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Industrial Steam Locomotives

(Other than Ontario)


British Columbia

J.A.Dewar Co. Ltd.
Article 1913

Anyox Ry.

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Canadian Collieries

Canadian Collieries 14 (nee Wellington Colliery 4) Baldwin 15771 2/1898
Ladysmith 5/1960 Mattingly Collection

Preserved (?) Puget Sound Railway Historical Association, Snoqualmie, WA.

Canadian Collieries 15 Baldwin 16412 12/1898

Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir Ltd. 17 2-6-0T&T (exWellington Colliery 14, nee Union Colliery 3)
Baldwin 12344 11/1891 built as 0-6-0 Rebuilt 1918.
Union Bay, VI. This was the last locomotive in use. Mine closed 12/1953.

Preserved; Puget Sound Railway Historical Association, Snoqualmie, WA.

Canadian Colliery 19 0-6-0T 36" gauge Baldwin 9869 3/1889 Nanaimo 8/28/1952 Bud Laws Collection

Ex Union Collieries 9, 1910. ex Wellington Collieries 19 ex WC 5, nee R.Dunsmuir & Sons 7 Victoria.

Note: Preserved 1952 following closure of No. 10 mine South Wellington, VI.
Acquired by Robert Swanson who donated it to Nanaimo where it has been displayed in
Phil J. Piper Park ever since. It was again restored by Nanaimo Museum in 2004
along with a structure to protect it. Western Canada Ry. is fictitious.


Baldwin 1914

Crows Nest Pass Coal

42" gauge

Heritage Park, Calgary acq. 1980 (ex Keith, AB 1966)
Vulcan Iron Works 394 12/1902

Granby (inc. electric and narrow gauge) Anyox Ry.

Hamilton Bridge Western
Vancouver (False Creek)

Hamilton Bridge Co. 2 (2-4-2T) Vancouver, May /20/1946.
Old Time Trains digital archives

Note: Sign in right background seen from behind reading Great Northern is for their station.

Pacific Coast Terminal

Pacific Coast Terminal 33 acq. 1937 Two truck 65 ton Heisler #1483 4/1923
Ex Abernethy & Logheed Logging 33, ALLCO, Port Haney, BC
Sold 1951 to Canadian Forest Products, Port Mellon, BC
Replaced by 0-6-0's 4012 and 4076
Last operating Heisler in BC
Scrapped 1956
E.A.Carden-Stokes (Paddy) Collection/D.R.MacDougall Collection

Heisler right side view. Looks like newly painted for new owner. June 1950

Pacific Coast Terminal 6 acq. 1932 (ex BC Mills Timber & Trading) MLW 29880 6/1904
New Westminster October 1935 Joseph Schick Scrapped 1957

Pacific Coast Terminals 4012 (acq. 1946) one of two identical former US Army 0-6-0's that were late use steam.
Both wound up at Heritage Park in Calgary where they still operate.
New Westminster, BC March 18, 1962 Doug Cummings/W.G.Carruthers Collection

Vancouver Wharves

RAR 115 posing 6/17/1968. Matt Herson

Two Shay geared locomotives owned by Railway Appliance Research Ltd. (Bob Swanson) worked
Vancouver Wharves 1965-1970. 115 shown here switching potash in April 1967. Brian Williams

RAR 114 ex Western Forest Industries 5, 3 truck 90-ton oil-fired Lima #3320 7/1928 Now at Cass Scenic in WVa.
RAR 115 ex Canadian Forest Products 115, ex Hillcrest Lumber 11, nee Merrill-Ring & Wilson 4
3 truck 90-ton coal fired Lima #3350 2/1930 (has boiler #3350 ex Canfor 1) Now at Fort Steele, BC





Canmore Mines 4 (acq. 8/1943) ex CPR 6144 nee 2144 CPR #1392 2/1905 Canmore AB, October 31, 1962
Stanley R. McCarthy/Leonard Wallis Collection

After it was finally retired it went to Heritage Park in Calgary in 1963 where it was re-engined
with a small diesel inside the smoke box and used to haul tourist trains around a short circle of track.
Recently renumbered as CPR 2018.

Lethbridge Collieries

Shaughnessy Mines

North of Lethbridge

Lethbridge Collieries 1 (ex Canadian Coal and Coke 1, nee Western Coal and Coke 1) MLW 53632 1913
Lethbridge 1964 E. Johnson Digital restoration; Walter Pfefferle

Note: Acquired February 1965 by Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WI




Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal
and Western Dominion Coal

Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal 6947 (acq. 2/1959) ex CPR 6947
0-8-0 rebuilt 9/1928 from 2-8-0 3537 MLW 45590 9/1908
Bienfait, SK November 1967 David M. More

Displayed at Sandon, BC

Note: M&S Coal 3522 ex CPR 2-8-0 displayed at Bienfait.
M&S Coal 6166 nee CPR 2166 0-6-0 displayed at Saskatoon.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal opened an underground lignite mine in 1906 and operated it until 1942 when it changed to strip mining. M&S shared a non-common carrier railway line with Western Dominion Coal to connect with CNR and CPR at Bienfait. This line was closed down and dismantled in 1960.


Manitoba Paper Co. Ltd. 30 Pine Falls, MB. MLW #63551 8/1922
Built new for export to China and cancelled. Sold 1924 Abitibi Railway & Navigation Co. 30 Iroquois Falls, ON
Became Abitibi Power and Paper Co.Ltd. Transferred 1955 to Manitoba Paper. Retired July 1963. On display.
Note vestibule cab, smoke deflectors, feedwater heater and slope back tender.


Brompton Pulp & Paper
East Angus

BP&P 4 a 2-4-2T


Canadian Asbestos
Thetford Mines

Two photos: Edwin Bill Robertson

Canadian Car and Foundry

Canadian Car & Foundry 2. Just months old. Montreal CLC #1874 3/1930


Gulf Pulp and Paper

National Harbours Board

Formerly, Harbour Commissioners of Montreal


N.H.B 7514 (ex CNR 7512-7518 acq. 12/1941) Cyl. 22" x 26" Drv. 56" Press. 190 lbs. 36% t.e. CLC #1734 12/1923.
Montreal 2/1944 George Harris/Mark A. Perry Collection

No. 2 one of three 70 ton 2-6-2T tank engines. Cyl. 18" x 26" 51" Drv. t.e 26,670 lbs. CLC 873 5/1908
Don McQueen collection.

2 converted to 2-6-0 with tender. Dead.

National Harbours Board

Quebec City

CPN 4 (French) MLW 54662 4/1914 CRHA Delson acq. 2/1962

Normetal Mining Corporation

A 12 mile long non-common carrier railway from their zinc and copper mine at Normetal, Quebec connected with the CNR.
Completed in 1939 it closed in 1973 and was dismantled in 1976. The mine closed in 1990.

219 acquired 1938 ex T&NO 219 MLW 44169 1907
This 57 inch drivered steam engine was kept as a spare engine for the only diesel a GE 80-tonner.
After closing of the line it was returned to Ontario for a planned tourist train on the Smoky Falls Line out of Kapuskasing.
It was a still-born project that ended with the early death of its promoter, Ron Morel, a conductor on Smoky Falls Line.
The steam engine has remained in increasingly derelict condition after further failed attempts at restoration.

853 acquired in 1941 ex T&NO 853 CLC #904 1909. Sold 19?? to Manitoba Paper, Pine Falls, MB
Note: Sister 854 was sold 1941 to Abitibi Power & Paper Co. 60, Iroquois Falls, ON.

Quebec North Shore Paper Co.

No 125 ex QNSP 3, ex Dominion Construction 67661 Fraserdale, ON, nee Alcan 125. MLW 67661 8/1928
Complete with fake "cow catcher" Pioneer Park, Baie-Comeau 6/18/2015 Bob Keenan

Quebec North Shore Paper 86 Two photos Point Noire 1905
Hamilton Public Library


St. Anne Paper Co.

Shawinigan Power

Built as 0-4-0T Alma & Jonquiere 1
t.e. 14,400 MLW 64710 1923

Sold xxxx Quebec Development Co.104
Sold 1/1928 Roberval Saguenay 15
Sold 1951 to Alcan, Chute du Diable.
Sold xxxx Saguenay Power 106

Chicoutimi 9/20/15

New Brunswick

Bathurst Power and Paper 2, (ex Lackawanna Iron & Steel, Lebanon, PA.) Porter 2433 10/1901
Bathurst, NB CS&T Museum archives.

Nova Scotia

Acadia Coal 42, 2-6-0. Trenton, NS October 1963 Jim Parker
ex Sydney & Louisburg 42, nee Dominion Coal 16. Schenectady #5103 Blt. 1899

Shown before restoration to tourist train operation, first on Devco's ex S&L as Cape Breton Steam Railroad and later
in 1984 as Salem & Hillsborough in New Brunswick. Now displayed at Museum of Industry, Stellarton, Nova Scotia.

Dominion Steel and Coal

36" gauge

DS&C 5 (nee Nova Scotia & Coal 5) 0-4-0T BLW 44823 1/1917

Both dinkys: Museum of Industry. Stellarton, NS 9/20/2015

DS&C 151:2nd. MLW 69741 3/1942


Malagash Salt Products No# 0-4-0T Davenport (unknown history) Malagash NS photo published 1936 H.E.Strothard

Old Sydney Collieries 17 (ex Nova Scotia Steel & Coal 10, a 2-6-4T) Schenectady 1903
Sydney Mines August 1961. George Schaller/Bill Thomson Collection

Old Sydney Collieries 25 2-4-0 BLW #17881 1900 Acadia Coal, Stellarton, NS January 24, 1962 R.J.Sandusky

A rare wheel arrangement, built as a 2-4-0T for Nova Scotia Steel & Coal 8, later Dominion Steel & Coal 25.
Finally retired and acquired by the Canadian Railway Museum 10/1962.




Wallace Quarries Ltd. (sandstone) Circa 1912 Wallace NS.

Note: Predcessors operated quarry since 1863.


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