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Toronto Yard

Gallery Leased Units
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Locomotives CPR Diesels Leased gallery

ATSF 3600 in new short-lived Santa Fe paint scheme.
One of 20 GP39-2 2300 HP units leased.

CN 3698 Note: All CN MLW RS-18's were long hood forward.

CN 3702, 3708, 3728, 3733

GATX 3254 high short hood gives away its heritage as ex N&W

GATX 3729 GATX 5035


GATX 5072 outside diesel shop.

GATX 5084 GATX 5088


BO 3730 sits on shop track between CP Rail units.

ACR 186

AC 188

Kennecott Copper Corp. 103

KCC 105

KCC 106






CO_3007 with CO_3569 sitting behind.

QNSL 218

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