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Port Colborne Harbour Ry.

Owned by City of Port Colborne
Original lease ex CN 7.7 miles to Welland. June 24, 1997

Added leased CN trackage 41 miles Welland to Thorold,
Merritton and St.Catharines. September 19, 1999.

St.Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg Ry.

Operates CN Cayuga Spur St.Thomas to Tillsonburg
including trackage rights into St.Thomas to connect with CN.
Effective 12/2021

St.Thomas and Eastern Ry.

Leased CN Cayuga Sub. St.Thomas to Delhi. 33.5 miles
plus trackage rights in St.Thomas to connect with CN. .
November 9, 1998 to December 20, 2013

Orangeville-Brampton Ry.

Owned by Town of Orangeville
34.3 miles ex CP Owen Sound Sub. plus industrial spur 1. 5 miles..
Taken over July 1, 2018 after CANDO ended lease with Town.
OBRY shut down entire operation in December 2021.



Note: All operations taken over in 2018 by GIO Rail Holdings Corp.

Trillium Ry.


St.Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg Ry.NEW

LDSX 7920 acq. 2022 (ex ESSO 7920, ex CN 7920) SW900 GMD A584 4/1954
Sarnia 6/14/2022

JLCX 3502 (ex NPR 3502 nee DRGW 3036) GP35 EMD 29267 6/1964 enroute at Niagara Falls, ON 3/14/2021

GMTX 223 leased 12/2016 (ex UPY 1358, nee MP 1358) MP15DC EMD 817019-3 1/1982

Two photographs. Merritt Rd. Merriton 3/29/2017

Note: Recalled by GATX Locomotive Group for another customer account equipped with controls for slug.

GMTX 333 leased 4/2017 Humberstone Rd. Welland 8/25/2017
MP15AC EMD 777024-10 10/1977
ex UP 1421, ex SOO 1518, nee MILW 452

Note: Transferred 2018 to Orangeville-Brampton.

GMTX 340 leased 7/2018 (ex PRLX 1159, ex CSXT 1159, ex SBD 4007, SCL 4009)
MP15AC EMD 777024-10 10/1977 Thorold 1/03/2020

Port Colborne Harbour Ry.

TRRY 45 acq. 5/2004 (ex PGM Rail Services #NIL, ex Stelpipe, Page Hersey Works #NIL, Welland 6/2003,
ex Stelco #NIL, nee Page Hersey Pipe #NIL Welland). 45-tonner GE 29055 9/1947 Sold 11/2017 PSTR 45.

Note: Used to switch grain elevator in Port Colborne.

1859 switching the former Robin Hood Flour elevator on the former NS&T at Humberstone, ON.
Omer Avenue level crossing, Port Colborne. James Knott 04/03/2020

1859 acq. 12/2008 (ex OCRR 1859, ex NBEC 1859, ex CP 1859 nee CP 8786) RS-18u MLW 82467 6/1958.


Mill and elevator built 1940 for Robin Hood Flour. Acquired 1970 by International Multifoods Corp.
Sold 6/2004 to J.M.Smucker. Sold 2006 to Horizon Milling (Div. of Cargill). Mill shut down in 2008.
Elevator (2.3 Million bushel capacity) acquired 2010 by Minneapolis-based Ceres Global Ag Corp.

A new long-term storage and handling agreement effective July 1, 2019) with London Agricultural Commodities (LAC).
Ceres said it will continue to operate the elevator, receiving crops by truck and rail for drying, storing and/or loading onto truck, rail or laker vessels on behalf of LAC and its customers. London, Ont.-based LAC sources and handles corn, soybeans, wheat, feed grains and feed ingredients through a network of 16 sites across southern Ontario, and also
sources crops from Prairie growers. LAC is also the exclusive corn buyer for Suncor Energy’s ethanol plant at
St. Clair, Ont., south of Sarnia.


PCHR 6101 acq. 1997 (ex NYLE 6101) ex MKCX 6101, ex PC 2423, nee PRR 2423
C-425 Alco 3403-02 2/1965 Port Colborne 6/23/1997

Note: 2001 returned to NY&LE 6101.

PCHR 308 switching at CN Mileage 9.46 Grimsby Sub. 10/08/1999 A.W.Mooney

PCHR 308 . .history prior and subsequent owners.

Trillium Ry.

TRRY 108 acq. 1999 (ex CANX/CN 108, nee CN 8617). S-13u MLW 83205 11/1959
April 4/2016 Dave Howard

TRRY 110 acq. 1999 (ex CANX/CN 110 nee CN 8618) S-13u MLW 83206 12/1959
Running along Townline Rd. E. Merriton/Thorold on the way to Interlake Paper. 12/04/2003

TRRY 1859 arriving at CN Grimsby Sub. main line with four boxes and two tank cars. Merriton 5/29/2018

Acq. 12/2008 ex OCRR 1859, ex NBEC 1859 ex CP 1859 nee CP 8786
RS-18 8786 MLW 82467 6/1958 r/b 5/1989 re# 1859

TRRY 7024 acq. 2004 (ex James River Marathon 17-102, nee CP 7024 S-2 Alco 72859 10/1944

TRRY 7024
April 2010 David R. Howard

St. Thomas and Eastern Ry.

TRRY 1842 acq. 12/2008 (ex OCRR 1842 ex CP 1842 nee CP 8758) RS-18u r/b 12/1987 MLW 82252 3/1958.

Note: 8758 wrecked Espanola, ON. 1986, CN 3634 frame and body parts used in rebuild as 1842.

Tillsonburg 11/16/2009 Jeffrey Pfeiffer

STER 3582 in modified RaiLink paint scheme. HR412 BBD M6115-03 11/1981
Tillsonburg January 15/2009

Acquired 2003 ex RLK 3582 Timber Train, ex CN 3582 nee CN 2582

TRRY 1842 and STER 3582 busy at work in Tillsonburg Yard. 9/08/2011

STER 3582 eastbound past long-abandoned coal chutes. Storage cars in background. November 13, 2007

TRRY 3568 in a brand new paint scheme! Switching Future Transfer. Tillsonburg.

Note: Transferred 2003 to NY&LE 3568.

Transferred c.2022 OCTL 3568

St.Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg Ry.

South Central Ontario Region Economic Corporation.

SCOR incorporated 2010 by Brant, Elgin, Middlesex, Norfolk and Oxford counties.

GIO operates STTY with support of SCOR reactivated (12/2021) closed CN Cayuga Spur .between
St.Thomas and Tillsonburg. Trackage beyond abandoned by CN and partially dismantled.

Ice melter (salt).

New building (opened November 2022) located on site owned by Future Transfer.
Drone view looking east. 7 Rouse Street. Tillsonburg. November 22, 2022. Walter Pfefferle .

Future Transfer original buildings (blue rooves) immediately west of new (white) building (above photo).

Future Transfer ex LCLX 7614 with ex CN work service prefab container.
May 3, 2020 Walter Pfefferle

Drone view of Future Transfer Rail King RK 290 car mover moving along in Tillsonburg yard. Walter Pfefferle

East end of Tillsonburg yard shows (right) part of the piles of thousands of ties recently changed out.

LDSX 1597 approaching Tillsonburg from the west. Closeup Walter Pfefferle

LDSX 1597 (leased 12/2021) ex CP1597 GP9u nee 8687 GMD A1143 9/1957
December 24, 2021 Tillsonburg, ON Neil Johnson


OSR Operation of Cayuga Sub.


St.Thomas & Eastern (Trillium Ry.) operation of Cayuga Sub.

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