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INCO Electric Locomotives


102, acq. 7/1926 (ex HEPC E-7) 50-ton NSC/W 1918. National Archives PA 209097

INCO 110 first of five 65-ton acquired GE #12134 12/1936 National Archives PA 195042

111 65-ton GE #12135 12/1936 illustrates old colour scheme. Paul Binney

112, first of seven 100 ton locomotives built by GE. #12439 5/1938 National Archives PA 210217

112 still working hard more than 35 years later in 1974. Tom Farence

Passing through downtown Levack in the Summer of 1970 is another secondhand electric locomotive,
117 acq.12/1952, (ex St.Louis & Belleville Electric Ry. 550) 80-ton Westinghouse/GE #10005 6/1926
Gordon D. Jomini

118 GE 100 ton (four 230 hp motors) GE 31583 4/1953

120, last 100-ton GE #31903 8/1953 Newer colour scheme.
July 1977 Paul Binney

INCO purchased eight retired 85-ton 2000 HP GE electric locomotives from Kennecott Copper Co.,
Chino Mines Div., Silver City, New Mexico. They were then sent to General Electric Phoenix
Apparatus Shop
and five were given a major rebuilding in 1971.

113 with 125 ex KCC 64 GE 30639 12/1950 July 1996 Al McCann

Electrification of much of INCO's railway operations took place in 1926 with the acquisition of several 50 ton steeplecab electric locomotives from the completed Queenston-Chippawa hydro-electric project near Niagara Falls. Additional, bigger locomotives were added over the years along with a few diesels to replace steam for use in places without wires. Electrification finally ended in 2000, brought about by changing methods of operation and greatly reduced trackage which once totalled about 100 miles! A small quantity of GP38-4
diesels continue to work on the remaining trackage.

It is all over with. Electric operations ended years earlier but nobody wanted these old electric locomotives. |
All were scrapped except for 101 and 116 preserved at the railway museum in Capreol.
Plus, 102 at the new Niagara Railway Museum in Fort Erie. Wolf Kirchmeir


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