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Canadian Pacific Railway

"Twenty Eight Hundred" H1 Class 4-6-4 Hudson

Standard Hudsons

65 of these engines comprised the second largest fleet of 4-6-4's in North America after the New York Central
which named the type for the Hudson River which their mainline followed in New York state.

Cylinders 22" x 30" Drivers 75" Pressure 275 lbs. Tractive Effort 45,300 All built by Montreal Locomotive Works.

Royal Hudsons 2820-2864

H1c 2820-2849

H1c 2820 first of the semi-streamlined 2800's. MLW #68956 9/1937 Glen, Montreal 3/24/1960
Glen yard shop track very late in the steam era still working in passenger (commuter) service.

Note: 2459, 2811, 2816, 2820 and 2822 were still in commuter service in May of 1960.
Last steam likely was 2820 with a Montreal bound freight train (transfer?) sighted on June 29th.1960.

Missing its Royal Crown which had become a collectors item!

2821 shop track Glen. 3/1947 Canadian Pacific Railway /Steve Morris Collection

2821 H1c class on No. 232 from Ottawa at Montreal West. October 6, 1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection.
Note the RPO mail car and 305x lightweight combination baggage buffet. MLW #68957 9/1937



H1c 2822 with Sunday afternoon train for Ottawa. Montreal West. June 21,1959 Bob Krone
Uncharacteristic black smoke may be explained as being a favour for the photographer.
It certainly was not common and was in fact something the fireman was criticized for (or worse!)

H1c 2823 has stopped with a Monday suburban train to Montreal. The engineer looks back for a signal to depart.
Montreal West November 11, 1957 Bob Krone

2825 missing the CPR emblem on the cab! Glen shop track. Bud Laws Collection

2825 at Montreal West bound for Ottawa. March 25, 1941. Bud Laws Collection

Coaling up with clam bucket. This was the normal method. Crown Street, Quebec City.
Three photographs 2826 8/26/1958 John Dziobko

2828 Westmount March 25, 1941 Bud Laws Collection
What the heck is that guy doing on his knees? Trying to keep out of the photographer's lens view?

The War was over and CP was struggling to get back to normal after the heavy toll on its infrastructure and equipment when this picture was taken in March, 1947 . We see 2828, one of the famed Royal Hudson's backing its way from Glen Yard towards Windsor Station in Montreal. The practice of backing engines down from the Glen Yard shop track two miles to Windsor Station could be challenging for firemen and enginemen half hanging out windows during winter blizzards or when the temperature dipped to the -20s. During the 1430-1600 hr. period there would be a steady stream of cleaned and serviced engines making their way from Glen Yard to Windsor Station and coupling up to their respective trains. Engine 2828 was built in October, 1937 and scrapped almost to the day she was built in October, 1958 after only 21 years of service. The Glen Yard was the engine's "home" . Both the engine and the yard are now just memories.

Canadian Pacific Railway /Steve Morris Collection

2828 Same place, sixteen years later! Bill Thomson

2833 in a nice shot on the Winnipeg shop track. c.1941 Bud Laws Collection

H1c 2834 MLW 68971 11/1937 hauling freight. Winnipeg. 1953 Joe Boreskie/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Another view of 2834 a few years later. Still a Manitoba District engine assigned to Winnipeg.
It is the only known 2800 painted in freight black! Edmonton 1957. Painted at Weston shops in November 1956.
Harold Ames/Dave Spiegelman Collection.

2837 No.5 The Dominion westbound at Carberry, Manitoba. April 28, 1952 Doug Phillips

Only a few of these cars were through from the east, as most of the cars will have originated at Winnipeg which was a very big distribution center for the west in those days. For example the Eaton’s catalogs were printed in the ‘Peg’ in a huge warehouse and most items as mail orders were delivered by CP Express on CP lines. Overseas bulk mail delivered by CPR steamships in Quebec, Montreal and/or Saint John NB was transferred across country to Vancouver, BC in No 5 for forwarding to Pacific destinations. One steamship line made a direct connection Vancouver to Australia which ended around 1952/53…..airplanes were starting to make their in roads.

No postal car was in the consist at this time as they were in the local trains running between Winnipeg and Moose Jaw, Sask. Only one rider coach is on the rear. When the Wpg-MJ locals came off in 1955/56, the postal cars were added to 5-6.
One of the two “Dominion’s” would have a postal car as well. Doug Phillips


The Dominion No. 4 engine 2839 just west of Rossport, Ontario destined Toronto. August 15, 1951.
Elmer Treloar/NMS&T collection.

Note: The Dominion operated as Number 8 Vancouver-Montreal. A second train Number 4 Vancouver-Toronto.

This locomotive was once part of the Government of Ontario collection for the still-born Transportation Museum in Toronto.
Its disposal caused dismay and resentment when it went to the USA where it had a chequered career with various owners.
The Royal Hudson operated for a time including mainline excursions before being stored and eventually acquired by a
private automobile museum in Sylmar, California where it remains. 2839 preserved.

H1c 2841 on the shop track at the Glen ready for the afternoon train to Ottawa. 6/22/1959 Bob Krone

Brand new H-1-c 2842 (MLW #68955 9/1937) Not yet a Royal Hudson.
Outremont 1937 Elwin K. Heath/Bud Laws Collection

Note: 2838-2842 were built with boosters for use on the grades of the rugged Algoma District and were
assigned to John Street in Toronto operating Toronto-Fort William 811 miles without change of engine
hauling The Dominion with 18 cars. Four engines were required to protect this run, the fifth being a spare,
which may explain why it was in Montreal for a time.

Almost new 2842 leaving Windsor station Montreal in 1938 Joseph Testagrose Collection
This is likely Pool train 354 Frontenac 9.10 A.M. Daily, to Quebec City.

2842 now assigned to John Street in Toronto not long afterwards judging by the stack cowl. Not yet a Royal Hudson.
Bud Laws Collection

2846 with a clear stack and a short passenger train of mostly headend cars with a caboose for freight crew manning train.
Brandon 10/02/1948 L.A.Stuckey/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2847 (MLW 68979 12/1937) Brandon, MB 1939 Not yet a Royal Hudson.

H1c 2847 still without a crown! Elephant-eared G3 2347. 9/10/1942 Brandon
Joe Boreskie/Joseph Testagrose Collection

H1c 2848 (MLW 68979 12/1937) at 18th Street Tower, Brandon, Manitoba. 6/4/1939 Most likely this is The Dominion.
Joe Boreskie/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note the original style of stack cowl with built-in illuminated number boards. Not yet a "Royal" Hudson.

2848 running as Second 3 The Dominion with a clear stack! Brandon 911/1947
L.A.Stuckey/James A. Brown Collection

H1d 2850-2859

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on 1939 Royal tour.

H1d 2850 likely has just arrived with the Royal Train in Vancouver. May 29, 1939 Bud Laws Collection

One of ten H1d sub-class 2850 MLW 69100 8/1938 Vancouver 5/31/1939 E.Towler/Bud Laws Collection

2850 "The" Royal Hudson shown here on public display. Bud Laws Collection

2850 is just another Twenty Eight Hundred here at Winnipeg 8/24/1957 Peter Cox

Most likely this was the protect engine for the Royal Trains. 2851 being for the Advance Royal train which carried the press and entourage. 2852 Drake Street, Vancouver 5/1939 Bud Laws Collection

2852 new

H1d 2852 MLW #69102 8/1938 Ron Visockis Collection

2854 Winnipeg April 1940 Bud Laws Collection

2858 most likely at Lambton and in its last year 1959.
Note indicator on top of water tank showing half full.
(Others would say "half empty"!)

2858 one of only four preserved Royal Hudsons (2839, 2850, 2860). This one is at the NMS&T in Ottawa.
Joseph Testagrose Collection

2859 and 2821 on the shop track at the Glen. Richard Solomon/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Number 7 The Dominion engine 2859 westbound from Montreal to Vancouver.

North Bay August 1953 John McIntosh/Jonathan Archibald Collection Two photos.

Cape solarium observation sleeper brings up the rear of The Dominion.

2859 taking water at unknown location c.1940's Bud Laws Collection

Note: Only the H1e sub-class 2860-2864 (last Royal Hudsons) built MLW June 1940 were built new as oil-fired.

H1e 2860 back when it was just another "2800". Seen here with the Vancouver transfer in May 1956. J.F.Orem
Famed Canadian Pacific B-C Pier in the background.

2860 at Sicamous, BC July 6, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

2861 also at Sicamous same day. July, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

2861 Kamloops July 1953 Bud Laws Collection

2862 brand new in builder's official photograph. MLW 69294 June 1940.
Steve Morris Collection

2862 at Salmon Arm, BC August 3, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

Wartime headlight shroud to reduce visibility from the air on west coast. 1943 Doug Phillips Collection

2862 Vancouver 1955. Stan Styles

2863 on the shop track at Revelstoke. August 13, 1941. Bud Laws Collection

2863 just two years later and now without the streamlined stack cowl, but still with teardrop classification lights.
Vancouver August 1943 Bud Laws Collection

2863 crossing Smythe Street (east end of Drake Street terminal) 1953. Leif Sorensen Collection.

2864 the last Royal Hudson, on the shop track at Revelstoke. August 13, 1941. Bud Laws Collection


Standard Hudsons


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