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Canadian Pacific Railway

Preserved diesels

British Columbia


4090_4469 still looking great! Finest paint scheme in CPR history complete with Block lettering and Beaver emblem.
In the background barely visible are further exhibits part of the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel component of the
Cranbrook History Centre. All located along Highway 95 known as Crowsnest Highway. Above is at Highway 3/95 at
King Street/9th Ave.N. As you drive farther along you have a restored station from nearby Elko, BC, and a water tank.
Finally, the outdoors displays of several trains some of which are open to the public such as dining car Argyle.
Behind all this is the CPR yard complete with roundhouse and turntable! October 11, 2017


This museum is unique in that it emphasizes the trains rather than just locomotives. The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel
began in 1977 and was largely the work of one man, Gary Anderson who began collecting all this doomed equipment.
The 4090-4469 were part of the CPR's Bygones collection of retired historic diesel locomotives.
Sadly, they lost interest in what they had preserved and let it decay finally disbursing it all here and there.

Look at the fantastic restoration of these two old retired and long-neglected units.
It would be great if they were restored to operation for special events.
Alco 244 units have a unique sound.
4090 MLW FA2 1600 hp 79157 10/1953
4469 MLW FB2 1600 hp 79162 9/ 1953

Located at Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort is ex CPR sleeping car Naughton.
209 Van Horne St. S. Highway 3 near Canadian Museum of Rail Travel.
Also nearby is a former CPR Company house now Premiere Residence B&B


4104 CPA16-4 CLC 2726 4/1954
Restored to operating condition and nicely painted in Block lettering paint scheme.

Revelstoke Railway Museum
719 Track Street West

5500 acq. 5/2007 SD40 GMD A2133 7/1966 Revelstoke 6/09/2014

West Coast Railway Association


Tourist trains gallery

4069 (ex CPR 1425/4069) shown at the former PGE Squamish BC station now part of the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. It operates on the Whistler Mountaineer of Rocky Mountaineer Vacations. January 15, 2004

Former CP 4069 FP7 taken in June 2000 at the BC Rail shops in North Vancouver, BC.

The 4069 replaced the CPR 2860 on the Squamish excusrion run since the 2860 was in disrepair while the
CPR 2816 was being overhauled for the CPR in the BC Rail Steamshops.
The CPR 3716 was also not running at this time, thus the 4069 was leased from the WCRA to run this train.
Two photos: Mark Forseille

4069 taken exactly one year later in 2001 is Northbound at Porteau Cove at MP 26.5 of the Squamish Sub.

CP 4459 F7B in March 1998 at the CP yard in Port Coquitlam, BC on her way to the WCRA Museum.
Mark Forseille

Note: This unit originally preserved in 1983 by APRA (Alberta Railway Museum). A change of collection policy towards CNR equipment saw it go 1988 to display at Museum of the Highwood, High River, AB. When this musuem shut down
it then was acquired in 1997 by WCRA.

6503 sold 11/1983 to United Grain Growers in Vancouver.
Part of first order of 6 units (6500-6505) MLW 77638 5/1951
Later preserved at WCRA musuem in Squamish.
Squamish August 10, 2015 Dave Stewart-Candy

8000 first road diesel. (13 unit order 8000-8012) Baldwin/CLC DRS44-1000 73967/2530 12/1948
Retired 6/1975 Part of CP Bygones collection. Disbanded and to WCRA 2/2007


Displayed at the entrance to Heritage Park in Calgary in its original paint scheme.
7019 is a project of The Locomotive and Railway Historical Society of Western Canada.
Photo taken June 2002 by Michael Harle.

NOTE: ALCO S2's cost $115,000 (115 tons) with duties, while new G5 4-6-2's cost $88,000

Medicine Hat

Two views of 1418 and 1424 GMD FP7A's displayed in a nice park setting near the CPR station in Medicine Hat.
These units hauled The Canadian through here for many years. March 20, 2001 Mike McMahon/Al Jaster Collection

Built by General Motors Diesel as 4060 A308 2/1952 and 4068 A369 8/1952, re-numbered 1418 and 1424 and re-geared from 65 mph to 89 mph for new fast passenger train The Canadian, these "covered wagons" travelled millions of miles across Canada. 1424 was returned 9/1965 to 4068 for Montreal suburban (commuter) service. Both were sold 9/28/1978 along with other units to VIA Rail Canada; 4068 again became 1424 3/1979. They last ran in August and July of 1983 after which they and a number of other F units were retired and bought back c.12/1983 by CPR as per original sale agreement. Most were dismantled for parts however, three were saved and put on display including 4038 in Minnedosa, MB. One unit remains in use: 4069/1425 was acquired by the West Coast Railway Association. Story about how these photos got here.

Plaque enlargement

Alberta Railway Museum APRA

5000 with display train of freight equipment. Edmonton August 16, 2011

Retired 6/1998. Saved 11/1998 by Dave Chronell it was the sole unit in the
Canadian Rockies Railroad Museum Foundation. Stored at Roma Jct. by shortline
Mackenzie Northern it was relocated 3/2006 to Edmonton.


Western Development Museum
Moose Jaw

6553 acq. c. 12/1982 S-3 MLW 81510 3/1956 Matt Watson 10/25/2019

Saskatchewan Railway Museum

6568 acq. 1986 S-3 MLW 81669 3/1957 Saskatoon June 12, 2009 Gordon Strathdee


Dinsdale Park along the Assiniboine River.

6513 S-3 MLW 79116 6/1952 on display with van 431982 (ex 437096) renumbered for year both acquired.

Tanner's Crossing Provincial Park

4038 FP7A GMD A242 9/1951 retired 12/1982
and caboose 436781 renumbered 431970 for the year acquired.
July 1995 Ron Radcliffe/Doug Hately Collection



8120 on display (acquired 1997) SW1200RS GMD A1500 9/1958 with van 437473 (acquired 1991).
Lake of the Woods Railroaders Museum, Kenora. June 11, 2017


6539 MLW 81195 7/1955 retired 1/1983 exchanged for failed 6546 sold 6/1979 to
Kimberley-Clark of Canada, Terrace Bay, Ontario. On display at Schreiber. 5/02/2012

Smiths Falls

6591 restored in original block lettering. Preserved and operated at RMEO Smiths Falls. October 21, 1994


7020 first diesel assigned to (West) Toronto. S-2 Alco 72855 10/07/1944
Toronto Railway Museum at John Street roundhouse. 5/16/2023.


Canadian Railway Museum/Exporail

7000 one-of-a-kind first CPR diesel locomotive Harland-Wolff 6 cyl. 600 HP National Steel Car 11/1937
Sold 6/10/1944 Marathon Pulp & Paper, Marathon, Ont.
Re-engined 1951 with 600 HP Caterpillar.

(Note: First CPR diesel was 9006 self-propelled car in 1935)

Preserved 11/1964 at CRM/Exporail 9/12/1997 Kermit Geary Jr.

1608 (ex 8611 Angus 12/1985) GMD A951 7/1956 Preserved 10/2013
September 15, 2018

1100 cab control unit (for 6043) ex 4236 4/1995 retired 3/2004 Donated 2008 to CRM for parts.
October 9, 2010.

4237 C-424 M3436-05 12/1965 Preserved 2/1999

4237_4563 August 31, 2010

4563 M-630 MLW M6030-10 11/1969 September 18, 2015

Preserved 12/1995 in operating condition at Exporail.

4744 M-640 one-only MLW M6038-15 11/1974 Preserved 7/1998

4744 October 21, 2010

9250 RDC-4 Budd 6306 7/1956 Sold 9/28/1978 VIA Rail Preserved 12/2002
August 31, 2010

8905 inside Exporail. CLC #2922 6/1956

One of CP's 21 Canadian Locomotive Company Fairbanks-Morse H24-66 2400 HP 75 MPH Train Master units.

Note: Traction motors from eight Train Masters
were traded-in for use on new MLW units C-630 4500-4507.

Farnham, Quebec

4723 displayed Farnham, Quebec since 5/1995. M-636 MLW M6031-23 9/1970
Note: Scrapped 9/2017.


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