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Old Time Trains

Canadian National Railways

Preserved steam locomotives on tourist railways, at railway museums and on display in parks.

CNR Museum train.

This display train travelled across Canada in 1950's.
Displayed at NMS&T in Ottawa afterwards.

4-4-0 number 40 sits on display in Montreal. It would later join the Museum Train touring Canada. Stan F. Styles

(Nee GTR 362) Portland 233 11/1872 Preserved NMS&T 1967

0-6-0T 247 on display at unknown location. Circa 1953. Bud Laws Collection

C.N.R 247 (nee GTR 247) GTR 1270 11/1872 Portland, ME

Suburban 4-6-4F

46 (acq. 8/2002) with display train of CP equipment! 401676 40' box car, 415043 ex 400213 tank car and 434065 van.
Note: 46 long displayed in front of Canadian Steel (later, Quebec Steel Products) in Longueuil.
Originally preserved by H. J. O'Connell, Ltd. Contractor, Dorval.
Former QCR Valley Junction. August 13/2017

X-10a 47 acq. 6/1959 (nee GTR 1542) MLW 54896 9/1914
Steamtown USA Bellows Falls, Vermont. 10/1982 Bill Linley

49 one of only six such Forney type tank engines especially built for GTR's Montreal suburban (commuter) service.
Montreal 3/29/1958 Joseph Testagrose collection

Preserved (acq. 9/1960) nee GTR 1544 MLW 54898 9/1914 indoors at Exporail. August 2003 Pierre Lacombe

Mogul 2-6-0

E-10-a class subsequent owners and preserved engines.
Green Mountain, Strasburg, Wilmington & Western, etc.

In July 1957 713 was added to the CNR Museum train which travelled Canada.

It went to the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa in 1967.

Montreal June 23, 1962 Bud Laws Collection

Currently it is located at Exporail.

Grand Trunk (Eastern) 713 (nee GTR 922) when it was just another Mogul. GTR #1314 12/1900
Location and date unknown. Bud Laws Collection

Note: For legal reasons lines and equipment in the United States could not be owned by Canadian National Railways which was a Canadian government entity. Therefore, the name Grand Trunk continued in use there. Grand Trunk Western Railroad for lines in Michigan etc.and simply Grand Trunk (unofficially Grand Trunk Eastern) for lines in New England and New York. Central Vermont and Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific were two additional U.S. subsidiaries.

GT 713 E-7-a (Ex GTR 1396) Running Extra. Lewiston, Maine September 1945

GT 713 with a two wooden car passenger train at unknown location.
Note the trainman looking out from the baggage car watching the conductor.
Edwin Bill Robinson

Ten-Wheeler 4-6-0

F-1-b 1009 in better days hauling tourists on the Salem & Hillsbrough, Hillsbrough, NB. July 10, 1988 Roger Lalonde
Ex CNR 1165:2, 1009 ex CGR 4529 nee O'Brien, McDougall & O'Gorman 15
Cyl. 18" x 24" Drv. 51" Press. 160 lbs. 21,000 t.e. MLW 51132 5/1912

Donated June 1960 CRHA Delson. Loaned 1983 CRHA New Brunswick Division.

G-16-a 1112 (ex CNoR 1112) Cyl. 20" x 24" Drv. 57" Press. 180 lb. t.e 25% MLW #50810 1912

Previously at CRM Delson as QNS&L 1112

QNSL 1112 ex CNR nee CNoR MLW 50810 2/1912
Displayed at CRM, Delson 8/1962 to 1992 then to Smiths Falls.
8/18/1962 Clayton Langstaff



G-16-a 1158 (ex CNoR 1158) Cyl. 20" x 24" Drv. 57" Press. 180 lb. t.e 25% MLW #52587 4/1913
Displayed at Western Development Museum, North Battleford, SK Roman Litarchuk

H-6-g 1392 MLW 52649 1913 Alberta Railway Museum, Edmonton. 9/02/2018 Colin Arnot

H-4-a 1520:2nd ex 1223 nee CNOR 1223 CLC 738 8/1906
Still with its Stephenson inside admission valve gear.
Railway and Forestry Museum, Prince George BC 8/29/2017 Colin Arnot

H-6-b 1521:2nd ex 1274 re# 1/1957 ex CNOR 1274 nee 213 MLW 30563 7/1905
Andrew Maclean Ltd, Gravenhurst, ON

NOTE: Later preserved for the still-born Ontario Transportation Museum.
Further preservation was at Upper Clements Theme Park, Clementsport, NB.
Curently (re# 1274) at Middleton Railway Museum, Middleton. NS.

H-6-c 1531 acq. 11/1960 (ex 1322 Re# 3/1958 nee CNoR 1322) MLW 48318 1910

H-6-g 1533 (ex 1325 re# c.6.1956 nee CNor 1325) MLW 49878 1910

H-6-g 1551 (ex 1354 re# 10/1956) MLW 50778 1912
OHCR acq. 9/1981 from Steamtown USA, Bellows Falls. Preserved 9/1961.
Operating in tourist train service out of Sugar Creek, Ohio.

Consolidation 2-8-0

2141 displayed in Kamloops for many years.
Restored to operation for a tourist train Spirit of Kamloops.

Note: 2141 became known for hauling the last steam-powered train on Vancouver Island.

Note: 2141 and 2164 preserved. The latter operated as T&NO 137.

ONR operated a steam train as a Centennial (1967) project using a CNR locomotive acquired for that purpose.
It continued operating at varous times until making its last run in August of 1972.

"T&NO 137" (ex CNR/CNoR 2164) 2-8-0 CLC 1157 5/1913
Displayed with CNR baggage car, coach and two vans as well as CPR coach.
Cochrane Railway and Pioneer Museum, Cochrane. August 3, 2009.

2534 (with van 77578) in park Highway 62 south of Hwy. 2 adjacent to bridge leading to Zwick's Island.
2534 displayed 9/1966 until 1998 then relocated to Memory Junction, Brighton
until 11/2018 then to private collection near Uxbridge north of Highway 47.

Nee GTR 670 MLW 40587 9/1906

2616 (ex GTR 767) first of ten engine order.
Cyl. 23" x 32" Drv. 63" Press. 180 lbs. t.e. 41% Brooks 49664 1911
Displayed at Haliburton, Ontario.

2747 acq. 3/1960
Cyl.21 1/2" x 30" Drv. 63" Press. 205 t.e. 38"
Transcone 4/1926
Note: Built with boiler from CN 2647 (ex GTR 616) MLW46880 1910

Transcona Historical Society
Rotary Heritage Park (Formerly; Kiwanis Park)
Plessis Rd and Kildare Ave West
Transcona, Man.

Mikado 2-8-2

S-1-b 3254 out of service when it was just another locomotive. Ex CGR 2854 CLC 1463 1917

Steamtown's 3254 with annual Ice Harvest excursion blasts through Elmhurst enroute to Tobyhanna, Pa.
January 17, 2009.

S-1-b 3377 acq. 9/1961Steamtown USA Bellows Falls, Vermont. 10/1982 Bill Linley
Nee CGR 2977 CLC 1582 2/1919

Pacific 4-6-2

J-4-a class 5080 (ex CGR 453) MLW #54764 4/1914
Grand Beach, Man. 7/1947 Stan F. Styles/Bud Laws Collection

5080 (see above) one of a number of CNR Pacific-type steam locomotives preserved across Canada.
Prince Albert, SK 2007 Roman Litarchuck

5093 acq. 1995. (nee CGR 471) MLW 58330 12/1917. Tender off 5139. Coach nee CN 5511.
Casino Regina, 1880 Saskatchewan Drive and Rose Street. Former Union Station. Regina. 10/31/2017
Note: Previously displayed at Exhibition grounds 1963-1995.

5107 has been preserved since 1971 at Ron Morel Memorial Museum in Kapuskasing, Ontario.
Display includes two passenger cars and a van as well as the station with museum exhibits and a
model railway layout. MLW 61473 built 5/1919

5114 preserved at Regional Park Railway Museum, Melville, SK.

J-7-A 5270 (ex CGR 498) in Moncton late 1940's. MLW 59482 1918
Andy Mc.Culluch Collection/Walter Pfefferle Collection

These children are posing before a newly-placed 5270 donated to the City of Moncton July 1961.
Postcard photograph by L. McCauley. Andy Mc.Culluch Collection/Walter Pfefferle Collection

J-7-b 5288 ex CGR 516 acq. 9/1961 MLW 60483 1918
Steamtown USA, Bellows Falls, Vermont. 10/1982 Bill Linley

Relocated 1995 to Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PA

Relocated 2001 to Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Chattanooga, TN

Relocated 2023 to Colebrookdale Railroad, Boyertown, PA

Relocated 2001 to Tennessee Valley Railroad Musuem .
Chattanooga, TN October 16, 2021

Acquired 4/2023 by Colbrookdale RR a tourist train.

5588 well-cared for. 11/30/2019

K-3-b 5588 (ex GTR 213) GTR 1513 1911 on display on the Windsor waterfront.
That is Detroit in the background across the St.Clair River. 7/1967
Joseph Testagrose Collection

Car ferry in background. May 1964

Hudson 4-6-4

5703 masquerading as 5700 a number applied after retirement.
Originally displayed at NMS&T in Ottawa.
Now at ECRM in St. Thomas.

K-5-a 5702 being relocated to Angus Pavilion at Exporail. September 15, 2018

Mountain 4-8-2

6015 brought here from CRM in Delson in trade for 6060 previously displayed here and returned to service by CNR.
Joseph Testagrose Collection

U-1-a 6015 CLC 1711 8/1923 originally preserved CRM 9/1960. On display Jasper, Alberta. 8/19/2011 Larry De Bert

U-1-c GTW 6039 acq. 6/1959 BLW 58463 6/1925
Steamtown USA Bellows Falls, Vermont. 10/1982 Bill Linley

U-1-f 6069 (acq. 5/1963) long displayed in Bayview Park at Sarnia (Point Edward). September 9, 2018
MLW 72766 11/1944

6077 Number 94 The Maple Leaf from Niagara Falls to Toronto at Oakville due to stop 8.21 A.M.
Saturday, March 23, 1957 Bud Laws Collection

MLW 72774 12/1944 Preserved 2/1967

Here she is again. One of three Bullet Nose Betty engines still in existance including 6069 and the famous 6060.
After received at Capreol it got Vanderbilt water tender 80101 off Northern 6138.

Here she is now! NORM (Northern Ontario Railway Museum) Capreol 4/26/2016
Photographer was riding VIA's No. 1 Canadian at the time.
Note: That strange looking "thing" at far right is a hot ladle car.

Northern 4-8-4

U-2-c 6153 racing through Grimsby, Ontario with a short passenger train in 1948.

MLW 67782 4/1929

6153 preserved 9/1960 following its later years powering excursion trains. Exporail June 10, 2011 Marc Caya

U-2-e 6167 famous for hauling excursion trains after the end of the steam era.
Displayed 9/1967 next to CNR station. Relocated to opposite side of main line.
Due to GO expansion relocated 11/2020 to John Galt Park nearby River Run Centre.

MLW 69262 3/1940

Nicely restored! After decades of neglect and vandalism. CS&TM. Ottawa, September 2, 2019

U-2-g MLW 69698 6/1942 Preserved 1/1964

6213 when it was just another Northern. Toronto 4/1944 Francis Gschwind/Bud Laws Collection

MLW 69711 8/1942 Preserved 9/1960

6213 Famous excursion engine well-cared for over the years. 7/1974 CNE grounds in Toronto. Joseph Testagrose

U-4-a 6400 beautifully restored, it was part of Railway Week in Belleville, Ont. June 23-28,1964.

MLW 68915 6/1936

Preserved 6/1967 at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.

Six-Wheel switchers 0-6-0

0-14-c 7260 (ex 7075 re# 1/1952) ex CGR 809 nee ICR 100:2 0-6-0 CLC 697 1906
Sold 1/1953 Intercolonial Coal, Drummond Colliery, Kentville, NS.
Retired 1964. Preserved (above) by R.C.Tibbetts (Tibbetts Paints) Trenton, NS.
Relocated 1991 to Museum of Industry, Stellarton, NS.
Relocated 2023 to Middleton Railway Museum, Middleton, NS.

O-9-a 7312 (nee GTR 1708) was just another 0-6-0 switcher when this photograph from the
Bud Laws Collection
was taken by Howard Davis at Stratford (shop switcher) on May 24th. 1959.

It went on to become famous as Strasburg 31 hauling tourists in Pennsylvania where it still operates.
Cyl. 22" x 26" Drv. 56" Press. 165 lbs. t.e. 30% Tender 7 tons 3,100 gals. BLW #32894 1908

7312 showing off its very short tender. 3100 gals. 7 tons capacity. July 14, 1958.

O-18-a 7456 (ex GTR 1781) Cyl. 22" x 26" Drv. 51" Press. 175 lbs. t.e. 37% GTR #1500/8 1920
Montreal, September 2, 1952 Howard Davis/Bud Laws collection

Two Canada and Dominion Sugar ex CNR engines were acquired c.1964 by the
Ontario government for a still-born Transportation Museum in Toronto.
Both 7456 and 7470 were re-sold and both still exist.
The other engine, 7470 is well known as Conway Scenic 47.

Note: Old Time Trains was responsible for the original preservation of both engines.

Conway Scenic 7470 in full CNR paint scheme. North Conway, New Hampshire 9/16/2013





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