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Canadian General Electric Company Limited

Canada Foundry

CGE Lansdowne Works at left, Canada Foundry at right. Lansdowne Ave. looking north from CPR North Toronto Sub.
May 4, 1916 James V. Salmon

Same view following month, Civic Ry. streetcar tracks being laid. They would dead-end here until a subway was built in 1931.

View from a little farther south. CGE Royce Works at left. CGE Lansdowne Works left distance.
Single streetcar track dead-ends here. Civic Ry. car in distance also on dead-end track.

View from farther south. Note TTC streetcar beyond lowered gates. Another streetcar in Royce Loop at right.

Looking north just north of Royce Avenue, later re-named Dupont Street. Vast CGE Lansdowne Works fills the scene including distant far right the former Canada Foundry boiler plant. Alfred Pearson/TTC collection

NOTE: The CGE Lansdowne Works took up the entire area north of the CPR tracks as far as Davenport Road and west to the CNR tracks. Both railways served CGE Lansdowne and Royce Works. Lansdowne had its own "dinky" engine. CGE closed Lansdowne Works in 1981 and sold most of it in 1985. The first redevelopment with housing took place in the 1990's on the former Canada Foundry shop location on the east side of Lansdowne, south of Davenport Road. The main property on the west side of Lansdowne was heavily contaminated with PCB's etc. and remediation was slow. Eventually, much of the property was redeveloped primarily with townhouses continuing into late 2013.


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