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Winnipeg Hydro

City of Winnipeg Hydro Department built a railway in 1907 from the CPR at Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba 25 miles to Pointe du Bois to a hydro-electric power dam site on the Winnipeg River used for its construction and later, maintenance. It was extended 8 miles to Slave Falls in 1928 for another dam site. This remote railway toiled in obscurity for decades known to few.

An all-weather road was built in 1963 between Lac du Bonnet and Pointe du Bois which resulted in the original line being abandoned thus isolating the 8 mile line to Slave Falls.

This remote railway became famous in 1959 when it was discovered it operated a fourth 4-4-0 in Canada besides the more famous CPR 29, 136 and 144 in New Brunswick. In fact, City of Winnipeg Hydro number 3 was itself originally CPR 22
built in 1882. It was acquired November, 1918 by then rebuilt and renumbered 86.

Effective September 2002 Winnipeg Hydro became Manitoba Hydro.

Built 4/1882 by Dubs & Co. Glasgow, Scotland. Rebuilt CPR 7/1909

City of Winnipeg Hydro 3 at the Greater Winnipeg Water District railway after recently being relocated there from its isolated line at Pointe du Bois. Both are non-common carrier railways owned by the city of Winnipeg. c.1960's Vlad Kedrovsky.

Number 3 would go on to fame hauling tourists on the Prairie Dog Central where it continues to operate.

Winnipeg Hydro 4 rare model 30-ton gas-electric two 125 HP Continental engines.
Davenport Locomotive Works 2112 October 1927. Re-engined diesel.

All photos from Bill Grandin's collection are those of Mark A. Perry.






B1 railbus ex NP acq. January 1929. Model AC with McGuire-Cummings body baggage-coach seats 29.
Mack #60008 April 1922 Built with Mack 4 cyl. 64 hp gas engine. Re-engined with International Harvester.

Manitoba Hydro

Formerly (September 2002) Winnipeg Hydro originally established 1906.

Manitoba Hydro 857 shown displayed at Portage la Prairie Heritage June 22, 2017

Portage la Prairie Heritage including station built 1892. 3 St. NE August 2012

857 Snoopy acq. 9/2011 ex Manitoba Hydro 25-ton GE 29236 1/1948
ex GATX Canada #nil, Montreal,
ex CGTX nee Domtar Textiles, Magog, QC

Caboose 434560 Angus 1976. Service 404231 ex 36xx Mail & Express



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