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Welcome to Polk Station Rail, Model Railroad Club's Website.

Here is a little information about us:

Polk Station Rail is located at the Rickreall Grange (upstairs), 280 Main St. (99W) in Rickreall, Oregon.

We occupy two rooms on the second floor that are about 33 by 32 foot area each, modeling a freelance design that is non-era specific in HO scale gauge.  We will have a small section of HO narrow gauge and dual gauge track which is currently under contruction for a mine. 

Some highlights are a port facility (still under construction), logging, mining, and some small towns. We intend to do some operations activities, but mostly we just run trains.

The layout is operational, although several parts are under construction and/or being expanded in our West Room.  We began expansion into second room where we will have a large portion of two levels of track allowing us to have more opportunities for industrial switching, etc, along with a new staging area.

We utilize a Digitrax Command Control system with both simplex and duplex throttles for train control.

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Polk Station Rail was established in 1993 in Dallas, Oregon.

In December 2005, the club's headquarters and layout were relocated to their present location at the Grange hall in Rickreall, Oregon. Remodeling of the West room to accommodate the layout took place in 2005 and 2006, and the rebuilding of the layout in its new location began in 2007. While the layout is operational, scenery construction is ongoing and improvements are made as needs arise.

In January 2016 we began construction into the second or East room where we will have two levels of track.  As of December 2016, the lower level main line was operational and connected to the East room for continuous running.  Work in both rooms continues....
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