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Canadian Pacific Railway

G5 Class 4-6-2 1200-1301

Cylinders 20" x 28" Drv. 70" Press. 250 lbs. t.e. 34,000
Tender 14 tons coal, 8,000 gallons water.

Modern Pacific type dual service locomotives intended to replace hundreds of older Pacifics and Ten-Wheelers.
Two prototypes were built by Angus Shops (one for Western Lines and one for Eastern Lines).
Orders for 100 were placed with MLW and CLC out of a planned 600 were all that happened due to dieselization.

Preserved: 1201, 1238, 1246, 1278, 1286, 1293.
Note: 1293 said to have received a new boiler in 1952.

Posing for the photographer. Definately not the normal work force!
This is either 1200 or 1201 under final construction at Angus Shops. 1944

New G5's 1241 1242 1243 1244 and 1246 all lined up for the photographer. Outremont 1946
Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection

Here she is! The first G5 brand new at Angus Shops. April 1944 CPR/Bruce Chapman Collection

Note: 1200 and 1201 were the only G5's equipped with a Worthington Feedwater Heater.

1200 assigned to Western Lines. Winnipeg July 22, 1951 Bruce Chapman Collection

1200 laying down a light plume of coal smoke on No. 56 with mostly headend traffic on its 368 mile 13 hour
Daily except Sunday run between Regina and Winnipeg. Due Souris, Man. 1.25 p.m. 6/22/1955
L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

Extra 1200 East. A long freight train. Proof of the versatility of the G5 class, a so-called "light Pacific".
Brandon 10/10/1947 L.A.Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection

Another long freight behind 1200 at Carberry, Manitoba. L.A.Stuckey/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Two-year old 1201 taking water on the shop track at the Glen 9/02/1946 L B Chapman Collection

G5a 1201 when it was just another G5. One of two prototypes built by Angus 6/1944.
Montreal, September 1, 1951. Bud Laws Collection

1201 hauled a number of special trains after the end of steam operations.

Centennial of Driving of Last Spike at Craigellachie, BC,
Turning on wye at Taft following event. November 7, 1985.

Business Car 76 was also present at the original event!
Preserved at Heritage Park, Calgary.

1201 is stored, hidden from the public at the Canada Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa.

G5b 1202-1231 (30) MLW

1202 in Winnipeg. 10/14/1959 J.R.Quinn

G5b 1202 MLW 73719 8/1945 Manor, Saskatchewan 10/18/1954
Lawrence Stuckey/L.B.Chapman Collection

1203 MLW 73720 9/1945 Winnipeg 6/01/1950 J.R.Quinn

1206 waiting to go. Sutherland 1946 Bill Robertson

1210 MLW 73727 9/1945 Winnipeg 9/10/1959 J.R.Quinn

G5b 1212 first order of 30 engines 1202-1231 MLW 73729 9/1945
Sutherland, Saskatchewan Bud Laws Collection

1214 being serviced at Portage La Prairie, MB. 4/14/1959 J.R.Quinn

Note shopman (or, fireman) on tender is likely shovelling coal forward.

1215 ready to leave shop track. MLW 73732 9/1945
Soo Line diesels in background operate into Winnipeg over Canadian subsidiary Midland of Manitoba.


You can't tell by looking at this photograph but 1216 is one of just two engines (+ 1231) built new with a welded boiler.
MLW 73733 1/1946

1217 leaving Montreal West with commuter No. 518 eastbound to Windsor Station on a crisp October morning in 1957.
Robert J. Sandusky

G5b 1227 (MLW #73744 10/1945) Taking water on Glen shop track. July 4, 1954 John Dziobko

G5b 1229 Taking water on the Glen shop track. September 21, 1957 Kevin Day Collection

1230 with No. 36 from Toronto via Havelock with plenty of headend traffic about to enter Windsor Station, Montreal.
G5b 1230 assigned to Glen. MLW 73747 11/1945 Bud Laws Collection

1231 with commuter train maybe smoking it up for the photgrapher. Bud Laws Collection

The first crossing of the Ottawa River just before the river empties into the St. Lawrence at Vaudreuil/Dorion Quebec.
He is on the CP Winchester Subdivision, and the CN double track Cornwall Subdivision is in the foreground.
Note: 1231 last G5b built 4/1946 5 months after 1230!

G5c 1232-1251 (20) MLW and 1252-1271 (20) CLC

1235 Sutherland, SK 8/23/1955 Bud Laws Collection

1235 making far too much black smoke! Somewhere on Western Lines. Bud Laws Collection

1237 builders photo MLW 74897 June 1946 Steve Morris Collection

1238 acq. 12/1963 Rail Tours tourist operation (George M. Hart) York, Pa. 6/1965 MLW 74898 6/1946
Note: D10 972 and G5 1286 were also owned by George.

G5c 1246 in tourist operation at Steamtown USA, Riverside, Bellows Falls, Vermont. June 17, 1978 Bill Rogerson
Note the US-style visored headlight with slanted illuminated number boards also the
relocated bell in fixed position with the clapper moved by air giving a cow bell type of sound.
Engineer Andy Barbarra (ex DL&W) and fireman Howard Freeman (ex B&O).

1251 last MLW built G5 (1202-1251 = 50 engines) 74915 7/1946 Calgary c.1955 Yves St-Hilaire Collection

Note the auxiliary water tender (tank car) for another engine.

A spotless and near-new 1255 blowing down the boiler on the way to its train likely The Gull to McAdam and Vanceboro, Maine where the MEC would take over to Portland and then the B&M would handle the remainder of the run to Boston.
Both 1255 and 1256 were West Saint John engines from delivery by CLC in November, 1949 until trains were dieselized
in 1955. Bay Shore Yard, West Saint John.

1256 after The Gull was dieselized. Fredericton, NB 8/16/1957

1256 on No.153 leaving for Edmundston after arriving from Saint John as No.101.
Mc.Adam September 3, 1955 Walter Pfefferle Collection
At the change of time later that month (September 25) these trains
would become a Dayliner with RDC-2 9102 and RDC-4 9200.

G5c 1256 with Sunday morning passenger train to Ste.Agathe, QC. CLC 2352 11/1946
Montreal West November 10, 1957 Bob Krone

1257 St.Luc. 9/1951 Bud Laws Collection

1258 with No.248 from Rigaud at Montreal West 8:00 A.M. Monday, October 6, 1958 Bud Laws Collection
Note the D&H passenger train.

It happens that I rode # 180 from Montreal West to Windsor Station that day and the motive power was 2426,
as it had been for some time. I wouldn't be surprised if the smoke rising above the second car on the commuter
train was from engine 2426! Ron Ritchie

1262 on shop track next to turntable. 6/18/1957 Three Rivers, Quebec. Bud Laws Collection

G5c 1264 (CLC 2360 12/1946) with passenger train. Date and location unknown.
Roy W. Carlson/Bud Laws Collection

1265 on shop track at Ottawa West. 9/1951 Bud Laws Collection

1266 Sturgeon Falls, ON 8/27/1958 Bud Laws Collection

No. 263, the afternoon pool train from Ottawa to Brockville, with connections there to Toronto on CNR #15, is arriving at Carleton Place with engine 1267, and the usual consist, CNR baggage car, 3 CP coaches, CN diner and CP parlour car.
Robert J. Sandusky

G5c 1267 (CLC 2363 1/1947) on the turntable at Prescott Ontario. Bruce Chapman Collection
The engine had arrived on the local passenger train #592 from Ottawa the evening previous,
and is now being removed from the shop by the chargeman to return to Ottawa as train #593.
Note the unusual truss rod added to strengthen the table similar to what was used on rolling stock.

1269 in a great action scene with just the sort of train it was designed for. CLC 2365 4/1947
Bruce Chapman Collection.

G5c 1269 with suburban train (above and below) leaving Windsor Station in Montreal. July 4, 1954 John Dziobko
Wooden, steel underframe (S.U.F.) commuter coaches were still in use and in fine appearance.


1271 last of the G5c sub-class and looking brand new. CLC 2367 4/1947
This engine was one of the last steam engines in regular passenger service out of Toronto.
Its most popular assignment was the Steam Boat train for Port Mc.Nicoll.

G5d 1272-1301 (30) CLC

G5d 1272 with combination pilot! Only G5 known to be so equipped.

G5d 1278 back when it too was just another "Twelve Hundred". CLC 2435 4/1948
Assiniboia shop track 1950's Ron Bearman

G5d 1287 with train 320 is approaching west yard lead. I was standing on boxcar roof on team track.
Mail clerk standing in door of mail end of mail and express car 3562 for train 310 to Weyburn.
In background, looks like yard eng switching out track 8. Circa 1951 Assiniboia SK Ron Bearman

Another view of the same engine on train 319, rounding the curve coming off the Expanse Sub and on the Main Line to Assiniboia station. Track to right is the Assiniboia Sub (to Weyburn) and this is the Assiniboia wye (other 'leg' in background).

G5d 1289 CLC 2446 6/1948 Moose Jaw 4-30-55 Max Miller/Bud Laws Collection

This interesting scene shows Second Class Mixed train No.538 (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) hauled by G5d 1296
(CLC 2453 7/48) crossing the Islandic River on low wooden pile trestle on the Winnipeg Beach Subdivision at Riverton, MB. Thursday, June 18th.1959 Bruce R. Meyer/Bud Laws Collection

The combine was one of series 3310-3334 converted from Colonist cars at Angus in 1956-57.
The caboose was one of 50 steel vans (437455 - 437504) built at Angus in 1954. Twenty five went to Western Lines.
The end of steam on the CPR was near and this engine would haul the last steam run on the line in September.

Note: Only another five G5's would be built after 1296 yet hundreds more had been planned. Diesels changed all that.

G5d 1300 second last engine. CLC 2457 8/1948 Bud Laws Collection


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