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Diesel Electric Services

Sudbury, ON

Fresh out of the DES shop is ex Resolute Forest Products 1600 on its way back to Iroquois Falls.
Nee ONR 1600 GP9 GMD A886 7/1956

ONR Cochrane shop enroute to Resolute Forest Products in Iroquois Falls. November 16, 2012


DESX 107 leased to GlencoreXstrata, Falconbridge, ON .
80-tonner GE 31841 4/1953 Nee Falconbridge Nickle Mines 107
10/23/2013 Sudbury Ken Reiss

DESX 1910 (ex CN 1910) GMD-1 1200 hp GMD A1584 12/1958
Briefly at Glencorexstrata, Falconbridge in 2013.
Then leased to Tembec, Kapuskasing replacing GP7 168.

DESX 5306 (ex CN 5306) SD40-2 GMD A3558 9/1978 Blind River, ON 9/27/2011 Wolf Kirchmeir
Note: One of seven DES units originally owned by Ontario Hydro for unit coal trains.

DESX 5306_5309 leased 2013 for work train service on Huron Central for major track program.
Note: Other unit is on rear of 20 car ballast train.

5306_5309 were sold c.7/2014 to ILSX for Minnesota Southern.

107 moving 5311. August 15, 2014
5310 5311 sold 2014 Canac.

MSWY 5306_5309 Luverne, MN 5/27/2015

DESX 206 (ex INCO 206, nee MD&W 12) GE 80-ton 30005 7/1949
Cochrane, 6/29/2011 Mike Robin
Unit moving via special train (ONT 1603) at 20 mph speed restriction from DES Sudbury to Tembec in Kapuskasing.

BM Metals 206. GE 80-ton #30005 7/1949 Sudbury 2005-04-02 Wolf Kirchmeir
acq. by INCO 1995 ex R.J.Reynolds Tobbaco Co. 44303, Winston Salem, NC. nee MD&W 12.
This company handled scrapping of electrics. Became Diesel Electric Services 206 leased to Algoma Steel.

DES 206 (ex INCO 206) DES facility Sudbury August 30, 2006 Ian Mc.Cord

BMMX 206 GMD1 A1764 11/1959
Became IVACO Rolling Mills 1167, L'Orignal, ON. Ottawa 6/14/2007 Ian Mc Cord
This is the second unit B M Metals numbered as 206! (See above).
Other unit is VLIX 24 nee L&N 24 S-1 Alco 73586 9/1945 Ex Abitibi-Consolidated 2
It was acquired for preservation from the paper mill in Portage du Fort, Que.

DESX 1127 ex CN 1127 GMD1 1200 hp GMD A1447 10/1958 Sudbury 8/2/2010 Gregory L. Smith

Note: One of several units sold in 1998 to Southern Marine Equipment, Greenville, MS to Taylor Group, some were short term leased to INCO then stored at NRE-Alco and resold.

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