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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 03/30/2008

SEPTA Main Line Lansdale Station Lansdale PA March 27 2008


One of the main reasons for the Dale Interlocking project was to redesign the plant to allow multiple movements through the interlocking. Because of the ongoing track and wire work on both sides of the R5 Line (wire work on SEPTA Main, track work on Keystone Corridor), the half-hourly service that would have taken full advantage of this has not yet resumed. But there are a few instances in the current schedule where trains are arriving and departing Lansdale at the same time and it gives us a glimpse of the future.

A tardy Train 524 approaches Broad Street crossing on Main Line Track 2 ...
at the same time that Train 6519 is departing on Station Track 1.
Under the old configuration, both trains would have used the same switch that 524 on the right has just passed over, a single switch that linked both station tracks to Track 2. This setup required 6519 to wait for 524 to clear the interlocking completely and for the switches to time out before they could be thrown by the dispatcher.
Now that switch links only Station Track 2 to Track 2. The new crossovers from the Station Track 1 to the Running Track and from the Running Track to the Industrial Track/Main Line Track 1 now allow southbounds to clear Track 2 before Broad Street.
Since the train schedule took into account the old layout, there was no delay to the train passengers. However, the consequences were felt profoundly by everyone else when the vehicular traffic on the two main streets through the middle of the town would stop for five or more minutes at a time, causing blocks of snarled traffic at least twice an hour, and was even worse during rush hours.

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