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March 1, 2023





CPR Toronto Yard

Added photo of 415384 fire car

Road Engine gallery Added 4708





Photograph Galleries



VIA Rail

Added interesting early VIA scene at Brockville. Read details.

Also, (scroll way down) CN 6617 in VIA paint pre-VIA final era.


Park Trains

Added photos of Heritage Park Ry. CPR 9 and HPR 6412





Added BCOL 640 first M-420 2000 HP new style cab. Also RCL-682


CN diesel

RS-18 Added 3126 in Nova Scotia


CPR steam


Added (scroll to bottom) 5931 numbered as 5934. Find out why.


CPR diesel

Added 4215 + getting serviced at St.Luc diesel shop. Great black and white photo in colour era.

Drake Street power

Added 7073 and 8044 plus 4075-8520 and 1408_14xx

POCO Power

Added 5533, 4571 (rare for MLW power here) and 5638.


Added (scroll down to very bottom) CLC F/M 7005 7006 became CP 4064 4065. Preserved; 4065.



ONR steam Added (scroll down) Northern type 313 complete with smoke deflectors.





Added (scroll down to West Fraser Ltd. Hinton Pulp Div). CCGX 5206 (inc. prior owner) switching pulp mill.


Mobil Grain 3147 added photo (caption link) prior owner KCS 6606 (nee CN)







Added 2 units PHOTOS NEEDED (REWARD) long history multiple prior owners. Several photos included.



New company added (scroll way down) Canadian Vickers, Montreal



Rolling Stock

CPR freight (steam era) Box cars loaded with apples at CPR dock. Click on enlarge and check out that switch!


ONR Passenger equipment. T&NO business car Ontario Added (caption link) subsequent owner ORA 200 TEMAGAMI






CNR BC Added GTP Mc.Bride now a visitor centre. VIA stop.

US Roads in Canada

Added several photos C&O Mooretown station, CN 76611, velocipede etc.



Interurban Railways


Added photo of sightseeing tour cars built after Montreal tour cars.


Niagara Falls Park and River. Added brief history of Niagara Gorge Ry. and photo of open car 45.






C&O Canadian Division Photos

A great collection of photographs over the years posted by retired C&O railroader Bruce Mercer.


Read the best in history, stories and photographs past and present along with the latest in news.

Examples are the two old interurban sightseeing tour photos above.

Subscribe: email Paul Bown

Please mention your read it on Old Time Trains website. .









February 1, 2023



CPR London Division

Woodstock Branches

Added (scroll down) D10 1051 sitting on shop track.


CPR Toronto Division


Added (scroll down) closeup old photo of typical wooden level crossing tower. See what is in the background.


CPR Lambton Yard

Added (scroll to very bottom) Extra CP 896 West so designated as it is on its way to run on the CN Oakville Subdivision
and train orders must clearly identify non-CN trains on account a similarly numbered CN locomotive might also be running.



Toronto Terminal Railways

New Union Station Gallery Must be a Sunday! Not much traffic.






Photograph Galleries


CP Rail

A meet with 5651 stopped in front of the station as another freight passes by higher up. 30 years ago!
Also, CP 9574 on CN directional running trackage in the Fraser River Canyon. 18 years ago.



Port Stanley Terminal Rail

Added (scroll way down) L4:2nd including (links) prior owner photos.





CPR steam

D10 class 4-6-0

Added (scroll way down) 1100 on Western Lines.


Jubilee type 4-4-4's

Added 2929 at Steamtown in Vermont looking spotless like the famous "John Street polish!"
Sadly, for many years it has suffered from neglect at Steamtown in Scranton, PA. A disgrace!


DAR Added (scroll down to locomotive gallery) D10 1040.


BCR diesels Added better quality photo of MLW 676. Read about its history and subsequent owner.


CPR Diesels

FA and FB units.

Added B-unit 4410 with comparison to identical unit facing in opposite direction. Good for modelling details.


CP Rail

M636 Added 4726 at St. Luc.




Huron Central

Good news department!
Federal and Ontario governments come through with additional financial support to a maximum of $31.5M shared 50/50.



New Brunswick Southern

Added (scroll way down) NBSR 6315 finally repainted after about 10 years! Old owners (3) right below it. Guess who!



Industrial Steam (other than Ontario) Added (scroll to very bottom for Nova Scotia) Wallace Quarries dinky.


Industrial Diesel


Added (scroll way down to L) Lafarge Cement leased FURX 5510 GP38-2 (replacing after over 20 years) old GP10 1749.



Added (scroll down to E for Elmira) LANXESS switched by Waterloo Central Ry. Freight Solutions.

Added (scroll down to P for Princeton) drone views of Stubbe's Cement in tiny Princeton 5 miles west of Parris.
Only a Car Mover to switch their two private sidings. See what remains from the distant past!


CREWS contract switching. Exchanged photo of JLCX 1202 DIT (Dead In-Transit) for better quality/size image.
See also notation re: additional photos needed.

Port Robinson

Geon Added #NIL ex Falconbridge 104 including prior and subsequent owner photos and current PSTR.




Added BMEX 523 the last all-electric loco enroute to Carol Mine. Also, photo 520 in the current paint scheme replacing the short-lived original paint scheme in old photo. Note too the detailed description of these unique locomotives.


Nova Scotia

Added (scroll down to very bottom) Wallace Quarries #NIL Plymouth with great history! Also, it is preserved!



Stations resused/preserved

DAR Middleton Railway Museum.

Adding even more equipment! Former CNR (nee ICR) 7260 0-6-0. Also, two dinky engines. A Vulcan and a Plymouth.




DAR Kentville, NS Added old photo of this HUGE old station.


GTR Ontario

Guelph Added great old photo circa 1908 courtesy Jim Christie.

Added (scroll down) Princeton. Also, link to more recent photo!




Radial Railways

Toronto and York Radial (1877)

Added predecessor dating from 1894.

Toronto & Scarboro' Electric Ry. and Power Co. Inc. maps, history, subsequent owners up to TTC.

Toronto and Mimico Electric Ry. Added two photos of earliest (small) double decker open cars.








January 1, 2023



I REMEMBER by Herb Stitt

Stories by a retired CPR locomotive engineer 1915-1962. Pocket book 100 pages.





CPR Toronto Division

Parkdale Added photo of CPR and CNR yard jobs switching industries. Inc. enlarged image and closeup of yard office.
New contributor Ed Helmich.

West Toronto diamond.

Added photo (scroll way down to CP Rail) of 955 with MLW covered wagons about to head north on the MacTier Sub.



CPR Trenton Division

Passenger service 3100 and 3101 having a meet around 3 AM in the middle of nowhere!


Ontario Southland....Added photo of 1249 in new paint! Also, old view of 501 and 502.

501 and 502 (nee PGE 1001 1002) both now on Waterloo Central as 1001 1002.




Toronto Streets

Humberside Avenue with first TTC double deck bus service.

Added old 1923 photo of street scene nearby that shows a footbridge still in use and historically designated.






Photograph Galleries






Added 9199 see what was added to this RDC and why. What was "outlawed" by the Canadian Transport Commission.



Park Trains

Nova Scotia

Added photo of former Upper Clements 2 foot gauge train at it s new location at Trueman Blueberry Farms.






CNR Steam

Ten-Wheelers Added 1274 working a yard job.



Added 1521 (ex 1274) at its current location in Nova Scotia. Inc. prior locations.


CPR Steam

Added (scroll down) 1292 at the depot in Austin, Montana. Uncertain what a CPR engine was doing in Montana!



CP Rail

S-3 Added 6554 in first CP Rail paint scheme.


Added photo of a long line of new units rejected by CP Rail due to numerous faults. GMD refused to take them back allegedly telling CP "you bought them, your problem." Unsure if GMD did any corrective work on them howver CP cancelled a subsequent order!



Diesels Added 53 in CP Toronto Yard.


VIA Rail

RDC Budd Cars

New gallery created just for RDC's along with several added photos of early years original Budd Cars (inc. ex CN) and RDC-2 converetd into all-baggage. Several rare interior photos. Plus, subsequent owners.





Added (scroll way down) old photo (2+ decades) of pre-decessor PCHR 308. See also prior and subsequent owner photos.



Lambton Diesel Specialists

Added MVPX 904 newly acquired SW900 with an interesting history.







Added another brand new electric locomotive for Iron Ore Co. of Canada's Carol Mine Railway a non-common carrier
which is why this is not catagorized as a shortline gallery entry.




New location added. Railcare Inc. a G&W subsidiary acquired in 2014.



CREWS added aerial views of repeated expansions.

WANTED REWARD photos of CREWS diesel units roster shots and switching.



Added entry new industry Roslin Enterprises collecting organic waste (used cooking oil) and shipping it to their plant in USA to be recycle into bio diesel. This property was previously used by Hayes-Dana to make vehicle chassis.


Nova Scotia

Fundy Gypsum Added 647 with train.



Rolling Stock

Re-used Other

Added (scroll down to Alberta) CP 437083 on display in Lethbridge. Notes former and subsequent preserved locations.



Added (scroll down to Mobile Grain ) also, clikc on link in title for more photos inc. many locomotives.

MGLX 625156 ex Saskatchewan government grain service now private.



Station Galleries

CPR Western Lines


Added photo of opening ceremony 1908 Saskatoon and later years view of passenger train.

Businesses reused

New listings for Island Stone Pub and Saskatoon Station Place.

Added multiple photos inc. night and interior views former CNR and CPR stations.



Added Middleton Railway Museum inc. ex CNR 1274 relocated from Upper Clement Park, Nova Scotia



Radial Railways

London & Lake Erie Added combine 84 (later NS&T 68/113).

























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