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New Brunswick


Falconbridge Ltd. Brunswick Smelter

See, Xstrata Zinc

Fraser Companies Ltd.

Archibald Fraser (April 22, 1869 – October 10, 1932) was a Scottish-born industrialist in New Brunswick involved in the forest and pulp and paper industries.

The son of Donald Fraser, he was born in Aberdeen and came to New Brunswick with his family four years later. His father had entered the lumber business by 1877 and, in 1884, Archibald and his brother Donald Jr. joined the family business.
In 1917, they formed Fraser Companies Limited. The business expanded to include sawmills in New Brunswick and Quebec and sulphite pulp mills in Edmundston and Chatham. Fraser also served as a director of the Royal Bank of Canada, the New Brunswick Telephone Company, the Maritime Trust Company of Saint John and the Rolland Paper Company (now a division of Cascades). At the time of his death, he was president of Fraser Companies, Limited, of Fraser Paper, Limited, of the Restigouche Company, Limited and of Snowflake Lime Limited.

Flexmotive adv. 1939 ........ Letter from Plymouth 1939

Two views of very rare (only one in Canada) Plymouth Flexomotive
0-4-0 mechanical drive. 45 ton. Plymouth 4120 5/1942

Displayed at automotive museum in Saint-Jacques (Edmundston)
Digital restoration by Walter Pfefferle

Fraser Companies 7 acq. 5/1965 (ex CNR 8485) S-3 MLW 76434 3/1954 Edmundston June 19, 1965

Sold 2/1975 BAR 20. Resold xxxx Lubrizol 20, Painesville, Ohio.

ex Lubrizol 20 at Cuyahoga Valley Scenic, Pennisula, Ohio 2/02/1991

(On hand OSUS 1995)

Industrial Rail Services

aerial Moncton shops

October 2015 began partnership with CRRC Meishan (CRRC-MS) the merged company of CSR
(China Southern Railway) and CNR (China Northern Railway). CRRC is the largest freight car manufacturer in the world.
Located in surplus facility of CN Moncton shops. Opening September 2016.

IRSI 1001 acq. 6/2009 (ex Royal Polymers 8620 ex Lambton Diesel 8620 ex CR/PC/NYC 8620 nee NYC 9620)
SW8 EMD #16195 2/1953 Moncton 4/23/2011 Jeremy MacPherson

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

Operates a mine in Penobsquis from where potash is hauled by CN to the PCS wharf in Saint John.
Previously operated by Potash Company of America.

Potasco 1600 (acq.8/1994 ex CR 5437, ex PC GP7 5618 nee Peoria & Eastern 5618)
GP8 1600 HP EMD #13004 12/1950

Note: This operation loads ships in Saint John with potash from their mine in Sussex .


PCS-NB 92-019 acq. 3/2006 ex CN 400 (ex 7600) SW900 GMD A1384 3/1958

PCS-NB 92-019 (ex CN 400) enroute at CN Gordon Yard (Moncton) April 1, 2006 Wendell Lemon

CN 400_451 Edmonton, October 1980 Wendell Lemon Collection

CN 404_457 Saskatoon, March 21, 1981 Bob Graham/ Wendell Lemon Collection

CN 400 (retired 3/1991 to CANX 400) at Taschereau Yard (Montreal) March 21, 2003.

PCS New Brunswick 18 (acq.1994 ex East Erie Commercial 18) GE 70-ton 600 HP GE #30450 9/1950
Penobsquis April 12, 2001 Tim Dryden

Potash Company of America.
Penobsquis near Sussex
Mine opened late 1983.

92-018 acq. 5/1983 (ex QNSP 47 nee A&D 47) S-4 MLW 77587 9/1950

Smurfit-Stone Container (Canada)
(Formerly; Abitibi-Consolidated, previously Stone Container, Bathurst Division, Stone-Consolidated,
Consolidated Bathurst, originally; Bathurst Power and Paper)

Note: Operates a 2.4 mile long spur from its mill in Bathurst to connect with the
NBEC (ex CNR nee ICR) mainline. It has a caboose (EX CN 79593 blt. 9/1972)
and a snowplow (ex CN 55121 CC&F blt.1916 CGR 295542) as well.

STJX 01 (acq. by S-C 11/1996) SW9u GMD A121 12/1950 Steve Boyko
(ex CP Forest Products 123, La Tuque, QC, nee TH&B 55)

UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc.
(Formerly, Miramichi Pulp & Paper, Inc.)

711 (acq. 11/1991 by Repap nee CN 1376) SW1200RS GMD A1861 6/1960 2002/09/05 Steve Boyko

Weyerhaeuser Canada
(formerly, Eagle Forest Products)

8033 (Acq. 12/1996 ex CP 8033) RS-23 1000 HP MLW #83295 3/1960

Xstrata Zinc
Formerly Falconbridge Ltd. Brunswick Smelter.

Xstrata Zinc 506 still lettered for Falconbridge Brunswick Smelter. SW9 GMD A121 12/1950
CN Taschereau diesel shop Montreal. 8/12/2012
Note: Previously at Smurfit-Stone (see below). Nee TH&B 55

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