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Welcome to the Café/Lounge Car

I hope to keep a list of reading materials; books , magazines, journals, videos   here to help others research  the Norfolk Southern and the Pocahontas Division. If I have left any out, or there is one I am not aware of, please let me know by e-mailing me at the link below. Get yourself a coffee or soft-drink at the counter, pull up a chair and enjoy the Café-Lounge.

Pocahontas Division Bibliography




N&W First Generation Diesels P. Withers & R. Bowers/ Withers Publishing 1990 These two volumes are a must have for any fan of the N&W. Great photos and painting information.
N&W Second Generation Diesels P. Withers & R. Bowers/ Withers Publishing 1989
N&W Steam, The Final Years R. Rosenberg/ Quadrant Press 1973 Photos, text and diagrams
N&W Passenger Service 1946-1971 W. Warden/ TLC Publishing 1990 Informative with super photos. Covers name trains and branchline locals.
N&W, Diesels Last Conquest W. Warden/ TLC Publishing 1991 Great photos and text tell the story.
Appalachian Coal Mines and Railroads T. Dixon/ TLC Publishing 1994 Super collection of photos and very informative text on Appalachian Coal mining.
Southern Railway System W. Webb/ Boston Mills Press 1986 Rich and informative text with great photo collection tell the Southern story.
N&W's Williamson Terminal -1953 V. French/ Rocky Mountain Publishing 1992 Well researched text, super photos explain the up-grading of the Williamson facility and how to model it!
Clinchfield Country S. King/ Old Line Graphics 1988 The volume on the Clinchfield. Great photos and text cover the line from Elkhorn City to Spartanburg.
Pittsburgh and West Virginia H. Worley & W. Poellot/ Withers Publishing 1989 Informative text, super photos, complete steam and diesel roster, tell the story of the 'Alphabet Route'.
Norfolk Southern Diesel Locomotives C. Toth/ Walsworth Publishing 1995 Covers  modern acquisitions, re-numberings, slug program with painting diagrams, text, photos and roster.
Norfolk Southern's Coal Kingdom Trains Magazine, September 1994 Excellent article explaining train numbers, movements and traffic on the real 'Pokey'. Great photos.
The Coal Haulers Railway Quarterly, Winter 1978 Nine pages of text and photos cover N&W coal operations in the 9 coal districts.
Hot Times on the Nickel Plate line Trains Magazine, October 1997 Photos and text explain NS operations on the former NKP Chicago to Buffalo mainline.
Norfolk Southern's Corridor Bypass Trains Magazine, May 1997 Story and photos explain NS use of this former Southern branchline.
The Abingdon Branch 1900-1977 Trains Magazine, June 1984 Text and photos relate the story of this famous N&W branchline, known for its mixed trains and fine mountain scenery.
Wabash Country Trains Magazine, January 1996 Story and photos cover the NS automotive artery from Detroit to Kansas City.
Frisco:  NS and CSX trade track Trains Magazine, January 1991 Story and photos explain trackage agreements between these two competitors.
Norfolk Southern's Pocahontas Division Green Frog Productions Excellent video covering the 'pokey' from Williamson to Bluefield.
Inaugural Trips, N&W 1218 Video Classics Super video covering first trips by the big 'A' class engine.                     WB01343_4.gif (599 bytes) Back to the Links