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Canadian Pacific Railway

GMD GP9 1750 hp Road Switcher

8483-8521 39 units
8522-8546 25 units
8611-8635 25 units
8636-8708 73 units
8801-8823 23 units
8825-8839 15 units
Grand total: 200 units

Note: The largest quantity of any model on the roster which would
stand as a record until the SD40-2 came along years later!

8497 part of first order of GP9's. Original barrel style headlight. GMD A695 1/1955
Bruce Chapman Collection


8634 with script lettering. One of three GP9's (8633-8635)
modified 12/1970 with chop nose and hump remote control equipment.
GMD A973 10/1956 Alyth 4/01/1971 Bob Loat/Bruce Chapman Collection

8635 when it was just another GP9. Note the beautiful sky in the background.
Revelstoke 2/1964 Keith Ardinger Collection

8635 now with its short nose chopped. 12/05/1970 Bob Loat/Bruce Chapman Collection

8635 with its nose chopped. Calgary 9/1971 Keith Ardinger Collection

8635 one of three GP9's (8633-8635) modified 5/1971 with chop nose and hump remote control equipment.
(Trailing unit 8904 Train Master) GMD A975 11/1956 Alyth Yard July 31, 1974 Keith Hansen

8688 still in Script lettering. Shop track Thunder Bay. August 1976.

8839 last of 200 GP9's unique as the only GMD GP9 built with 567D 1800 HP instead of normal 567C 1750 HP.

Note: Rebuilt as 1695 and still around as NPR 1695.


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