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Mile 110 CN Kingston Subdivision

96 acres

Contract switching, railcar storage, and transloading etc.

Switching contracts:

Port of Johnstown (formerly Port of Prescott).

CN CargoFlo terminal serving Greenergy.
Fuel distribution; gasoline, diesel, biofuel.


Overall aerial view of entire location.

Expanded facilities including shop building


Johnstown Terminal initial facility for 230 cars capacity opened January 2018.

Phase 2 opened April 2019 storage 90 cars plus transloading.

Further expansions continued on including total 550 cars storage.


Photos 1202 and other units at CREWS three locations.

LDSX 4102 acq. 2022 GP9RM (ex CN 4102:2 nee CN 4244) GMD A1357 3/1958


JLCX 1202 nicely repainted. See photo below for data.
Enroute DIT (from LDS) at Brantford. 3/18/2022

JLCX 1202 (ex SRY 1202 ex CN 1153 nee 1053) GMD1 1200 hp GMD A1750 10/1959.

Enroute at Gary, IN 11/07/2021


NOTE: Switching contract at Ingredion in Cardinal used CEFX 1569 and HLCX 1445 (shown below).
These units now at Johnstown Terminal. Other units at Ingredion.

CEFX 1569 repainted by LDS Sarnia. . 2023

CEFX 1569 leased 2015 ex NS 2228, ex CR 9575 nee PC 9575
SW1500 EMD 73622-16 10/1973
Cardinal 3/24/2016

Note: previously leased c 8/2014 RLHH/SOR.

HLCX 1445 acq. 2014 MP15AC EMD 787150-1 7/1978 Oliver Mc.Kee

This was new as plant switcher EMD 116, in 7/1978. In 8/1981 sold to Mobil Oil, Beaumont, TX re# 963
sold by them in 8/1996 to NREX 963 (leased briefly to KCS), sold 10/2003 to CP, shipped as NREX 963
to Ogden 4/2004 in service as CP 1445, retired from the roster 5/2013, sold 8/2013 to HELM, shipped to
MEI, E. St Louis, relettered HLCX 1445. Came north on a short term lease to Invista at Maitland ON;
then went to Ingredion at Cardinal (formerly CASCO) after their GMD-1 blew up. Bruce Mercer.

Rail King car movers. Johnstown


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