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AbitibiBowater Inc.

Iroquois Falls

Formerly; Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. Abitibi-Price Inc., Abitibi Paper Co. Ltd., Abitibi Power & Paper Co. Ltd.
See also: Island Falls. Thorold South and Sault Ste. Marie

Abitibi Power & Paper Co. Ltd. 80, Iroquois Falls. MLW S4 #77585 6/1950
Montreal Locomotive Works

Abitibi 80 (same engine above) Iroquois Falls, 8/08/1984
Railpictures ca/A.W.Mooney

Abitibi Paper Co. 1203 (acq. 7/1973 ex ONR 1203) MLW S4 #77586 10/1950.
Iroquois Falls, 8/16/1979 Frank Vollhardt

(It should have been re-numbered 90.) Note: This is one serial number after Abitibi 80 (above) purchased new!

Abitibi-Price Inc. 1203 (nee ONR 1203) Iroquois Falls, 8/22/1990, Frank Vollhardt

Abitibi-Price 1310 acq. 5/1985 (ex ONR 1310) RS3 MLW #76729 11/1951
Iroquois Falls, 8/1990. Jeff Plant/Joseph Testagrose Collection
In 1995 it was donated to York-Durham Heritage Railway Association, YDHR 1310.

Abitibi-Consolidated 1305 acq. 1/1994 (ex CN 1305) SW1200RS GMD A1542 7/1958
Iroquois Falls, May 5/2003 Mike Robin
Note the unique location of the ditch lights!


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