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Bayview Place

Residential development site by Bayview Properties (Focus Minerals)
includes historical site, former CPR (E&N) roundhouse, car shop etc.
all being repurposed. Includes, E&N Division, CRHA activities.

PLAN of site.

Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC

FOMX 1001 acq. 2019 (ex IRSI 1001 nee NYC 9620) SW8 EMD #16195 2/1953

1501 Latest locomotive added to the roster. (Nee Alberta Sugar, Taber, AB) 25-tonner GE 32636 5/1956

RPCX_754 and FOMX 1001


View of high-rises completed, under construction or planned.
Roundhouse and other railway structures in foreground form heritage element.

Two box cars acquired from E&N Div. by developer. A proposed further 5 box cars
will be located around the railway shops area for various retail uses.

Bayview presentation centre 80 Saghalie Rd.

CP 56896 acq. 5/2017 (ex E&N Div. acq. 2005 ex CP 401651 nee 56896) 40 foot 8' doors Blt. NSC 6/1959

EN 292278 acq. 5/2017 (ex E&N Div. acq. 8/2001) 40 foot double door NSC 7/1957

Note: These staggered door auto box cars were replaced by 50 foot cars and
c.450 cars were given EN reporting marks to ensure their return from foreign roads
as they were being used in lumber service in BC.

Glenn Migneault 3/03/2018

Roundhouse and turntable as they look now.

E&N Division CRHA

76695 acq. 1995 (ex CN 76695 Transfer van) CN-PSC 5/1980

ENR 434371 re-acquired xxxx ex MNR (Mackenzie Northern) 434371 ex ENR nee CP 434371


VIRX Vancouver Island Rail Tours.

VIRX 4231 acq. 2007 (ex tool car 404943 nee 4231 baggage-express) CC&F 12/1948.
Victoria 9/17/2008

VRX 4231 repainted and being reassembled after a highway movement.
Glenn Migneault 4/04/2018

RPCX 754 acq. xxxx (ex VIA 754 ex CN 754 ex 3006, nee 5543) CC&F 1954

Special train. 9/29/2019 Rob Scrimgeour

CN 750 series floor plan

Interior showing dining room (20 seats ) plus, counter (5 seats).

Interior showing a complete kitchen.

Interior showing lounge (seating22) at opposite end of car. Aisle is at right behind wall.

Above interior photos: Scott McCormick 9/2019

Photographic History of E&N Victoria.


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