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Canadian Pacific Railway

All classes Ten-Wheeler 4-6-0

D10 class

Early classes of Ten-Wheelers were off the roster in the 1930's having been built in the 1890's.
A few remained long enough to get photographed by CPR employee Floyd Yates.

C and early D class 58" drivers

C1h 203 CP New Shops 1111 9/1889 Stored Winnipeg 9/01/1932 Floyd Yates

C3a 240 (ex E&N 40) oil-fired CPNS 1233 8/1897 Dead Vancouver 1/03/1938 Floyd Yates

C3a 242 (ex E&N 42) CPNS 1235 8/1897 Victoria 8/01/1937 Floyd Yates


D3m 356 CPNS 1243 12/1897 Calgary 6/06/1937 Floyd Yates

D4f 380 Baldwin 15472 9/1897 Dead in Carleton Place 6/03/1932 Floyd Yates

D5a 495 Cyl. 19" x 24" Drv. 63" CPR New Shops 1240 9/1897
Wellington, BC 7/02/1928 Bud Laws Collection

Note: One of 3 D5a 494-496 all scrapped 8/1929.

D4g Cylinders 19" x 24" Drivers 62" Pressure 180 lbs. tractive effort 21%
Angus Shops built 75 (417-492) of these small engines for branchline service across the system.
425-492 built 11/1912 to 12/1914 followed by 417-424 2/1915 to 5/1915
Note: None of these engines was ever equipped with a power reverser. Strictly Johnson Bar.

First D4g 417 being coaled up. Waltham Quebec 6/22/1959 Al Paterson/Bruce Chapman Collection

Last D4g 424 spotted at the coal loader. Ash in foreground. CPR 5/1915
Cornwall, Ont. 8/1948 Stan Styles/L.B.Chapman Collection

426 sitting outside the enginehouse at Cornwall. 11/1947 Stan Styles/L.B.Chapman Collection

D4g 434 CPR 12/1912. Tweed, Ont. Bruce Chapman Collection

Extra 435 at Cornwall July 1948 Stan Styles/L.B.Chapman Collection

442 with all-wood consist on branchline. Port Alberni, VI. 8/14/1947 W.C.Whittaker/Joseph Testagrose Collection

D4g 444 CPR 2/1913 Original tender 10 tons coal, 5000 gallons water.
Other original tenders for oil-fired engines were 2150 gals. oil.
Other engines had tenders off D-10, G1, G2 and M4 class engines 12 tons and 5000 gals.
Revelstoke April 1943 Peter Cox Collection/Courtesy of Bruce Chapman

D4g 449 was the regular Waltham passenger engine in the late 1940's, and here she is about to cross the Alexandra/Interprovincial bridge heading to Hull with train No. 543. Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

D4 449 on the Waltham passenger train flying white extra flags. It is April 1946, and the Interprovincial Bridge was closed due to a fire at the E. B. Eddy plant in Hull at the north end of the bridge. The bridge was closed for repairs for some time, and all trains leaving old Ottawa Union heading to Waltham, Maniwaki, Carleton Place and Montreal via the north shore had to head east to Hurdman on the M&O Subdivision, turn south on the Sussex Street Subdivision to Ellwood, then go around the wye
track and head north into Ottawa West. There they had to reverse position if they were heading to Quebec and head north over the Prince of Wales Bridge. Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

472 brand new or fresh out of the backshop. MLW 50464 1/1912

477 on the old K&P (Kingston & Pembroke) Kingston city hall in background. Station partially visible behind rear of train. Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

D4 492 at Cornwall 6/12/1937 W.E.Paul/L.B.Chapman Collection
Engineer and fireman watching woman walking away. Likely the wife of one of them.
492 the highest numbered D4g was actually not the last of its class due to number conflict.
425-492 built 11/1912 to 12/1914 followed by 417-424 2/1915 to 5/1915

492 on display inside at Exporail.

D6 63" drivers

D6b 536 one of 17 engines (523-539) North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, Scotland. 16050 12/1903
Bud Laws Collection

D6d class 555 (20 engs. 540-559) Saxon Locomotive Building Co. Chemnitz, Germany #2842 2/1904
Became DAR 555 5/1937 and sold 3/1947 to Canadian Gypsum. Bud Laws Collection
This style of tender with rounded back corners was standard on many classes of engines built in the very early 1900's

D9 63" drivers

D9c 572 (one of 58 engs. 540-597) Schenectady Locomotive Works (NY) 28348 7/1903
Vancouver 7/09/1927 Addison Lake/Bud Laws Collection

D9c 579 near Lake Louise, Alberta. Schenectady #28355 7/1903 Note the inboard valves.

"Distributed Power" This scene in the Kicking Horse Pass is proof of the old saying "There is nothing new under the sun"
D9c 562 and two other engines with the Trans Canada Limited on Field Hill.


More D9's

Southern BC

D10 class


781 one of four D11a class "Mother Hubbard" or camelback style engines built with a Wooten wide firebox to burn
low grade coal. MLW #42098 1/1907. Note the two separate cabs. Converted to standard class D10d 10/1910.
Bruce Chapman Collection

Crew posing with 781 at Swift Current, Saskatchewan Stan Styles/Chapman Collection

784 Bruce Chapman Collection


E Class
A high Ten-Wheeler with 70 inch diameter drivers for passenger service.

E3a 2018 Cyl. 19" x 24" Drv.70" Press. 180 Tender 9 tons, 4000 gals. CPR 5/1913
Frederickton, NB 1926 Walter Pfefferle Collection
Left to right: Al Fowler ?, Walter Fisher, Ross Fisher and Charlie Elgee.

E4b 2038 Cyl. 20" x 24" Drv. 70" Press. 180 Tender 8 ton, 4500 gals. CPR New Shops 3/1900
Canadian Pacific Railway
/Walter Pfefferle Collection

E4d class 2046 CPR New Shops #1332 7/1900 Winnipeg 9/30/1932 Bud Laws Collection

One of many CPR engines built around that time with Belpaire boilers.
These engines were built as saturated engines. It received a new boiler in 7/1911 with Vaughan-Horsey superheater.
Photographed in the depths of the Great Depression it likely never saw service again and was scrapped 7/1935.

E5e 2088 North British Locomotive Co., Glasgow, Scotland. 15870 7/1903 Scrapped 2/1941.
One of 20 E5 class engines (2086-2105) built by North British.
Note: A number of other engines were built by different builders in Scotland, England and Germany.

Location unknown May 1931 Bud Laws Collection/Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle

2110 looking fresh out of Angus complete with white tyres!
Carleton Place 7/02/1938 H.N.Proctor/Bruce Chapman Collection

Blueprint of Carleton Place roundhouse.
Raymond Farand Collection

2110 undergoing some cylinder work. Note headlight boarded up. 5753 behind. Likely Montreal c.1938.
No caption but may have been taken around the same time as photo above.
W.R.Osborne/Bruce Chapman Collection


E5f 2114 Cyl. 20" x 26" Drv. 70" 200 lbs. 25,300 t.e. Schenectady #28574 6/1903.
(One of the last six E5's all scrapped 4/1949). at St.Johnsbury, Vermont. Bud Laws

2114 dead and out of service, likely forever by its looks. 2110 behind, likewise looking dead.
Montreal 5/1948 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection
Scrapped 4/1949

E5g 2118 and identical sister engine with a Royal Train for the Prince of Wales.
Between Smiths Falls and Brockville. 1927 Kevin Day Collection
Another photo of the same train identifies the men who are standing in a different order.

2118 looking immaculate! Woodsville, New Hampshire. July 1932 Bruce Chapman Collection

A later view of 2118 (note different headlight) Brockville, Ontario August 1935. Bud Laws

2119 at Shawinigan Falls, Quebec. 1948 Bruce Chapman Collection
Note overhead wires for Shawinigan Falls Terminal electric locomotives.

Another of the last six E5's, 2055, 2110, 2113, 2114, 2118 and 2119 all scrapped 4/1949.


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