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Canadian Pacific Railway Glen Yard Montreal

Map roundhouse December 1955

Map car shop etc. December 1955



Aerial view courtesy of Canadian Railway Observations.

William H. Baird Jr.


CPR Glen Yard located in Westmount, Quebec in the Montreal Terminal 1.66 miles from Windsor Station was built in 1906 to replace the crowded facilties there including the 12-stall Mountain Street roundhouse which was demolished in December 1907 leaving the 70 foot turntable. The new roundhouse was built with 12 stalls and a 70 foot turntable (later, 90 foot) in 1917 6 stalls were added. The coach yard and shops included 76 tracks (16 miles) including a double track loop for turning trains. A third track was added next to the double track mainline as a switching lead between The Glen, as it was called and Windsor Station. The Glen like John Street in Toronto and Drake Street in Vancouver was unique for being used only for passenger trains (and yard engines) no freight engines were assigned at any of the three yards. No other such passenger only facilties existed on any railway in Canada. Glen also serviced CNR Pool trains (1933-1965) as well as Boston and Maine, Delaware & Hudson, New York Central and Rutland (until 1917) trains. Following closure of Place Viger station May 31, 1951 congestion plagued The Glen with 86 trains handled in and out. In 1954 a new yard Glen Extension was built further west (but, east of Montreal West). It consisted of a 13 track yard including a loop. This yard would be closed with declining traffic. A special shop for the huge number of RDC's was built in Glen. VIA Rail took over intercity passenger trains in 1978 until 1984 when they acquired their own facilities in Montreal. Suburban (commuter) trains were taken over by MUCTC in 1982 and serviced at the Glen until relocated December 14, 1996 to St.Luc. Eventually, Glen Yard was closed in October 8, 2004 with the 43 acre site being sold for $23 Million to build a "super" hospital, McGill University Health Center. Facilities for the AMT commuter trains were relocated to Sortin Yard in Ville St-Pierre. A long, proud history came to an end.

Two views of the Glen. October 1940 Bud Laws Collection

NYC Malone, NY train backing in. August 25, 1941

Westmount station next to the Glen. Used by CPR, D&H and NYC passenger trains. August 5, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

GLEN TOWER Located just east (behind camera) of here.

Lots to see in this view. Much of the roundhouse is gone including the turntable. The final portion was demolished in 1996 when STCUM moved to St. Luc.
All operations are still CPR. VIA Rail and MUCTC are still a ways off.
All photographs: Kevin Day October 1976

To the right of previous photo is the Coach shop near center of this photo. Roundhouse to the left.
The Lasalle coking facilities can be seen in the distance. They were still functioning in 1976, and on a warm summer evening blanketed
the area with the stench of coke gas.

Looking south. To the left of the first photo is the coach yard as well as the old long-abandoned coal chutes. This 200-ton plant was built in 1911.
Orange trucks in background are CN Express.

To the far left is the far end of the yard. A Dayliner from Montreal West is stopping at Westmount station.


GLEN TOWER Located just east (left) of here.