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Welland Pipe Ltd. (Stelco Inc.)

80-tonner No# (see below) 8/20/1995 A.W.Mooney

Welland Pipe no #, GE 80-ton #30817 12/1950 Welland, 4/18/2002 Bruce Mercer

ex Welland Tube (div.of Stelco) 7, nee STELCO 53, Hamilton.

Predecessor company (acq. c. 1969): Page Hersey Tube Co.

Welland Pipe engine (left) and Shaw Pipe Protection engine exchange some empty flat cars.
September 1997 Paul Duncan

NOTE: Operation suspended June 30, 2002, plant closed March 7, 2003.
In 2004 one mill in the plant was sold to a company from India.
U&O mill sold 5/2005 to Grinolet, Inc of Panama to be dismantled.
Buildings and land remain for sale.

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