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Established in 1936


Railfan Pictures of the Day - 3/5/2010

SEPTA Liberty Yard Philadelphia PA March 3 2010
After winding its way from the Port of Philadelphia to Wayne Junction, Silverliner V single unit 701 finally arrives at Liberty Yard, the site where the identically numbered mockup was unloaded. And just like then, an army of workers and a really big crane is waiting.
First order of business is to clear the car of the rooftop protective devices that kept it from snagging or damaging any wires it came in contact with during the trip from South Philadelphia.
Next the spreader beam and cables are lowered over the car.
Once the cables are attached, it is lifted off of the trailer, which is pulled out of the way.
Due to the weight of the fully operational cars (somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 tons), they used a crane with a much greater lifting capacity than that used for the mockup.
On the rails and ready to move, except it can't yet move on its own.
So the 651 shop crew couples up SEPTA's other new kid, gen set 70, to move the car over to Roberts Yard for inspection. The married pair should be there today.

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