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CPR Branchline Memories

R.J. (Bob) Shaw

Part 1 Streetsville and St. Marys

Part 2 Braking on the St.Marys' Way-freight.

Part 3 Working on the Goderich Sub. p.1 and p.2 NEW



I Remember by Herbet Stitt Real life stories by retired CPR locomotive engineer. NEWEST

German Spies Caught in the Junction. During World War II. NEWER
Only recently revealed to the public. p.1 and p.2

Reminiscences of a Railroader Newt Rossiter.Stories of a fireman and boilerman at John Street roundhouse in Toronto during late years of steam era. Including details and histories of different trains and their engines.

Life in Senneterre region. Railroaders and locals. Interesting!
CBC link

Memories of the Old K&P Robert Curry

Station Agent's Stories Brief little stories by the late George McInnis a CPR station agent.

3510 at Ottawa West Personal story of a 10-year old boy riding a freight train. Bruce Chapman

Braking on the Railroad Personal story about a 10 year old boy's railroad adventure. Al Howlett

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Personal story about a 10 year old boy's adventures. Al Howlett

The Paper Boy Personal story about being a paper boy and the LE&N in 1943. Al Howlett

Taking the Red Eye Home.

Personal story about using the LE&N radial to work and back home in 1948. Al Howlett

Snow Storm of January 1918 Paralyzed Wellington County in Ontario. Steve Thorning

Older memories of Drake Street, Vancouver by Andy Cassidy who previously wrote his Memories.

Memories of the old K&P by new contributor Robert Curry. His grandfather William Curry was a CPR engineer on what had been the Kingston and Pembroke.

Memories of Ottawa West by Bruce Chapman whose uncle Ben Huntington was a CPR engineer.

Memories of Parry Sound Cliff Beagan recalls similar memories to those of Bill Chester's in Lucknow. After his railroading years he bought a local creamery and dairy operation!

Former CPR brakeman Cliff Beagan is back with some more of his Memories of railroading in the 1950's on the Bruce Division. Port Mc.Nicoll grain trains, Snow plowing on the branch, Cattle on the Tracks , Buried Treasure, and Cinders in your eye.

Memories of Riding Behind a Jubilee by Peter Cox. An old photograph brings back memories.

Memories of Drake Street roundhouse in Vancouver by Andy Cassidy one-time diesel electrician and later Locomotive Foreman.

Memories of Growing Up in Lucknow by Bill Chester. Typical small town.

Memories of Grain Trains on the CPR Bruce Division. by Cliff Beagan.

Memories of a Close Call at Christmas Time another story by Don Gaw about a near disastrous situation when a crew got careless.

Memories of a Close Meet with a Ghost Train. A story by Don Gaw about an excited crew!

Memories of an E-8 Story by now-deceased CPR conductor Don Gaw about one of the E-8 diesels on a fast Montreal to Ottawa passenger train that lost a wheel!

The Last Days of Steam (link) Stories of A.B.Peden CNR brakeman Winnipeg 1951

Turning Back the Pages of the Tattered Little Note Book. New contributor Bruce Mercer writes about his early railroad career working as an engineer on the C&O in Ontario in the 1980's.

CPR Chipman-Norton NB Last steam men working with trio of 4-4-0's reminisce about their days of branchline railroading in New Brunswick.

Horseshoe Curve Wreck Famous wreck on the former narrow gauge Toronto, Grey & Bruce in the Caledon Hills area of Ontario.

Ashdown cars Story about some old wooden box cars given a new purpose; to keep one of the hottest trains on the CPR rolling on time. Designed by Lambton Yardmaster Sam Ashdown.

Waldorf Transfer Co. Hamilton, Ontario. Baggage tag. In its latter years it was a small local, one-truck company owned and operated by Jack Weir. It provided baggage transfer service between Hamilton and CNR Dundas for Toronto-London-Windsor-Sarnia trains.

Franz Swing (Link) CPR operator working swing job at Franz and other Northern Ontario points in the 1970's. The last mayor of Franz. Actually, it is about the last operator there.

The Rexall Train another famous visitor to Fez City in Toronto 1936.

Galt Wreck a serious wreck on May 2, 1956 on the C.P.R. main line, it was long remembered and was the last major wreck of the steam-era.

Doubling Mary Anne's A true story about an old widow who took on the mighty C.P.R. and won!

Enemy Attack! A puzzling story about local residents who thought they were under a bombing attack during World War II.

The LOL and the VIP! True story about a (sort of) important person.

All Masons! The truth revealed.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas A poem written about train crews at Christmas.

1409 Form number used to report "affairs", and efforts to cover it all up!

At Last I've Seen the Light Poem written at a time of labour strife.

Wreck on Sucker Lake Shore, an old poem and photos about a big CPRail wreck on the Belleville Subdivision

Narrow Gauge is a description of a railway's track gauge. It is also a term used to denigrate another railway! Read about a local usage of this expression.

Leaky Roof - Read about the origin of a local name for a railway.

Junction Terminal Railway - Story about how local businessmen in West Toronto had to incorporate their own railway for 600 feet! All this on account of the refusal by the Grand Trunk Railway to serve the new Union Stock Yards.

Washout - The story from the days of steam, about an everyday task carried out at roundhouses everywhere, by ex-roundhouse foreman Joe Howard.

Winter on the Glory Road - Another story from the days of steam by Joe Howard.

The Way it Was - An interesting look at the daily routine of a roundhouse foreman at CPR's Hochelaga yard before St.Luc became the main yard in Montreal. Dealing with a myriad of problems, both mechanical and human, including one adamant engineer who demands to have "his" engine. When I first read this story I was CONVINCED it took place at Lambton Yard and involved a well-known engineer, Jack "Windy" Close whose regular engine on the Parkdale Transfer was at one time also a 5750 series 2-10-0, in later years it was the 3753. One day he raised a fuss when the 3753 wasn't sitting on the shop track and demanded "his" engine. He too was told the locomotive sitting there had "Canadian Pacific" on the side of it and he should take it. One day the General Superintendent retired and everyone had long figured he was the source of Close's influence, so they promptly signed up another engine to the Transfer and waited for the fun. The whole scene was played out again and he went off grumbling. They had fixed him! Not quite, within hours word came from Union Station (HQ) to make sure 3753 was kept on the Transfer! The next day it was back. They never did find out who his connection was as far as I know.

Newton Rossiter Reminiscences of a Railroader.
Real life experiences of a C.P.R. shop and fireman from the steam era of railroading.

Fez City. June 2000 marked the 70th Anniversary of this major event, the56th Annual Session, Imperial Council, Ancient Arabic Order Nobels of the Mystic Shrine, held June 9-12,1930, oasis of Toronto Canada, hosted by Remeses Temple, founded 1888.

Read all about Frank Blaine, Canada's Casey Jones. He died in the wreck of his passenger train, staying with his engine until the end. The passengers erected a monument to honour him. Now you can honour his memory by reading his story and telling others.

40th Anniversary of "The Tripleheader" famous excursion on the C.P.R. to mark the end of the steam era. May 1st, 1960 from Toronto to Orangeville, Ontario. Do you remember it? Were you on it?

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