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Canadian Pacific Railway

"Twenty Eight Hundred" H1 Class 4-6-4 Hudson

Royal Hudsons

65 of these engines comprised the second largest fleet of 4-6-4's in North America after the New York Central
which named the type for the Hudson River which their mainline followed in New York state.

These locomotives were a major advancement in performance especially for heavy long-haul trains.
Their larger firebox and much bigger superheating capacity adding to their stamina at speed.
They were counterbalanced for 90 miles per hour.

2808 hauled The Dominion from Fort William to Calgary a distance of 1,252 miles
departing June 19, 1930 and arriving back on June 24th. without change.

Cylinders 22" x 30" Drivers 75" Pressure 275 lbs. Tractive Effort 45,300 All built by Montreal Locomotive Works.

H1a 2800-2809 11-12/1929
H1b 2810-2819 11-12/1930

H1a 2800 (first of ten) fresh out of Angus shops poses for its official photograph. MLW 68058 11/1929
Note the background whiteout of shop. Canadian Pacific Railway/Walter Pfefferle Collection

H1a 2803 all dolled up "From Sea to Sea 1886-1936" Commemorating 50 years of CPR service across Canada.
It departed Windsor Station with No.7 The Dominion on June 28, 1936. Elwin K. Heath/Bud Laws Collection

2804 with CPR cab emblem, added side panel and smoke deflectors. Francis Gschwind/Bud Laws Collection

2804 later years without "elephant ears" and looking a little tired with rods off and stack covered
Looks like the Bone Yard at Lambton 1958.

H1a 2807 (MLW #68605 12/1929) with empty hoppers for coal loading at Prescott. Ottawa West c.1950
Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

2808 brand new ex MLW. December 1929. CPR/Steve Morris Collection

First of ten H1b 2810 (MLW #68529 11/1930) in official photograph.
Canadian Pacific Railway/Bud Laws Collection

2810 with experimental inboard smoke deflectors.Outremont shop track 5/1937
Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

2810 in a great action scene Number 505 (Montreal-Ottawa) racing through Beaconsfield, Que. 4/29/1944
Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

2810 with standard style smoke deflectors. Glen 5/23/1947 George Parks/Bruce Chapman Collection

The future is here. General Motors 754 A-B-A F3 diesels on CNR sit beside 2810 in Ottawa Union Station.
These Electro Motive demonstrator diesels were handed over to the CNR at Central Station Montreal
May 27,1948 and used on various runs. Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

2811 (MLW #68530 11/1930) in original style. Westmount June 19, 1931 Bud Laws Collection

2811 and 2813 were equipped with boosters to relieve K1 class 4-8-4's on 21 and 22
between Montreal and Toronto and assigned to trains 20 and 37 between the same terminals.

2811 restyled with number panel on running board and beaver emblem on cab.

2811 at Windsor Station. October 1940 Bud Laws Collection

2811 with Third Class symbol freight 911 due to depart Smiths Falls yard 12:45 p.m.for Chalk River Subdivision destined to Sault Ste.Marie. July 19,1958 Smiths Falls Robert F. Collins/James A.Brown Collection

H1b 2811 (MLW #68530 11/1930) near Angus with what appears to be a mixed train. Actually, it is service equipment.
She has fallen a long way down from her early years and is now near the end of service. 6/24/1959 Bob Krone

H1b 2812 with experimental smoke deflectors. MLW 68531 11/1930

Spotless 2812 even in the Depression, the Glen shop track 6/27/1932 W.Raia/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2812 in original appearance. Location and date unknown except prior to May 12, 1936 when running board panel applied with engine number relocated there and shield logo applied to the cab in its place.
Bud Laws Collection

2813 outshopped with smoke deflectors. Montreal 1936 CPR/Steve Morris Collection

2815 with smoke deflectors on an Ottawa train at Montreal West. March 25, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

Here is 2815 again by this time downgraded to freight service (running Extra) out of Montreal. January 1950
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

H1b 2816 (MLW #68535 12/1930) when it was just another 2800. Who would have ever guessed its future?
On the table at the Glen off the suburban train below. 6/22/1959 Bob Krone

2816 with suburban (commuter) train from Rigaud at Montreal West. 6/22/1959 Bob Krone

2816 Gallery

2817 with rare inboard smoke deflectors. Unknown location and date. Bud Laws Collection.

H1b 2819 last standard 2800. MLW 68538 12/1930
Montreal April 1952 Bruce Chapman Collection

Royal Hudsons


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