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Railfan Pictures of the Day - 07/09/2007

SEPTA Dale Interlocking Project Lansdale PA July 9 2007
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In Part Forty, the C&S crew had just installed the new signals (not yet in service) for the industrial, running and station tracks, and they were caged for their protection (the signals, not the C&S guys). Vandalism was the predicted culprit, but alas the vandals never even got a crack at them. The very first train to pass the new signals, CSX's C746 transfer run from Lansdale to South Philadelphia and back, evidently had a car with a clearance problem. Somewhere back in the consist, something caught the cage for the industrial track signal, dragging it across Main Street until it also took out the active signal for the running track.
The base, ripped out of the ground, had been buried in over a foot of ballast.
To the right in front of the station, you can see the two remaining signals.
Here is the big hole where the signal had been.
The overnight C&S crew repaired the active signal and cleaned up the area, leaving it to the day crew to rectify the problems with the new signals. First order of business: off with the cages.
Frankly, this is much more appealing than before. I guess a thank you to CSX is in order.

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