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Vidal Street Industrial Park

300 Kenny Street

This 33 acre site in Sarnia was once a Fibreglass Canada Inc. plant that produced preformed fiberglass pipe insulation until production ceased at the end of 1989. The property was sold to Owens Corning and remained vacant for about 14 years until it was bought in May 2005 by newly-created VIP Inc. VIP continued the multi-million dollar brownfield cleanup begun by Owens Corning and opened part of the property for warehousing, railcar storage etc. 4,500 feet of track was added to the exisitng 3,000 feet and all was leased to Royal Polymers next door. Located on CN industrial trackage. Work was done by OWS Railroad Construction and Maintenance, Petrolia whose parent is Oil Well Supply Company Ltd. OWS does rail work for many local industries. OWS created a divison in Kingston for local industry which became Total Track Inc.

Alpenglow Rail acquired VIP September 2019. Later, a joint agreement added Procor to provide railcar maintenance and repair to their services. In addition, a 112 acre site for 400 cars was added at 220 St.Clair Parkway in Corunna, ON served by CSX.

VIP 1201 acq. 2008 thru LDS (ex SOR 1201, ex TOR 1335 nee CN 1335) SW1200RS GMD A1572 12/1958
Sarnia 10/29/2010 Jay Butler

VIP 1007 (ex DOWX 1007) Switching on the Farm lead. July 28, 2009 Steve Host
Royal Polymers plant (closed early 2009) in background being demolished.


VIP 1511 SW1200 (ex Arkansas Eastman 103, ex 5, ex CV 1511 nee GTW 1511 1/1963) EMD #25743 3/1960
Sarnia 4/29/2008 Don Janes

1511 switching in the Farm yard. July 29, 2009 Steve Host

AARX 301001 (ex Arkansas Eastman 103) at Lambton Diesel 04/06/2008 Sarnia Shaun Hinz



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