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General Motors Diesel


GM70 one of 4 units (70-73) testing EPA Tier 2 emissions. SD70ACe 710 engine 20026404-1 4/2003

600 GMDH-1 A1713 9/1958 600 HP hydraulic unit testing/demonstrating on CPR St.Marys Sub. in 1958.
Bill Thomson

Eventually sold 5/1962 to Federal Railways of Brazil. No other 600 HP units were built aside from 1001.


GMD 7001 FP7A leads two F7B units 7002 and 7003 on The Dominion arriving three hours late.
Cascade Subdivision, Vancouver, January 13, 1950 Andy Cassidy Collection

Checking things out!

On the ground beside "LTD". is Andrew (Andy) Howie Cassidy, father of Andy Cassidy who has written railway stories.

GMD 7001-7002-7003 with dynamometer car on The Dominion.
Schreiber December 1949 Leo Aber

The diesels are here! "Everyone and his brother" came out to see them!


GMD Feature article includes many EMD demonstrators in Canada including Train of Tomorrow and Aerotrain.



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