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Canadian Pacific Railway

V Class 0-8-0

Over many years 0-8-0's were converted by the CPR from 2-8-0's replaced by bigger engines in road freight service.
30 V4a class engines ended this rebuilding as it was determined little was gained over simply using the 2-8-0's since it was discovered a large number of them were already in yard and transfer service across the system. Smaller drivers and more weight on them produced only a small increase in tractive effort which was seldom needed. Removal of the pony truck required careful redistribution of the weight to avoid premature wear and tear on the lead drivers. Simply put, the expense wasn't worth it. The result was M4 class 2-8-0's remained in yard and transfer service into the 1950's at various terminals around the system.

V1a 6800-6819 (20)..Cyl. 20" x 24" Drv. 51" Press.180 lbs. Baldwin
V1b 6820-6834 (15).... Cyl. 20" x 26" Drv. 51" Press.180 lbs. Richmond
10 tons coal 3200 gals. water

6809 looking every bit its age even at this time three-quarters of a century ago!
Baldwin 15825 5/1898 Converted 9/1909 from 2-8-0 Vauclain compound to 0-8-0 simple.
Slab rods and "hat box" for slide valves. Note switchman on rear footboard.
It was the last of these old engines, scrapped at Ogden 2/1951!
Plenty of other details including coal chute with sand tower. ENLARGE
Lethbridge October 12, 1941 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

V1a 6816 with fog headlight. Baldwin 15823 5/1898 Rebuilt from 2-8-0 9/1910 Scrapped 1/1946
Vancouver May 29, 1939 Walter Edwin Frost/City of Vancouver Archives.

Vancouver February 24,1941 Bud Laws Collection

V1b class 6832 was originally built as a 2-8-0 by Richmond Locomotive and Machine Works #2708 7/1898
It was converted 9/1911 and eventually scrapped 1/1939. Bud Laws Collection

V3c 6904-6913 (10) CPR 1913

6904 Vancouver February 11, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

6905 with standard cut down style tender. Calgary April 17/1955 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

Posing "rods down" fresh out of Weston Shops! Doug Phillips Collection

6907 switching at Higgins Street in Winnipeg. Thursday, April 23,1959. R.S.Ritchie

This interesting down-on view clearly shows differences in tenders used on V3 class engines (12 tons coal)
compared to unknown engine in background which may be a V4 class (below) with only 6 tons.
Place Viger Yard, Montreal in June 1950 R.S.Ritchie

6909 Calgary August 1, 1954 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

Bud Laws Collection

6911 Brandon, Manitoba. June 1940 Bud Laws Collection



V4a 6920-6949 (30) Rebuilt CPR 1928-29
Cylinders 22 1/2" x 28" drivers 52" press. 180 lbs. 41,700 t.e. 6 tons coal and 5,000 gallons water.

V4a class 6920 first of thirty 0-8-0's rebuilt from M4 class 2-8-0's. Originally M4 3547 CPR 5/1909. Rebuilt 5/1928
Good looking well proportioned engine. Taking water. Note the canvas extention on water pipe.
Bud Laws Collection

6920 switching 6658 buffet-parlor car part of order 6656-6660 CC&F/Angus 6/1924.
Pre- November 1943, Place Viger, Montreal. Bud Laws Collection

6922 posed "rods-down". Maybe the crew is having their "20". (20 minutes for meal period as per Collective Agreement). July 27, 1956 Montreal. Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

6923 on the table at Glen (Westmount) Que. Ex 3465 CPR #1514 3/1907 Rebuilt 8/1928.
Note the foreign road engine at the left. Alan R. Christmas/Bud Laws Collection

6924 at the Glen shop track. June 17, 1931 Bud Laws Collection

6931 on shop track. October 1954 Bud Laws Collection

V4a 6939 with fog headlight. Ex 3534 MLW #45587 9/1908 Rebuilt 7/1928
Vancouver October 17,1942 Bud Laws Collection

Oil-fired 6939 one of six converted to oil for use on Western Lines. Tender full view.
Sutherland, Sask. 7/17/1953 Howard W. Ameling/Bud Laws Collection

6940 with fog headlight and pilot box. Ex 3532 MLW #45585 9/1908 Rebuilt CPR 7/1928
Vancouver October 17, 1942 Bud Laws Collection

6946 Moose Jaw August 22, 1955 C.T.Feldstead/Bud Laws Collection

Sold 2/1959 Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal

V5a 6600-6609 (10) CLC 1930-31
Cyl. 22 1/2 x 32 250 lbs. Drv. 58" 59,400 t.e.

Unidentified 6600 getting attention working the hump at Fort William. L.B.Chapman Collection

V5a 6600 (CLC #1903 12/1930) one of only ten modern new switch engines built although thirty were originally planned. These massive engines were used for the very heaviest switching, usually only two per terminal and with a multiple throttle would have a quick response. Two sizes of tenders were used with these engines both held 14 tons of coal (two later converted to oil) with either an unusual 7200 or 8500 gallon water capacity. This was likely about the only time the fireman would be sitting down since these engines were not equipped with stokers despite their size. Only one other class had
vestibule cabs. Three W class 0-10-0's. Note the engine in the background, possibly 6920 above.
Bud Laws Collection

Here is the right side of 6601. Outremont (Montreal) 6/1938 Lawrence Stuckey/Bruce Chapman Collection
Note the heavy chains in foreground used under drivers since steam locomotives did not have parking brakes.

6605 looking fresh out of Ogden main shop. Calgary June 16, 1953

6605 looking fresh out of Weston backshop. Winnipeg. Note shopman on running board.
George Harris/Walter Pfefferle Collection

6607 posed rods-down to be photographed brand-new.
CPR/Rail Photo Service/Bud Laws Collection

6607 CLC 1910 January 1931 CPR/Bud Laws Collection


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