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Canadian Pacific Railway
G3 Class 4-6-2

These "Twenty Four Hundreds" (actually, 2351-2472) were very capable locomotives built with one piece cast bed and multiple throttle. They were as different as day and night compared to earlier G3's 2300- 2350. They were considered the best
steam locomotive on the CPR, true dual service freight or passenger engines with 75 inch diameter drivers. They were the only class painted in either freight black and/or passenger tuscan red. They had a sharp "shotgun" exhaust and rapid acceleration with no tendency to slip unlike the Royal Hudsons which could be slippery starting heavy freight tonnage.

Last of steam on Montreal suburban service 1960.

G3e 2352 taking water. Note two head end cars. Lack of class flags indicates time table train.
Filthy condition of engine indicates a secondary train. Regina c.1955 Yves St-Hilaire Collection

2354 the 4th engine built and one of 15 engines (2351-2365) . CLC 1947 10/1938

G3e 2361 CLC 1954 11/1938 Burrows, SK 3/03/1947 L.A.Stuckey/Bud Laws Collection

2362 with large tender 4,700 gallons Bunker C fuel oil and 12,000 gallons water.
Brandon, MB August 20/1955 Arthur B. Johnson/Bud Laws Collection

Oil-fired G3g 2380 with six-wheel trucked tender (G3g 2378-2417 40 engs).
Note the red cab door, a Western Lines detail. Robert O. Hale

2394 coaled up (possibly Lambton). 9/1951 Bud Laws Collection

CLC 2000 builders photo at Kingston.
This was Canadian Locomotive Company's 2000th locomotive. July1942
It was so painted only on one side! Soon renumbered CP 2396 before delivery.

2397 last scheduled steam on No. 42, Saturday, September 24, 1955 Fredericton Jct. Walter Pfefferle Collection
The next day came a new time table, new diesels and a name: The Atlantic Limited.

G3g 2397 (CLC #2001 8/1942) Two views Glen July 4, 1954 John Dziobko

2397 five years later arriving at Windsor Station Sunday, 6/21/1959 John Dziobko

2398 at Ottawa West shop track 7/04/1950 Bruce Chapman Collection

G3g 2400 outside Canadian Locomotive on Ontario Street (looking down Earl Street) being delivered to CPR.
CLC 2004 9/1942

2402 on No.42 at Fredericton Junction. May 18, 1952 Walter Pfefferle Collection

2408 with suburban train passing Westmount tower. The end of steam is only months away. 12/30/1959

2408 with a suburban train of 800 series commuter coaches arrving at Windsor Station.

G3g 2408 (CLC #2012 11/1942) on the Glen shop track taking water. 6/22/1959 Bob Krone
What is the shop man on the running board doing? Possibly checking the sand level.

2408 with the morning train from Ste.Therese at Montreal West. 6/24/1959 Bob Krone

G3g 2412 getting a steam cleaning on the Glen shop track Monday, 6/22/1959. (CLC #2016 12/1942) Bob Krone

G3g 2412 (CLC 2016 12/1942) and G3h 2426 (2134 9/1944) ready for the evening suburban trains.
Glen 6/22/1959 Bob Krone

2426 one of twenty engines (2418-2437) built with Worthington feedwater heater instead of the usual Elesco FWH.
Only five others had this make of FWH including the 1201. Note the NJR (D&H) MLW RS-2 hiding in the background.

2414 displaying green signals. Brownville Junction, Maine. Bud Laws Collection

2420 taking water. Note crew man is carrying electric handlamp.

2424 doubleheading with 2342 with Royal American Shows carnival train. (See also 2432 below).
Brandon, Manitoba L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

G3h 2426 (CLC #2134 9/1944) with morning commuter train from Ste. Therese.
Montreal West October 6, 1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

G3h 2429 (with Worthington FWH) No. 44 the overnight Moose Jaw to Winnipeg train heavy with
headend traffic east bound in Brandon. June 1959. CLC #2137 10/1944 Bud Laws Collection

2432 with Royal American Shows carnival train. (See also 2424 above).
Brandon, Manitoba L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

2432 meeting 5430 Carberry, Mantoba 3/31/1953 Bruce Chapman Collection

2434 passing through Bedell,Ont. June 1952 Bruce Chapman Collection 3 1/2" square snapshot.

Excessive black smoke from 2445 may have been for the benefit of well-known photographer.
Broadview, SK 7/23/1955 L.A.Stuckey/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2449 Winnipeg 8/30/1959 Bud Laws Collection

2457 and 2397 both with 12-wheel tenders. McAdam Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testgrose Collection

2457 September 1951 Bud Laws Collection

2459 smoking it up big time! Vaudreuil 1958 Bud Laws Collection

2459 on a Lakeshore suburban train leaving Windsor Station with consist of new 800 series suburban coaches. June 1953.
A second view just west of Windsor Station at Mile 0.2 Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

G3h 2459 rolls to a stop at Montreal West with an inbound Monday commuter train. November 11, 1957. Bob Krone
The little booth and fare box was for collecting tickets on this track only for the short trip to Windsor Station.

G3h 2459 backing up with cylinder cocks open. CLC #2167 3/1945
Montreal October 6, 1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

2459 on the Glen shop track. 6/22/1959 Bob Krone

G3h 2461 (CLC #2169 4/1945) Taking water on the Glen shop track. 6/22/1959 Bob Krone

2461 making time! Dorian 1956. Bud Laws Collection

2464 in a photo that illustrates the difficulty in photographing in slow speed (ASA 25) colour.

Suburban commuter train at Montreal West with G3j 2467 (sub-class j was last ten G3's) MLW #76120 6/1948
October 6/1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

2470 with more than a full tender of coal! Montreal 9/29/1958 Bud Laws Collection

G3j 2471 (MLW #76124 7/1948) second to last G3 just six years old, backing down onto its train in Windsor Station.
Four views, Sunday July 4, 1954 John Dziobko

Spotless! Note the interlocking dwarf semaphore displaying stop signal for next track.

Going away view of RDC 9053 leaving Windsor Station. Note employees deadheading in rear vestibule.
2471's engineer with oil feeder in his hand watches. Pool train in background.

Finally it is 2471's turn and the engineer isn't hesitating to get a roll on.

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