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Railfan Pictures of the Week - 03/31/2013

Conrail CSOJ Conrail Trenton Line May 1999
According to their website, Cryo-trans owns and operates the largest fleet of privately owned mechanically refrigerated boxcars in North America. The original cars used a patented cryogenic method to keep the cargo cold, but a decade ago a spike in the price of carbon dioxide led them to convert the bulk of their fleet to mechanical. The cars you see now (such as the ones frequently spotted on NS 38G and NS 39G) are new or converted cars, but the ones pictured below are the originals. The naming of the cars apparently started with cities served, such as CRYX 1130 BATON ROUGE ...
the CRYX ???? HATFIELD (the location of a large cold storage facility in the Philadelphia area),
and CRYX 1136 TAMPA.
Of course, to bury the lead, the real surprise is the train they were on: CSX-Conrail's CSOJ, the Tropicana Orange Juice Train from Bradenton FL to Jersey City NJ.
At the time, Tropicana was running a little short on cars, and tapped other private carriers like Cryo-Trans and Fruit Growers Express to fill in the gaps while the new Tropicana cars (the new white ones) were being built.

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