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Gallery 3

Map of area coal companies 1960.

Sightings over the years

Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Co. Ltd. 3 acq. 1971 (ex Mononogahela Connecting 153) S-2 Alco 74800 10/1946
Bienfait 5/28/1976 Russ Strodtz

Western Dominion Coal Mines

One-of-a-kind Great West Coal 3070 still lettered for WDCM

Manalta Coal (3070) Sheerness, Alberta.


Great West Coal

Manalta Coal

Battle River Coal

Prairie Coal

This method replaced traditional underground mining in the area.

"Mr. Klimax" had a 35 yard bucket and 175 foot reach.

Great West Coal 182 Bienfait 3/23/1964 Robert J. Sandusky

Built as GN 182 sold 2/1960 Western Dominion Coal Mines 182. Later, Manalta Coal 182, Battle River Coal 182.
WDC shared trackage with Manitoba & Saskatchewan Coal Co. to Bienfait which track was closed and dismantled in 1960. This unit and 3070 continued to switch WDC parent Great West Coal Co's Manalta Coal plant at Taylorton.
In 1964 Battle River Coal (parent: Mannix) purchased WDCM and its parent Great West Coal.
Prairie Coal now owns Manalta Coal. (Confused enough?)

Manalta Coal 182 Bienfait 5/28/1976 Russ Strodtz

Prairie Coal 182 Alco RS-1 1000 HP #72922 9/1944
Souris Valley Museum, acq. 2001. Estavan September 21, 2003 Gordon J. Strathdee

Bienfait Coal

Bienfait Coal Co. 5706 acq. 9/1981 ex MILW 2005A TR4A EMD #12450 1/1951
Bienfait 8/27/1991 Doug Boyd/Pat Huemmer Collection


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