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My favourite Links

Railfan Links

img_536b91863.gif (1632 bytes) This is the Thoroughbred home-page. An excellent site for NS fans, with great links, informative articles and a fabulous photo collection on the calendar page.

NW1.GIF (2124 bytes) Here is a terrific site with all sorts of photo and history links. Railfans and modellers visiting here won't be disappointed.

img_536b91864.gif (1632 bytes)  Norfolk Southern fans will love the photos on Mr. Arnett's site. He updates things on a regular basis and photos are arranged by division.

img_536b91862.gif (1632 bytes) A brand new site currently under construction. This will be the site for Norfolk Southern fans and modellers. I will be contributing articles on a regular basis, so stay tuned.

img_536b91863.gif (1632 bytes) Take a look at the photo collection here. Very helpful for NS modellers. Great links too!

NW1.GIF (2124 bytes)  This site contains a super collection of old N&W roster photos. This is where I find my painting and detailing info.

SOUTHERN.GIF (4214 bytes)  Here is a great site with tons of roster and action shots. There are links to Southern, Conrail, N&W, Pennsylvania and many other railroad photo archives..The photos are clear, and there are some great scenery ideas here as well!

Model Railroad Sites

NW1.GIF (2124 bytes)  Here is a wonderful site full of prototype and model information. There is stuff here to keep even die-hard Appalachian rail fans happy.

VGN.GIF (2015 bytes) Another wonderful site full of useful links, photos and modelling information for those building coal empires.

SOUTHERN.GIF (4214 bytes) Hey Southern fans, check out Jeff's model and prototype photos! He models the famous First District of the former CNO&TP Kentucky Division.

cn2015.jpg (74089 bytes)  This is the home page of my former club, Montreal N-Trak.Unfortunately this site has not been updated for some time.

VGN.GIF (2015 bytes) Here is a brand new site, located in France. Stéphane is very interested in American prototype modeling and is building an n-scale layout featuring the UP and Santa Fe.


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I am still a big supporter of  N-Trak, please visit their excellent and informative site by clicking on the logo above.


header.gif (18716 bytes) This is an excellent site for folks looking for that rare railroad painting or print. They also carry a full line of jackets, t-shirts and caps. Canadian and American rail fans will find what their looking for here. Tell Denny that Vince sent you!

atlas.gif (24248 bytes)  Atlas was one of the first manufacturers to go up on the web. The site has changed but it is still Atlas! Check out the photos in the equipment pages.

mt175.gif (2107 bytes) This is the page to see in N-Scale. These folks just keep producing great rolling stock. Be sure to see the pictures of the monthly offerings. Micro-Train's equipment is one of the of the reasons I switched to N-scale about ten years ago!

NSCALETITLE.GIF (2051 bytes) This is the page for all n-scale modellers. You will find all kinds of wonderful, rolling-stock, locomotives, structures and accessories listed on these pages. Check them out!


If you would like to add a link to this page please contact Vince.

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