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Stelco, Inc

(Formerly; Steel Company of Canada Ltd. "STELCO")

Stelco's Railway Article by Ray Hoadley

Company history (LINK)

Steam locomotives

Subsequent owners of locomotives

STELCO 50 an 80-tonner. (acq. 2/1950 ex GE Demo) GE #29998 8/1948.
550 horsepower diesel was the first to begin replacement of steam locomotives.
It demonstrated new at Stelco in 1948 and was acquired in February 1950.

51 a 65 tonner which Stelco ballasted to 80 tons. GE #30500 4/1950 September 1, 1984 David M. More

NOTE: Safety notices painted on frame; Watch Your Step also Beware Blind Area.
By steps; Do Not Board or Ride Footboards When Moving

STELCO 52 (GE 80-ton 30816 12/1950) loaded on CP 315073 in TH&B yard being shipped to Stelco in Edmonton.
Hamilton. 3/25/1985 A.W.Mooney

53 a 650 hp 80-tonner GE #30817 12/1950 Transferred 10/1984 to Welland re# 7

80 GMD 900HP SW900 A890 6/1956 1975 Mike Donnell
One of 16 SW900's ballasted to 134 tons. Note the low clearance cab, a standard option for steel mills.

No. 84 SW900 GMD A1824 11/1959. Brand new!

87 GMD SW900 A1827 1/1960 Hamilton, July 5, 1992 Gord Strathdee

89 Looking like new! Fresh out of the shop rebuilt. GMD SW900 A2058 6/1964
New style paint scheme no long using No. in front of numerals. (see below)
Generous use of visibility stripes adds to safety at level crossings and elsewhere.
March 2000 Ray Hoadley

No. 89 in early paint scheme with "No" abbreviation for the word number.

No. 90 pulling under Burlington Street on N&NW spur likely with interchange cars. 9/07/1974
SW900 (ballasted to 137 tons, normally 115 tons) GMD A2078 1/1965

92 SW900 GMD A2110 1/1966 at Fort Erie. July 25, 2007 Don Janes

6335 (ex 21) acq. 1926 ex HEPC one of three (6336, 6401) similar units rebuilt from electric loco.
Built NSC 7/1918 Re-built as gas loco and again in 1953 with CAT diesel. Scrapped 1999.
6/06/1988 Arnold Mooney

This strange looking car mover 6401 (ex 24) for the #2 Rod Mill was converted from 600v DC electric locomotive
acquired in 1926 into a gas electric and in 1953 it was re-engined with a diesel. Shown 1975 with newer trucks.
Originally HEPC Mike Donnelly

Even stranger yet is this GE-built Coke Mogul at diesel shop along with GMD SW8 77 A519 5/1953
Ray Hoadley

81 A891 6/1956

82 A950 6/1956

88 A1828 1/1960

STELCO units sold July 2002, to Larry's Truck Electric Service (D) LTEX, Warren, Ohio
Note: 78-92 SW900's built 5/1956-1/1966 all acquired new.

Lake Ontario Steel Nanticoke

Stelco 0454 (ex 5454) acq. 9/1980 (ex SP 1124) SW8 EMD 18354 7/1953 Ray Hoadley

Stelpipe Div. 200 Dain Avenue and Ontario Road, Welland (south end).

The end! Note dismantled track behind unit. No number, GE 45-ton #29055 9/1947 acq. new.
Welland June 1, 2003 Paul Duncan

Note: Sold 7/2004 Trillium 45. Re-sold 11/2017 PSTR

#nil 50-ton transferred 6/1989 from Stelco's Notre Dame Works, Montreal. 470 hp GE 32705 10/1956
Welland 3/05/1991 Arnold W. Mooney

Stelpipe 5 (formerly Page Hersey Tube) Welland. (Ex CN 5 acq. 6/1969)
GE 44-tonner #32656 10/1956 Gord Strathdee

Note: Acquired 1994 by PSTR 5 (parts). Never operated.

Beachvilime Beachville

Formerly, Chemical Lime Company

Beachvilime plant located next to CNR mainline, 1983. Ray Hoadley

no # GE 25-ton #30825 11/1950 1983 Ray Hoadley

No # GE 25-tonner at Ingersoll, (ex Chemical Lime Co. acquired by STELCO) #30825 11/1950

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