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West Coast Railway Association

CN 6520 FP9Au newly completed restoration unveiled this day. November 17, 2019.
Acquired 11.2006 Ex WSJR 6520, ex TTSL 6306 ex VIA 6306 nee CN 6520.
FP9A GMD A1050 3/1957

Beautifully painted ex CP 4069 running along Howe Sound. Exeter 7/08/2001

Acquired 7/1995. Ex VIA 6569/1425/4069 ex CP 4069/1425 nee 4069. FP7A GMD A370 8/1952

Gallery CP Preserved

Coast Mountaineer

Two photos of the trial journey of "Coast Mountaineer" posed at Brackendale.
September 13, 1994 R.L.Kennedy Collection

Posed in the Cheakmus Canyon.


301 combine, ex CN 7196 Pullman 5/1919

803 coach, ex CP 2806 NSC/CPR 1/1924

741 Buffet-observation ex CP 35 business car. NSC/CPR 4/1928

Mount Cascade observation car, ex SP 2914. Pullman 1930

Note: All this rolling stock remains stored in New Westminster.

3716 still operates in BC on the Kettle Valley Steam Railway.

This NRHS BC Chapter trial run was a precursor to a charter February 19, 1995
with five coaches and 232 passengers from North Vancouver to Pemberton.
Other charters included two for Trains Unlimited in 1999 and 2000.


British Columbia acq. 1963 ex CP 16, ex British Columbia. Built Barney & Smith 7/1890

Open Observation 598 acq. 5/1965 ex CP 598 6/1956 nee CP 1422 built 11/1914.

Three 96 seat mountain observation cars (597-599) converted 1956 to replace older cars.
These cars were used on The Dominion and The Mountaineer between Calgary and Vancouver.

Note: This car was used on the BC Rail Royal Hudson excursion trains 1974-1988.
Later, Rocky Mountain Vacations Whistler Mountaineer tour train 2006-2015.
Presently at West Coast Railway Heritage Park, Squamish, BC.





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