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The Philadelphia Chapter of the

National Railway Historical Society

Established in 1936


Railfan Pictures of the Week - 08/10/2003

Compare how crowded Penn Coach Yard looked then to the pictures taken two years later and ten years earlier here and here. A few years ago, there were rumors that the High Line that looms in the background would be dismantled. Now, with NS negotiating with Amtrak to reinstate through freights on the NEC north of Philadelphia, there are rumors the second track, removed by Conrail a decade ago, may be put back. Go figure.

The Acelas were still being delivered and tested. Here are a couple sitting in the yard, both with nose covers up, one sans cab number and roof shrouds. The Jersey Arrow cab car in the background right is used on NJT's Atlantic City runs.

Amtrak GP9u 764 is the elder statesman among its much younger brethren.
As E60MA 605 waits, a pair of Genesis units pulls a string of Roadrailers north out of the station.
Under the nest of wires on the north end of the station, the Roadrailers are then backed in to be coupled on a southbound.
The counductor rides the CouplerMate Rail Bogie back into the station.
Amtrak 66 in Shamu paint, 87 in original version as delivered in the first order, and 110 in Northeast Direct scheme, with 605 in Amtrak Phase III.
After cutting off the Roadrailers, 66 and 87 roll back out.
The new parking garage will make this view a thing of the past, but may open up other photographic opportunities.
All pictures July 01 2001 c. 2003 John P Almeida
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