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Aerial view of grain elevators Thunder Bay 7/02/2013
Pilot; Grant Bailey

Chateau Frontenac Quebec City. Opened by CPR 1893.

Rod and Gun in Canada July 1899 advertisement.

Dominion Atlantic pre-CPR

Old Time Trains digital collection

Old Time Trains digital collection

Uniform badge

Lineup of CN Express trucks in Toronto. 1925

Dodge Brothers pick up and delivery truck. Ottawa 1934

Dodge cab forward pick up and delivery truck. 1939

CNR Toronto 1956 Front Street West in background.

CNR Toronto Spadina 1960

CNR Maritime service 1959

CNR Second 1 engine 6062 taking water and coal (below) at Ferland, Ontario 30.1 miles east of Armstrong.
Solid express and reefer cars destined Winnipeg and beyond. Monday, August 22, 1955 Robert Wanner


Less than five years later and 6062 is hauling the last scheduled run of steam on passenger.
Those two little guys are nearing pension now!

S.S. "Ahmic" and S.S. "Cherokee" at C.P.R. Bala summer station.

Hand coloured picture post cards were a popular way for tourists to send a brief message to someone back home.

P1n class 5248 is relatively new (CPR May 1949) freight engine yet it was assigned to yard work in Banff in the summer where a large number of passenger trains brought tourists from around the world to stay at the famous Banff Springs Hotel. Sleepers and other passenger cars were added and subtracted from these trains. July 1951 Ray Matthews

Note: There was an advantage to using a road engine for this temporary assignment rather than a yard switcher as it would not require its rods to be removed for dead movement at 20 mph to a roundhouse for monthly washout or other work. There being no enginehouse at Banff removing the rods would be a difficult task. Road engine could move light at normal speed.


Hamilton Terminal Company
Headquarters of Dominion Power & Transmission Company.

Terminal station for radial railways. Opened November 18, 1907.
Located in downtown Hamilton at King Street East and Catherine Street.

Workers at MLW putting the final touches on a CNR Northern type 4-8-4 complete with smoke deflectors.

Magazine advertisement encouraging travel to Canada. 1950's

Interior tramway of the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital. Founded in 1873 it was long known as a lunatic asylum, the usual term applied to mental patients. The Government of Quebec built this facility in east end Montreal turning over its operation to the Sisters of Providence. In 1897 it was expanded to 800 acres with over 1500 patients. Re-named in 1976 Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital it still operates as a mental health facility. It is not known when the tramway was discontinued.

Once busy Union Station in the heart of Ottawa. Closed July 31, 1966.

Toronto Belt Line Moore Park station as a residence. The most impressive station on this short-lived and long-closed line.

Street scene shows part of the little three car streetcar line in Nelson, BC. 1947
Dating from an 1899 predecessor it was the smallest street railway in the British Empire.
It changed to buses June 20,1949. Steve Morris Collection

Nith River, Grand Valley and Southern un-numbered caboose. (ex CN 78444) This was a fictious railway named for the nearby river along side the LE&N (Highway 24, Water Street South) just south of Galt on a short unused siding at Mileage 1.1.
It was the property of Gordon Chaplin executive vice-president of Canadian General Tower (auto parts supplier) who used it as his private poker room!

A&W #9 made of wood.

CNR advertisement for the Super Continental. 1955

First aid training was a good thing for the railways to encourage since the work was so dangerous and often away from help.
West Toronto Junction Historical Society Archives

CPR RS3 8454 and FB1 4401 with three cars of livestock in St.Luc Yard. Of special interest is the yellow CPR Employees bus, with Spans the World herald below rear windows. It circulated on a route from Decarie Blvd. and Route 17 streetcar through to CPR Montreal West station and the Sherbrooke Blvd. Elmhurst streetcar loop for those who did not have a car.
St Luc Hump Tower looking North East towards Pare long before industries built in area in background in late fifties.
Ken Boulton Collection

Car Department road truck (Chevrolet panel delivery) with carmen at work on bad order box car.

CPR 7011 with one car passenger train operating between Sortin Yard and Montreal West (2 miles) for employees only. Movement was controlled by backup hose in one direction. It operated seven days a week mid-day and possibly
late night as well. At other times regular commuter trains could be used. 7011 assigned Outremont.
Montreal West June 7, 1947 Ronald Ritchie

Typical small prairie town scenes in these three postcards. c.1909
CPR built through here in 1908. Post office was established June 1, 1909
November 16, 1909 became a village. It was dissolved July 17, 2006
West Toronto Junction Historical Society archives.

This current map indicates Leslie hasn't changed much in over a century.
Recent (2006) census figures of 20 shows a serious population decline in common with many prairie villages.

Recent video

Two views of an age-old practice known as "hooping up". Delivering train orders on the fly. The order board is at red, however, presence of the Operator on the platform permits Extra 8758 West, the Cornwall Swing (a St.Luc- Cornwall Turn)
to pass without stopping. By rule, a yellow flag should be displayed. Note the green and white flag (above head of middle man), to flag passenger train due. At night green and white lights were displayed in electrified hand lamps on eves bracket. Dorval, Quebec March 1967 Kevin Day

"Heavenly City" one of six 1928 designs for a new Montreal terminal of 34 tracks with a 40 storey tower.
One plan included electrification. It was even offered to the CNR as a union station.
The Great Depression came along and all was forgotten.
Derek Boles Collection

CPR 3521 assisting B&M 2734. St.Johnsbury, Vermont. c.1940? Bud Laws Collection
A unique situation whereby two roads worked together on joint track.
It was a normal practice here the only known place where this happened.

CPR 3525 getting new tyres applied with fire ring. Kermit Geary Sr/Kermit Geary Jr. Collection

Cab interior of CPR 5468. More views. Robert Brown

Mobile power plant has been preserved at The Saskatchewan Railway Museum.

Northern Railway of Canada (formerly, Ontario, Simcoe & Huron) Davenport (Toronto) 1863
Another of this unique style of station stood at Atherley. Note: Structure on the left contains a water tank!
Toronto Public Library/Virtual Collection/ All Aboard Exhibit

Valentine & Sons Publishing Co.Ltd./Toronto Public Library digital collection

Narrow gauge tramway of the Dominion Rock Products lime kilns at Fourth Chute, east of Eganville, Ontario.
July 1985 Eugene D. Burles

Canadian Transfer Co. Ltd. Montreal


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