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Ingredion Canada Inc.

Prior to October 1, 2012; CASCO, previously (1984) Canada Starch Co. Ltd.

Cardinal, ON

HLCX 1445 acq. 2014 MP15AC EMD 787150-1 7/1978 Oliver Mc.Kee

This was new as plant switcher EMD 116, in 7/1978. In 8/1981 sold to Mobil Oil, Beaumont, TX re# 963
sold by them in 8/1996 to NREX 963 (leased briefly to KCS), sold 10/2003 to CP, shipped as NREX 963
to Ogden 4/2004 in service as CP 1445, retired from the roster 5/2013, sold 8/2013 to HELM, shipped to
MEI, E. St Louis, relettered HLCX 1445. Came north on a short term lease to Invista at Maitland ON;
then went to Ingredion at Cardinal (formerly CASCO) after their GMD-1 blew up. Bruce Mercer.

New paint scheme for new company; Ingredion. Same old filth! 9/05/2013 Jeff Muldoon


The Canada Starch Company

Collection of Oliver Mc.Kee

Another way of delivering product. Collection of Oliver Mc.Kee

Brand new No.6 first diesel for Canada Starch. Collection of Oliver Mc.Kee

Looking for all the world like a small shortline of old is this scene of No. 6 with its train on the
two mile run between Cardinal and the CNR mainline. June 10, 1971 David M. More

First Canada Starch diesel, No.6 GE 65-ton #29061 6/1947. Oliver Mc.Kee

Sold through Paikin (D) 1977 to U.S.Metals & Refining 5, Carteret, N.J.

No.7, acq. c.6/1978.(ex CN 8018) MLW S4 #77598 9/1952. August 25, 1977. Bob Heathorn
Retired 1987, sold 1990, Hull, Chelsea & Wakefield (stillborn tourist RR). Scrapped.

8 GE 80-ton #33716 12/1959 January 5, 1989 Fred Clark

Unit was built new for Kimberly-Clarke in Terrace Bay. November 1985 it became
Spruce Falls Power & Paper 106 (2nd) and went to CASCO 5/1987 until 2/1989.
Sold to Ennis-Paikin (D)

AMLX (Andrew Merrilees Ltd.) 9 Three month lease then acq. 1989 (ex CN 7162) GMD SW8 A192 3/1951
January 5, 1989 Fred Clark

CASCO #9, (ex CN 7162) SW8 Cardinal, March 23, 1999. Gord Strathdee

9/2001 to Andrew Merrilees (D), 2002, to National Gypsum Canada Ltd. 507,
Milford Station, Nova Scotia.

Merrilees un-numbered GE 45-tonner. Its stay was short-lived. Summer of 2000 Oliver Mc.Kee


Andrew Merrilees ex St.Lawrence & Raquette River 10 formerly Norwood & St.Lawrence 10 acq. c.7/1985
Its time here was also short-lived. 70-ton GE 32567 4/1956 Summer of 2000 Oliver Mc.Kee

NJ 1548 May 4, 2007 Ian Walker

CASCO NJ 1548 acq. 2001. ALCO RS-3 (re-eng. 1200hp EMD) #80234 3/1953
Cardinal, August 8, 2001 Gord Strathdee

Ex Southern Railroad of New Jersey 1548, ex West Shore Short Line 93,
ex CR 9937, 5378, nee CNJ 1548

1105 with a very crappy looking mess! CASCO plant and St.Lawrence River in the backgound. September 5, 2012

Two views of 1105 acq. 2007 (ex CN 1105) GMD1 1200 hp GMD A1425 8/1958
May 5, 2008 Steve Hunter


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