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From the August 1960 issue of "Trains -The Magazine of Railroading".
Copyright Kalmbach Publishing Co., reprinted by permission.

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The contents of "Trains" are purposely selected on the eve of our final layout deadline, the assumption being that tomorrow's mail might produce newsworthy copy or the picture. One glance at a couple of bulky packages of photos dispatched recently by John A. Rehor and Don Wood persuaded us to abandon our usual "Photo Section" format in favour of 10 pages of illustration of a single train. For tripleheaded steam power has always been a rare circumstance, and to find three elderly engines operating together in the spring of 1960 demanded that the magazine be equal to the occasion. The date is May 1 and the train is a Railfans Unlimited excursion from Toronto to Orangeville, Ontario, and return on Canadian Pacific. Hear the train blow!

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Broadside view of train finds semistreamlined baggage car (for tape recorders) standing out in sharp contrast to elderly motive power and clerestory-roof coaches. Photo Don Wood

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