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Danforth Bus Lines Ltd.

North York Bus Lines
Toronto Coach Lines Ltd.


Danforth Bus Lines served Scarborough; North York Bus Lines North York, and York; Toronto Coach Lines
places to the northwest and east of Toronto. All were related under ownership of T.J.Shoniker.

Signed for Birchcliff this un-numbered bus was built by Smith Bros. Motor Body Works, Ltd. Toronto.

Three systems are shown here. Danforth Bus Lines terminal (below), TTC PCC at end of Bloor route and
Hollinger Bus Lines 90 (became TTC 1781). July 18, 1954
James V. Salmon Collection/Toronto Public Library

Terminal and garage on south side of Danforth Ave. at Luttrell Ave. at TTC streetcar loop. January 5, 1955
Store at right is Danforth Cleaners offering 8 hour service. Building in background Wearever Brush Co.
James V. Salmon Collection/Toronto Public Library

Photographs of buses

Roster of buses

Time Table 1953
Highway routes


Collection of R.L.Kennedy

History Time Line

Spring of 1920

A Toronto-King City service is started by a Mr. A.Ireland.

Spring of 1926

A Birchcliffe service is started from the City Limits at Danforth & Luttrell Avenues to Birchcliffe Heights by a Mr. C.F.Ramsell.

June 1926

Birchcliffe service is sold to Mr. T.J.Shoniker operating as Danforth Bus Lines. Rush hour service is operated from Luttrell via Danforth to Birchmount. By early 1927 the Birchcliffe route was being operated 11 hours a day and soon extended to all day.

May 14,1931

Toronto-King service is bought from a Mr. R.Foster by Shoniker and operated as Toronto Coach Lines Ltd.

October 1932

Toronto-King service is extended from Eglinton Avenue and Dufferin Street (City Limits just north thereof) to downtown Toronto.

September 30,1934

Toronto-Alliston service operated week-ends only, via Dufferin Street through Concord, Bolton, Palgrave, Tottenham and Beeton. Service cut back from Alliston to Beeton one year later, September 29,1935. It was re-routed September 4, 1944 via Dufferin, Wilson Avenue and Weston Road eliminating Concord on Highway 7.

January 4,1937

Service from Eglinton and Dufferin to downtown Toronto is halted by Department of Highways decision that only through coaches could pick up inbound passengers or discharge outbound, on Vaughan Road, north of the City Limits.

July 22,1937

Scarborough Junction route operated from Luttrell and Danforth Avenue via Danforth Road and Midland Avenue to Lorraine Avenue, with rush hour service extended north on Kennedy Road to Eglinton Avenue returning south on Midland Avenue in the A.M. and north on Midland returning south on Kennedy in the P.M. rush. It later (August 25,1938) became an all day service and was extended by March 1941 via Eglinton from Kennedy to Warden.

March 1, 1938

Swansea Bus service purchased from a Mr. Sefton. It was sold March 6,1945 to West York Coach Lines.

August 25,1938

Birchcliffe route operated from Luttrell via Danforth and Kingston Road to Claremore Avenue (Stop 12). Returning via Claremore, McNab Blvd. Highview Ave. Birchmount Rd. and Danforth. Note: A grade separation at Danforth & Kingston prevented a turn onto Kennedy.

March 1941

Geco-Danforth and Dawes Road service started in co-operation with Hollinger Bus Lines. Geco-Danforth and Coxwell was likewise started in October. (NOTE: Geco = General Engineering Co. a major war-time industry, that spawned a large housing project also called GECO)

September 1941

DeHavilland airport service started as a charter operation.

June 1945

Regents Park service begins from Luttrell via Danforth and Pharmacy Avenue to St.Clair Ave. returning via St.Clair, Maybourne Ave., Florens Ave, Pharmacy and Danforth. In 1951 north on Pharmacy to Kingswell Cres.

November 1945

Service to Stop 12 on Kingston Road extended to Stop 14 at Midland Ave. returning via Midland, McNab, Highview, Birchmount and Danforth to Luttrell.

By early 1946 non-rush service to Stop 14 returning via Kingston Road, Birchmount and Danforth with rush hour service operating both ways via Danforth and Kingston Rd. By June 1949 this service was operated between Luttrell and Midland in both directions via Danforth and Kingston Road.

November 19, 1945

Wilson-Weston route begins (rush hours only) from St.Clair Ave. via Vaughan Road, Dufferin Street, Wilson Ave. and Weston Road to Humber Street in Weston where it would connect with the Weston Road streetcar. It was discontinued September 11,1950, but restarted April 23,1951 and it then ended at Oak Street Loop connecting with the Weston Road trolley bus. January 1952 it was shortened to wye at Clayson Road just north of Wilson.

Early in 1946

Toronto to Claremont service began from the Gray Coach Terminal in downtown Toronto via Bay Street, Bloor Street, Danforth Avenue, Danforth Road, Eglinton Ave, Markham Road, and Highway 7 to Brougham and a side road to Claremont.

Birchcliffe Heights service (rush hour only) operated from Luttrell via Danforth, Birchmount, Aylesworth Ave., Kennedy Road to Highview Ave. returning via Highview, Birchmount and Danforth. This service was discontinued in June 1949.

June 1946

Caledon East service inaugurated (weekends only) as a branch of the Toronto-Bolton service via Sand Hill and Mono Road.

April 1,1947

Yonge Boulevard service started from Yonge Street via Yonge Blvd. Wilson Avenue to Avenue Road returning via Melrose Ave., Bathurst and Wilson and Yonge Blvd. August 2,1949 changed to operate to Lawrence and Bathurst with evening and Sunday service amalgamated with Otter Loop service. January 1952 evening service was discontinued. Yonge-Otter. Both routes were abandoned July 5, 1952.

November 10,1947

Otter Loop service started (rush hours only), operating from Otter Ave. via Avenue Road, Lawrence Ave. Grey Rd. Glenngarry Ave. Ledbury St. and Melrose Ave. back to Otter. This service was shortly (Jan2/48), amalgamated with the Yonge Blvd. service. August 2,1949 service again operated from Otter to Wilson and Bathurst.

November 26,1947
Service started from St.Clair Ave. and Old Weston Road to Wilson Ave. and Jane Street. It was extended September 11,1950 to Wilson and Keele Street, but was not still operating to Keele by April 23,1951. .

October 1948

Service started from St.Clair and Vaughan via Vaughan and Dufferin Street to Sheppard and Bathurst Street. December 1951 it was shortened to turn at Sheppard and Wilson Heights Blvd.

September 5,1950

Eglinton Avenue service commenced from Luttrell via Danforth, Pharmacy, Eglinton, Kingston Road to Scarborough Golf Club Road (Stop 27). September 1952 it was looped via Eglinton, Kingston and Markham Road to Eglinton.

Toronto-Eglinton & Midland service started operating from Luttrell via Danforth Avenue, Danforth Road, looping via Kennedy, Eglinton, Midland and Danforth Rd. This service replaced former Scarborough Junction, Geco Housing and Eglinton Avenue routes. NOTE: Regents Park service not affected.

June 30,1951

Guelph-Hanover, Ontario service acquired from Western Ontario Motorways.

August 7,1951

Service started from St.Clair and Bathurst via Bathurst to Sheppard Avenue. It was extended in December to along Sheppard to Wilson Heights Blvd. March 1952 a rush hour short turn at Wilson Avenue was added.

July 1954

Acquired by T.T.C. including 16 buses, garage and terminal at 2881 Danforth & Luttrell and another garage at 3325 Danforth Avenue on south west corner of Eldward Blvd., also a parking area at 3319 Danforth, and a garage at 3631 Dufferin Street owned by Toronto Coach Lines Ltd. Excluded was a property at 2825 Danforth being leased as stores.

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