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Saskatchewan Railway Museum
Saskatoon, SK.

Saskatchewan Power un-numbered. (800-010)

23-ton GE #13151 July 21, 1941, US War Dept. 235, Ravenna Ordnance Plant, Atlas, Ohio.
Sold May 1960 Mannix Ltd., at Nipawin, SK. Likely for a construction project.
Acquired 1965 by Saskatchewan Power from Mannix (C) for Regina plant.
Later, to A.L.Cole power plant, Saskatoon.
Sold 1985 to predecessor of Ag Pro Grain.
Donated 1998 Saskatchewan Railway Museum

June 12, 2009 Gordon Strathdee

Saskatchewan Power un-numbered 80-ton GE #32811 1/1957 June 12, 2009 Gordon Strathdee

Note: Acquired new for Queen Elizabeth Power Station (coal).
Sold 1988 GE Railcar Service, Saskatoon, which was acquired 2002 by Rescar
which closed down by October 2007. Bought 2007 by Saskatchewan Railway Museum.

Canadian Utilities portable power plant


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