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AV Terrace Bay

Formerly Terrace Bay Pulp Inc., Neenah Paper,
Kimberly-Clark, Longlac Pulp and Paper.

Terrace Bay, Ontario

History of Terrace Bay Township

CCGX 1006 May 24, 2013

CCGX 1006 ex SOR 1359 nee CN 1359 Schreiber April 4, 2013 Chris Wilson
Enroute to Terrace Bay where CANDO has a new switching contract for the mill.

Two views of Terrace Bay Pulp M-19223 Acq. 5/88 (ex Houston Belt and Terminal 41)
SW1000 EMD 33523 1/68 August /27/08 Tim Gobeil

One of three HB&T SW1000's (40-42)
40 went to Dupont Canada's ethylene plant in Sarnia. photo wanted



Kimberly-Clark of Canada Ltd. no# GE 80-ton #33716 12/59. Terrace Bay, Oct. 5/1973 Robbin Rekiel

This unit replaced a 65-ton Vulcan no# (ex USArmy 7052 acq. 1946) #4349 6/1941. Scrapped.

It became CASCO 8

6546 (Ex CPR 6546) leased 10/1978 acq. 6/79. MLW #81202 8/1955
Crankshaft damaged and unit exchanged for 6539 c.8/1983.

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