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CSXT Photos

CSXT Photos

Unless otherwise noted the CSX photos on this page are mine and mine alone. They aren't as wonderful as some you may come across during your lifetime, but ya gotta give this newbie a chance, now don't you? I think so. The photos are all from around the Pittsburgh area, seeing as how, well that's where I live. I hope someday to go out of my own region and catch trains in other areas of Pennsylvania.

McKeesport, PA Heading west towards downtown destination? I have no honest clue. May 26th, 1999 CSXT Photo Number One

Once again McKeesport, PA. Same train, heading westward towards downtown Pittsburgh. And no that car is not has been there since Feburary. May 26th, 1999 CSXT Photo Number Two

Also in McKeesport, PA. Autorack train heading eastward, out of the city. May 26th, 1999 CSXT Photo Number Three

McKeesport, PA again, only this one was shot from the parking lot of the police departments office. Heading east, this train in particular has an Operation Lifesaver Caboose on the end...took my last picture of the roll on this engine...figures. May 26th, 1999. CSXT Photo Number Four

McKeesport, PA. The signals for CSXT at the outskirts of McKeesport, PA. May 26th, 1999. CSXT Photo Number Five

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