to-last Train Ride.



Ontario Other divisions Ottawa
Added (scroll down) recent photo of former Union Station long used as Government Conference Centre and not open to the public. In 2019 Parliament's Red Chamber and Senate offices will be relocated here to allow for major renovations for many years. Parliament Hill has been undergoing major renovations since 2002.



Palais, Quebec City
Added two excellent aerial views 1925 and 1975 of entire station and its tracks, freight shed, yard and area.
Click on second time to further enlarge.



Interurban Railways & Electric Lines

London & Port Stanley Added (scroll down to below thumbnails) 204 an old wooden flat car,
also, (scroll to very bottom) preserved Car 8 operating at HCRR.

Quebec Railway Light & Power Added 22 their only steam locomotive a small 2-6-0.


Street Railways

Hull Electric Added old photo of HER 50 plus history of line.

Ottawa Electric Added 1950's photo of two cars on Somerset Steet. Gallery added very old photo of open car 226.

Toronto Railway Added old hand coloured post card dated 1912 along with today's scene TTC 4124 with same building!
Note the two small "one person" structures on the street corner. These are where you can go inside, close the door, put a coin in the slot to have a telephone conversation and only TWO people in the whole world knew what you are talking about!








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