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Wharf Lead

Lead looking north west to King Street, in opposite direction it becomes a CNR lead to Cabin E. Switch in foreground also leads into Inglis plant. Single box car sits on Arco lead (almost hidden) going to Arco Warehouse, Dr.Ballard's (dog food) and to John Inglis, which had several tracks. To the left is Wharf Lead off which ran three tracks to the Hinde & Dauch Paper Company (43 Hanna Ave.) two long tracks for box car loading and one along Liberty Street which could spot only one car. This large building was a major Parkdale industry for many decades and one of many industries, none of which remain, all sidings are long gone as the uses of many buildings in later years was generally not industrial but other business uses. Some industries in the Circle area had CPR sidings, others CNR and a very few were served by both, one of which was Central Warehouse. It was here the CNR got its nickname, the Leaky Roof.

Note the old abandoned steel water tank (60,000 gallons, 1928) which remained in place long after dieselization, the Parkdale yard office was to its right out of view to the east. The white building was an old warehouse rented out by the CPR. All this was later redeveloped with a 24 hour Dominion store (later, Metro) near where the yard office was.

James Hinde and Joseph Dauch were both pioneers in the paperboard industry having invented the process by which it was possible to print on cardboard cartons without the ink soaking up and smearing.

Hinde & Dauch Paper was taken over in October 1978 by Domtar and the era of a great family-owned Canadian business came to an end. Eventually Domtar closed the plant and it was taken over by Irwin Toy. It has appeared in recent years from time-to-time in movies and on TV programs. Irwin only lasted a few years before imported toys changed their business. In 2004 it was redeveloped into the Toy Factory a 215 live-work condo building in a rapidly changing area that covered Parkdale Yard, the John Inglis plant, Toronto Carpet etc. fast becoming the trendy Liberty Village.
(Photo 1959: R.L.Kennedy)

Wharf lead diamonds. Looking east along the CNR Oakville Sub. towards Strachan Avenue bridge. December 5,1913

Wharf lead, looking northwest across the CNR with Cabin E at left. To the right is the CNR lead which becomes CPR Arco lead. Large building at right is part of the massive Inglis plant. In far distance up the wharf lead is H&D mill,
CPR Parkdale yard is hidden beyond these buildings. Eugene D. Burles Note: These diamonds were removed in October 1984 along with Cabin E, after which movements were made in a zig-zag fashion over switches instead.

This track was originally the Toronto, Grey & Bruce main line, a narrow gauge (3 foot, 6 inch) track while the cross tracks were originally the Great Western main line, a broad gauge (5 foot, 6 inch) track which at the time was the standard or normal gauge and was also known as Provincial gauge. All were later changed to Standard gauge (4 feet, 8 and one-half inch).

Decades ago CNR Bathurst Street men often referred to us (CPR Parkdale) as being the "narrow gauge". Originally, I thought this was because of the narrow gauge TG&B. However, I later came to think it may have been because the GWR, which GTR and thus CNR took over, was in fact considered as being "normal" while the Standard gauge CPR was to them "narrow".

CNR Cabin E at the right, controlled the diamond in the foreground. The former TG&B is the single line CPR wharf lead (Fez City to left, Parkdale to right). VIA LRC train is passing (but not stopping at) Exhibition station. The CNE is on, and people are waiting for GO trains. Behind it is Dufferin Street bridge. Switch at bottom left (almost hidden by weeds) is CNE siding. This August 1983 view looking west was taken from Strachan Avenue bridge by Hans Boldt.

Wharf Lead looking north under Strachan Avenue to diamonds, lead to CNE sidings to left.
September 1959 R. L. Kennedy

Fez City yard looking east from Garrison Road (which ends in historic Fort York) bridge,
grass to the left is Fort land. 1959: R.L.Kennedy

CBM sand and gravel being unloaded from gons received off the LE&N at Galt. Siding curving to far right is Molson"s brewery. Large dark building in background is Loblaws grocery warehouse. Middle background are grain elevators.

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